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									Intro Guide to Repairing a Briggs and Stratton Engine

                                    Product Range
Briggs and Stratton is literally the worlds largest manufacturer of small engines. The
company makes around 30,000 units a day and over 60% feature the logo you are seeing
on the right hand side of this article. One of the things that sets Briggs and Stratton apart
from the rest, is the simple fact that there engines do not change. For years and years, if
your mower stops running or the engine breaks, with the right Briggs and Stratton parts
you can repair the engine or motor without a degree. The skills we have learned in our
youth are similar to that of a video game. Once learned, the same attributes or skill set
can be applied to the next engine or game that comes onto the market.
To motivate individuals to provide proper maintenance, spark plugs, air filters and oil
drain plugs are easily accessible, head bolts can be reached by simply removing the
shroud, an easy process that takes maybe up to 5 minutes of your time. Once the shroud
is removed, it's like playing a game of operation, Good luck doctor!

                             Identifying Your Engine
Briggs & Stratton currently is building more than 100 different models featuring 1 and 2
cylinder engines ranging in power from 2-1/2 to 31 hp. So with literally thousands and
thousands of Briggs and Stratton parts available, your going to need to know exactly the
type and model of engine you have to properly purchase the parts you need. Typically
you should be able to find the model number, type and even code numbers on the blower
shroud near the spark plug or muffler. You may also see a familiar family number which
means that the engine has been certified by the EPA or the state of California to correctly
stay within the limits of their exhaust standards.

Now once you find the model number (usually a 5 or 6 digit number), you should be able
to visit a site like and just enter it in to view an entire
Briggs and Stratton parts list with full engine diagrams to properly help you out.
When purchasing an engine from Briggs, the price may be a little more but that is due to
the 2 year manufacturer warranty which can help you out if the fix it up job is a little
more expensive than you want to pay. Either way, 99% of the time it is better to purchase
the engines parts and replace it than to go out and buy a whole new engine.

                                  Purchasing Parts
Briggs and Stratton's official parts supplier provides
customers with detailed and in depth parts lists as well as exploded views or diagrams of
the engines you need parts far. eReplacementParts will have parts for all old and new
Briggs and Stratton models. The availability of parts is one reason why we all keep warm
and fuzzy feeling towards this company.
This guide should help get you started and in the right direction. There are also several
books on the market individuals can purchase from stores such as Barnes and Noble that
provide step by step details on repairing Briggs and Stratton parts within their engines.

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