Fundamentals of Strategic Management and International

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					Fundamentals of Strategic Management and International Strategy

By this Strategic management unit students‘ theoretical and practical skills about
international business are being developed by introduction the topics about conceptions,
principles and methodology of strategic management; analysis of the international company
environment, consumers, resources through strategic and international view; determination
of right strategy and making strategic decisions; implementation of business strategy; also
by checking the theory by practical tasks.

Unit includes:
   1. Conceptions of strategic administration and management.
   2. Methodology of strategic management and administration.
   3. Analysis of the external environment.
   4. Analysis of the competitive environment.
   5. Analysis of consumers.
   6. Analysis of financial resources.
   7. Analysis of human resources.
   8. Analysis of material resources.
   9. Process of determining the company’s strategy.
   10. Process of making strategic decisions.
   11. Evaluation of alternatives and determining the right strategy.
   12. Process of strategy implementation.
   13. Development of social system of the company.
   14. Administration of strategic changes.

ECTS credits: 4.5 credits
Student’s workload: 120 hours
Language instruction: English.
Teaching methods: lectures, discussions, individual studies.

Assessment: Assessment is continuous and cumulative:
During semester students have to do homework tasks verbally and in writing. The total
grade of homework tasks makes up 25% of the final evaluation.
During semester students write tests and essays. The total grade for this makes up 25% of
the final evaluation.
The semester ends with written exam, which makes up 50% of the final evaluation.

Learning Outcomes:
Ability to analyze the external environment which influences the international business.
Ability to analyze the competitive environment and consumers, also to estimate the
international company‘s advantages for competition.
Perception of the necessity and importance of the market research as the main part of
strategic analysis.
Ability to realize the influence of external environment over the determination of business
strategy and making decisions.
Ability to use data of the market research for strategy determination and to estimate data of
the strategic analysis and to set advantages and disadvantages of the international
Ability to analyze and accomplish the analysis of international company‘s resources.
Ability to realize the conception of strategic administration and its relation to strategic
Ability to understand stages of establishing international company‘s strategy and to adapt
the right methods to fulfil it.
Ability to make strategic business decisions and to organize the fulfilment of international
company‘s strategy.
Ability to evaluate company‘s human resources and to determine the ways of satisfaction of
missing staff demand.
Ability to perceive the importance of the financial analysis determining the international
company‘s strategy and to be able to accomplish the analysis of international company‘s
financial resources.
Ability to realize the importance of strategic changes for the international company‘s
competitive ability and to manage them.
Ability to analyze and estimate alternatives of international business development and to
choose the appropriate strategy.