the Rubicon Project - Culture Roadmap Q3/Q4 2008

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					Culture Roadmap
Q3 and Q4

the Rubicon Project Cultural Values
1. Innovation: We invest our thinking and resources into change that will propel the company and the industry forward. 2. Transparency: Knowledge is powerful. Transparency keeps us honest. We believe in the highest level of transparency possible with our team, investors and customers. 3. Active Communication: Communication makes or breaks relationships. We will devote time and effort to make communication a priority. 4. Humility: While we enjoy winning, we will not let our success get to our head. 5. Respect: Team development is top priority for us. We hold in each other in high regard and have zero tolerance for disrespectful behavior.

The Rubicon Project Cultural Values
6. Community: We consider ourselves to be fortunate and believe in paying it forward to those in need. 7. Competition: We are driven to win and are highly competitive; externally not internally. 8. Pride: Personal pride in our work is the number one criteria for our team members. 9. Speed: We go fast but don’t hurry. 10.Do More with Less: Constantly find ways to do twice as much with half as much time, money and resources. 11.Mistakes are OK: If we aren’t making mistakes, we aren’t moving fast enough. Making mistakes is key to innovating and learning. 12.Fun: We will celebrate our wins together, big and small.

• Content and purpose:
1. Team feedback from culture survey results 2. Improvements to the overall plan

Survey Results Culture

• Average culture rating: 8.22
• Comments:
“This is the best place I have ever worked” “The solid teamwork is impressive” “It can be stressful at times” “We have a shared vision and similar work ethics” “Our culture breeds winners”

Survey Results Culture

• Top 6 words used to describe the Rubicon Project:
Innovative Aggressive



Survey Results Culture
Why do you come to work in the morning?: • “the people at Rubicon, the ingenious product that is highly needed in the space and the HUGE opportunity we have to be one of the largest online companies in the world.” • “Knowing that every day my contribution to the team adds to the overall success of our company.” • “Exciting atmosphere, being around people with good energy who enjoy their job, being part of a growing company” • “It would definitely be the environment. It's fast pace and exciting. There is always something interesting going on in the office. And there is always something new to learn.” • “Knowing that I get to work with like-minded individuals on projects that are interesting and challenging • “Building a special company, with a great team, who cares about each other, our customers and vendors, and our community.”

Survey Results Culture

• 3 Things you like the most:
1. The people/team 2. The culture 3. The product we are building

• 3 Things you like the least:
1. 2. 3. Commuting Workload/stress Lack of communication

Survey Results Culture

• Perks:
– People love: EVERYTHING! (catered lunch, personalized dinner,
car washes, dry cleaning, paid gym, stocked kitchen, massages, company swag, game area, stocked bar)

• Events:
– People love: community service day, happy hour offsite,
kickball, end of the quarter celebrations

– Most of the time people like: happy hour at the office,

Thursday’s in the Mix, movie night, family and friends picnic

• 98% of the company attends events either always or most of the time!
• These should be fun! Just remember, they are always optional!

Survey Results Communication

• Do you think people in the company are supportive of each other?
• • • • Always: 14% Most of the time: 70% Sometimes: 16% Never: 0%

 “We still struggle between some groups”  “Would encourage taking time to support individual employees”

Survey Results Communication • How often do you feel valued and appreciated as an employee in your department?
• Always: 38% • Most of the time: 40% • Sometimes: 20% • Never: 0% Comments:
    “ I do feel that my contributions matter and that I am always rewarded for doing a good job” “Within my department we do a good job patting each other on the backs” “Since I work on projects alone, most people don't understand the amount of work I do for my department” “Some team members are very good at making everyone feel appreciated and special; others are not.”

Survey Results Communication

• Do you feel valued by others outside of your department?
• • • • Always: 16% Most of the time: 52% Sometimes: 30% Never: 2%

• Comments:
 “There are some very motivated people in this company who constantly motivate others; some truly inspire me on a daily basis.”  “Don't feel that much recognition is given to me or my group outside our group. Not a lot of celebrating successes or hard work.”

Survey Results Communication

• Do you feel comfortable approaching leaders in your department to discuss ideas or problems?
• • • • Always: 59% Most of the time: 18% Sometimes: 20% Never: 2%

• Comments:
 “Yes...leadership is awesome”  “I feel comfortable talking to anyone in the company”  “Sometimes feel I get blown off”

Survey Results Communication
Suggestions from the team: • “Communication, overall, is getting a lot better. I would just continue to work on it and constantly looking for ways for improve.” • “Everyone should always be approachable no matter what position”

• “Less technological interaction and more face to face interaction would really help”
• “I think certain teams need to work on their team building. I think if people feel very connected to their team then their overall positivity about the organization will improve.”

What We Are Doing Culture

• Standardizing and diversifying events
– Once a month: happy hour, softball, car wash – Once a quarter: community service, team building event, movie screening, recess, massages – Twice a year: company dinner, family event

• Planning events focused on bonding activities • Intranet to improve interdepartmental comm. • Newsletter to highlight the successes of individual departments to whole team

What We Are Doing

• Cross team appreciation:
– Rubi Rewards: Give a Team Member Mad Cash: Each employee has $75 to use to appreciate others on different teams

• Team Bonding Event: Once a quarter (nice dinner/fun

• Work at home
– Different for every department – Our culture supports it but no “policy”, talk to leader of your dept

• Training/Speakers/Consultants:
– Bring valuable speakers to the whole company – Work with individual depts to plan focused workshops – Q4 focus: engineering and sales training

What We Are Doing
• Manager will meet with everyone on their team once a month. Topics: Progress, interests, future goals, etc.

• Added perks:
• Hosting employee websites on our networks (more
details later)

• More swag

What You Can Do
• Be actively involved in improving the culture • Take time to speak in person to people on your teams (vs. constant email) • Acknowledge other groups (Through Rubi Rewards) • Celebrate smaller wins within your teams (even if
its just email)

• Make each other happy, the people here are our most valuable asset 

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