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Visitor Parking Brochure


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									                                                                                                       VISITOR PARKING

   General Information

                                                                                                         CARING • RESPECT • TRUST

Entrance to the Misericordia             for convenient access to the facility.
Parkade is located on 25 Sherbrook       Handicap Decals must be displayed
Street. The parkade is connected to      on the rear view mirror when using a
the Misericordia Health Centre by        handicap parking space.
an Overpass located on the 2nd
floor/Parkade Level 2B. The              Questions or concern regarding
parkade is also accessible to Miseri-    parking are to contact Security
cordia Place through the main floor      (788-8301) between 0730-1530
link corridor.                           hours Monday-Friday.

Parking is on a first come first serve
basis. Casual parkers are not guar-
anteed access into the parkade
when the Lot is full.                                                     MISERICORDIA
                                                                         HEALTH CENTRE
Electrical outlets are available                                     Security & Environmental Safety
                                                                        Rm 148-99 Cornish Avenue
during the winter months. Power is                                          Winnipeg, MB R3C 1A2
cycled on and off depending on the
weather temperature.                                                         Phone: 204-788-8301
                                                                                Fax: 204-789-9891
Handicap Parking is                                                  cdevlin@miseri.winnipeg.mb.ca
available in the
parkade on Overpass
Level 2B. The handi-      Handicap
cap spaces are located                                                                                     204-788-8301
close to the elevator and Overpass
    Visitor Parking

Hourly / Daily Parking                                  Meter Parking                                       throughout the day or night.
Parkade                                                 Meter Parking is available on
                                                                                                        • Application for Visitor Parking
Hourly / Daily parking is available in                  the Sherbrook side of the
                                                                                         Meter              Pass available in the Security
our parkade located on                                  Health Centre across the        Parking
                                                                                                            Office, Room 148 between
25 Sherbrook Street.                                    street from the parkade.
                                                                                                            0730—1530 hours, Monday-
• Parkade Entrance 6’9”                                 • Cost $2.00 per hour. Three hour                   Friday.
                                                          maximum accepted at meters.
• Day Rate (8 am to 6 pm)                                                                               • Payment accepted in the form of
  $1.00 each 1/2 hour or portion up                     • Meter parking is meant for short-term             cash, cheque/post-dated
  to:                                                     parking only, and not recommended                 cheques, Interac, Visa, Master-
  Daily Maximum $7.00                                     for appointments and Urgent Care                  Card or American Express.
  Lost Ticket Fee: $7.00                                  Services.

• Evening Maximum                                       • Meters are on private property,
  (6 pm to 8 am)                                          therefore, City of Winnipeg Handicap
  $4.00                                                   discounts do not apply.

• Combined Maximum : $11.00                             Monthly Parking Pass—
                                                        Parkade                                                     Monthly Parking Pass
• Payment:
                                                        Monthly parking passes are available to
  Cash, Visa, MasterCard or
                                                        families that require regular/daily
  American Express accepted at
  the Paystation located on the
  Overpass. Credit Card only                            • Monthly parking pass $70.00/month                 MISERICORDIA
                                                                                                           HEALTH CENTRE
  accepted at the exit gate.
                                   Parking Paystation   • $25.00 refundable deposit for access         Security & Environmental Safety
                                                                                                          Rm 148-99 Cornish Avenue
                                                           card.                                              Winnipeg, MB R3C 1A2

                                                        • Allows you to come in and out                          Phone: 204-788-8301
                                                                                                                    Fax: 204-789-9891
                                                                                                  Email: cdevlin@miseri.winnipeg.mb.ca

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