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Unit 4 Poetry

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                   Roaches --Peter Wild
1    Last night when I got up         A          Free verse
     to let the dog out I spied       B
     a cockroach in the bathroom C
     crouched flat on the cool        D
5    porcelain,                       E
     delicate                         F
     antennae probing the toothpaste cap
     and feasting himself on a gob
     of it in the bowl:
10   I killed him with one unprofessional
11   blow,
12   scattering arms and legs
13   and half his body in the sink...
14   I would have no truck with roaches,
15   crouched like lions in the ledges of sewers
16   their black eyes in the darkness            roaches                 ticks
17   alert for tasty slime,                      lion                    snake
18   breeding quickly and without design,                    alike
19   laboring up drainpipes through filth                    opposite
20   to the light;                                           part to whole
21   I read once they are among                              description
22   the most antediluvian of creatures,
23   surviving everything, and in more primitive times
24   thrived to the size of your hand...
25   yet when sinking asleep                     figurative vs. literal
26   or craning at the stars,
27   I can feel their light feet                 figurative
28   probing in my veins,                        gross
29   their whiskers nibbling
30   the insides of my toes;                     Theme
31   and neck arched,                            peace, war, love, kinship
32   feel their patient scrambling
33   up the dark tubes of my throat              Theme: anti-ode why to hate the
     .                                           cockroach

     from Nursery Rhymes for the Tender-hearted by --Christopher Morley
 1   Scuttle, scuttle, little roach-  A    Rhyming couplets
 2   How you run when I approach: A
 3   Up above the pantry shelf        B    Genre
 4   Hastening to secrete yourself. B      80% Modern Poetry
 5   Most adventurous of vermin, C         rhyming, intented audience
 6   How I wish I could determine C        children, funny & light
 7   How you spend your hours of ease,
 8   Perhaps reclining on the cheese.
 9   Cook has gone, and all is dark-
10   Then the kitchen is your park;
11   In the garbage heap that she leaves
12   Do you browse among the tea leaves?
13   How delightful to suspect
14   All the places you have trekked:
15   Does your long antenna whisk its
16   Gentle tip across the biscuits?
17   Do you linger, little soul,
18   Drowsing in our sugar bowl?
19   Or, abandonment most utter,           Cockroach personification
20   Shake a shimmy on the butter?
21   Do you chant your simple tunes        Theme
22   Swimming in the baby's prunes?        He is alike a different, unlikeable creature
23   Then, when dawn comes, do you slink   Cockroach is more like humans
24   Homeward to the kitchen sink?
25   Timid roach, why be so shy?
26   We are brothers, thou and I,          roach                     ladybug scorpion spider
27   In the midnight, like yourself,       author       relationship?Jatiyah     armando Delisia
28   I explore the pantry shelf!                        alike
                                                           opposite                Poetic License
                                                           part to whole

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