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					                TEX-AN 2000 Webpage Requirements and Consent Form
             GSC will host the TEX-AN 2000 web site. Requirements for vendors' web pages linking to this site are
             given here. The purpose of the TEX-AN 2000 web site is to allow TEX-AN 2000 customers to effectively
             reach services, prices, and vendors as provided by TEX-AN 2000 contracts, and to provide general help
             and instructions. Vendors were told during contract negotiations of the requirement to provide a TEX-AN
             2000 web page. The following contains the minimum requirements and conditions for those web pages.
1. Vendors using the TEX-AN 2000 web site must be contract awardees.
2. Vendors must date, sign, and provide a copy of this document to GSC prior to GSC establishing a link to
    the vendor's site. This completed form must be FAXed to (512) 463-8822--ATTENTION: Webmaster.
3. Vendors must identify a single point of contact for their web page and web compliance by providing the
    name, phone number and e-mail address of that person on this form (below). All future correspondence
    regarding the vendor web site will be with the named website contact person.
4. Vendors are expected to build and host their own TEX-AN 2000-approved web pages.
5. Vendors may not change their web site without prior GSC approval.
6. Vendors will use the "WEBSITE APPROVAL FORM"(see attached) to: notify GSC that their website is ready
    for posting; request GSC approval of changes to the vendor website; notify GSC of changes to their
    website contact information. Vendor sites being changed must include a new, unique URL.
7. GSC will approve the content and changes to all TEX-AN 2000 vendor web pages prior to posting on the
    TEX-AN 2000 website. Control is effected by activating or deactivating vendor links. Upon receipt of
    the "WEBSITE APPROVAL FORM" and subsequent approval, GSC may immediately activate links.
8. Vendor TEX-AN 2000 web sites must be independent of all other vendor sites. A vendor's TEX-AN 2000
    websites may link to other vendor sites, provided that a buffer link is used that tells the customer they are
    leaving webspace controlled by the TEX-AN 2000 contract.(See attached for an example of a buffer link.)
    Also, provided that a TEX-AN 2000 vendor site meets QISV guidelines, a TEX-AN 2000 site may also be
    used as a Vendor's QISV site, but not visa versa.
9. Each separate service module, designated by a separate contract number, must have a unique web page.
    I.e., vendors that were awarded multiple contracts must create a separate webpage for each contract.
10. Vendor pages must, at a minimum, contain:
       TEX-AN 2000 logo and the words "TEX-AN 2000 Authorized Vendor "must be on every page
                  (Sample available from Webmaster)
       GSC TEX-AN 2000 Contract Number (Must be on front page, at least)
       Services and prices as stated in the clarification document of the respective TEX-AN 2000 contract
       Links to the following TEX-AN 2000 pages
                   TEX-AN 2000 home page:
                   How to order from the TEX-AN 2000 contract:
                   Who is eligible to use the TEX-AN 2000 contract:
                   Questions, Suggestions, Complaints, or Problems:
11. GSC will temporarily delete links to vendor web pages for either of the following reasons:
                    Non-compliance with the requirements stated in this document
                    Multiple, unresolved customer complaints
12. Deleted links will remain deleted until the conditions that caused the non-compliance or complaints are
corrected. GSC will replace deleted links with a non-compliance web notice. This non-compliance web
notice may contain only contact information: contract number, name and phone number of contact person.
Signature on this form constitutes understanding and consent to the terms and conditions stated above:

____________________________________                            ____________________________________
COMPANY NAME ( PRINTED )                                        COMPANY WEB SITE CONTACT NAME ( PRINTED )

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                                                                                       WRCF, Ver 2b., November 29, 1999

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