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									                                   EXHIBIT “A”
                         Seaman Margin System Functionality

Description of the SB5 Margin System

     The system functionality is described in the following 7 areas.
              1.   Margin Calculations and Reporting
              2.   Items For Attention
              3.   Web-Based Interactive Update & Retrieval
              4.   Interface to Input Data Files
              5.   Compare and Reconciliation
              6.   What-If Scenarios
              7.   Real-Time Watchlist

1. Margin Calculations and Reporting

     Relationships analyzed for all types of account
     Forward exposure for cash positions
     Additional maintenance for concentrated positions
     Aged margin calls on first in, first out basis
     When-Issue requirements for cash and margin accounts
     Optimized hedge determination:
              Common stock, convertible preferred stock, ADR’s, convertible
               bonds, warrants, escrow receipts covering options
              Puts covered by short stock, guarantee letters, cash or treasuries
              Short Sale vs. the box
              Hedged Put
              Hedged Call
              Conversion
              Reverse Conversion
              Collar
              Butterfly
              Box Spread
              Spread
              Straddle
              Uncovered
All products are maintained including:
         ADRs
         Commercial Paper
         Commodities
         Convertible Preferred Stock
         Corporate Bonds
         Corporate Convertible Bonds
         Domestic Debt Options
         Escrow Receipts
         Equities & Debt (Domestic and Foreign)
         Foreign Currency Options
         Foreign Debt Options
         Foreign Equity Options
         Foreign Index Options
         Foreign Sovereign Debt
         Forex Transactions
         Governments
         Listed Equity Options
         Listed Index Options
         Money Market Positions
         Municipal Bonds
         OTC Equity Options
         OTC Index Options
         OTC Treasury Options
         Repos
         Swaps
         Warrants
         Zero Coupon Bonds

Initial, exchange (self-regulatory), house, and equity requirements are
         maintained for regulated and unregulated accounts (Domestic &
         Foreign Activity)
Minimum net equity, true equity, margin percent of equity, combined
         percent of equity.
Position limits
Unsuitable strategy detection
Buying power by product
Proper accounting based on brokerage calendar of trade date, settle date,
         plus/minus business days and calendar days
Accrued bond interest to offset margin calls
Margin based on bond ratings
Concentration based on daily average volume and/or other custom rules
GNMA values and requirements based on factors
Ability to take in due bills from dividend system
Ability to act on transaction carrying special instructions
Check aging for cash available, sweep, and credit interest
Sale - reinvest in money market
Ability to limit loan value on low priced securities
Purchases in margin accounts of listed and unlisted stocks and bonds
Short sales in margin accounts of listed and unlisted stocks and bonds
Corporate, convertible debt, governments, muni’s, zero’s
Non-marginable securities
Multi-currency capability in margin and money balances
Automatic adjusting of SMA balance when account has no position in
         margin or short account (Reg-T Accounts Only)
Clerical exception reports are customized to meet departmental needs
         (e.g. by branch, short option accounts separate, etc.).

Supervisory Reports Generated:
         IFA’s (Specifically selected - see list)
         Request Account Status
         Concentrated Accounts
         Firm Concentrated Securities
         Margin Pricing
         SMA Journal
         Sweep Accounts
         Credit Interest Accounts
         Unpriced Positions
         Unsecured Accounts (15C3-3)

Clerical Reports Generated:
         Account Status on Exception Basis
              IFA’s (Specifically selected - see list)
              Bookkeeping Journal
              Money Line
              Large Option Positions

2. Items For Attention

     IFA (Items For Attention) subsystem that maintains all customer
              exceptions, including cash and stock overdue
     Multi-currency display
     Aging of all IFA’s
     Tracking of IFA’s for initial extension and expiration of extension
              Customized exception reports built by users on-line Retrieval by
              branch or correspondent of designated IFA’s (e.g. Maturing Bonds)
     Totals on IFA’s produce important statistics such as the number and dollar
              total of all unsecured debits
     Individual items reveal the item, posting date and age of the transaction
              causing the exception
     The following list contains many situations that are of interest to any
              securities firm. Typically, the list is customized to meet any
              special needs of a firm. New IFA’s are easily installed.
     IFA’s that are inapplicable are turned off via an on-line screen.

Money Exceptions
101   Unsecured Debit                      140   Large Debit Balance
102   Partially Secured Debit              141   Debit When-Issue
103   Partially Secured Credit             142   House Call Decrease
104   Partially Secured Debit Under        143   NYSE Call Decrease
      Margin                               144   Today Fed Call
105   Partially Secured Credit Under       145   House Call Increase-Decrease Due
      Margin                                     to MTM
106   Credit Balance No Position           146   Past Due House Call
107   Excessive Withdrawal                 147   House Call > $100,000
108   Funds Payable Today                  148   Fed Call > $250,000
109   Large Credit Balance                 149   SMA > House Surplus + $200,000
110   Federal Call                         150   Journal Margin to Cash
111   Federal Call Extension T/D +6        151   Today NYSE Call
112   House Call                           152   Debit Cap Exceeded
113   House Call Today                     153   Minimum Equity Exceeded
114   NYSE Call                            154   Illegal Withdrawal
115   NYSE Call Increase-Decrease Due to   155   Large Credit
      MTM                                  156   Watch List
116   NYSE Call Aged 5 Days but Less       157   Federal Call Extension Due Today
      than 15                              158   Federal Call Extension T/D +4
117   NYSE Call Aged 15 Days or More       159   House Call Today Increase-
118   Inflated SMA                               Decrease
119   Accrued Interest - Available for     160   House Call Today Increase
      Maintenance                          161   New NYSE Call Increase-Decrease
120   Short Options - Net Worth Deficit    162   NYSE Call Increase
121   Dividend Credit - Payout             163   R1 Free Credit
122   Dividend Debit - Collect             164   Short Balance No Position
123   Interest Credit - Payout             165   Short Credit Balance
124   Interest Debit - Collect             166   Redeem From Fund
125   Check Returned                       167   Proceeds Available
126   Cash Due                             169   Legal Type Balance
127   Check Aging                          170   NYSE Min Call
128   Minus Equity S/D                     171   Cash Due Tomorrow
129   Cash Due Over $100                   172   Cash Due Today
130   Cash Due < $100                      173   Cash Due Tomorrow - COD
131   Debit in Income Account              174   Cash Due Today - COD
132   Minus Equity T/D                     175   Cash Due Tomorrow - COD
133   Minus Equity S/D                     176   Prime Broker Equity
134   Undiversified Account                177   Foreign Currency Debit
135   Bank Account Balance                 178   Syndicate Cash Due
136   New Unsecured Debit                  180   Big Option Position
137   Unsecured Debit > $100               181   Transfer of Assets Entry
138   Unsecured Debit < $100               182   Inflated SMA 2
139   Funds Payable Tomorrow               183   Foreign Currency Cash Due
Trade Exceptions
201   New Purchase Creating Debit             221   Day Trade
202   Purchase Settling Today                 222   Sale On Extension
203   Purchase Due for Extension              223   Open Purchase Not Yet Paid
204   Sale Not Long                           224   Sale On Extension
205   Sale Settling Today Not Long            225   Over 50 Uncovered Options
206   Sale Due for Extension                  226   Day Trade Exceeded Buying Power
207   Sale of Option Not Long                 227   Trade Limit Exceeded
208   Purchase Not Short                      228   Unauthorized Executing Broker
209   When-Issue Buy                          229   Buyin Mailgram
210   When-Issue Sale                         230   Possible Free Ride
211   Fail to Deliver Past S/D                231   Option Open/Close
212   Fail to Receive Past S/D                232   Over 20 Uncovered Options
213   Fail to Deliver Due for Extension       233   Transaction in Restricted Security
214   Fail to Receive Due for Extension       234   Sold in Safekeeping
215   Sale Possible Violation - Liquidation   235   Sold in Transfer
216   Purchase Possible Violation -           236   Br 01 RR 69,81,85 Net Activity
      Repurchase                              237   DVP Purchase Under $5
217   Transaction in Wrong Type of            238   Day Trade Including Asof
      Account                                 239   Transaction in ACATS Account
218   Extension Coming Due                    240   Trade Low Priced
219   Purchase on Extension                   241   Trade in Restricted Account
220   Cash/Margin Related                     245   Large Receive
Security Exceptions
 301   Security Delivered Not Long        337   Margin Debit with Marginable
 302   Long Position No Balance                 Security in Cash
 303   Unsecured Short                    338   Questionable Option Price
 304   Short in Margin Account            339   New Issue - Possible Margin
 305   Uncovered Option Position                Violation
 306   Security Redeemable Within 30      340   Invalid Erisa Option
       Days                               341   Unpriced CD
 307   Security Redeemable                342   Non-Margin Position in Margin
       Today(Redemption -1)                     Account
 308   Option Expiring Today(Expiration   343   Short Option 50 Contracts
       -1)                                344   Price Over 45 Days Old Other
 309   Long Position Short Account              Than Margin
 310   Control - 144 Stock Long           345   Odd Option Price
 311   Restricted Security Long           346   Price Over 45 Days Old in Margin
 312   Restricted Security Short          347   Position in Ecrow Account
 313   Technical Short                    348   Short vs Box
 314   Unmatched Escrow Agreement         349   Naked Index in Margin
 315   Unpriced Security                  350   Special RR 144 Stock Long
 316   In Transfer - Not Long             351   Large Single-Day Price Move
 317   In Safekeeping - Not Long          352   Margin Stock Under $5
 318   Option Expiring In The Money       353   Uncovered in Office 039
 319   Option Position Contrary to        354   FT/S&P Marginable Position
       Approval                           355   Short vs Box Position
 320   Negative Memo                      356   IRA Beyond Approval Level
 321   Special Margin Requirement         357   Non Protective Put
 322   Stock Due                          358   Maturity Coming Due
 323   Memo Over Quantity                 359   Option Expiring Today(Redemption
 324   Delivery Exception                       -1)
 325   New Memo Over Quantity             360   Sale 144 Stock-Related Position
 326   Option in Wrong Type               361   Price Over 45 Days Old Other
 327   Missing Underlying Security              Than Margin
 328   Option Buy Unpaid                  362   Margin Memo
 329   Option In The Money                363   NG Margin Memo
 330   Do Not Mail                        364   Overdue 6 Day Escrow
 331   Do Not Transfer                    365   OTC Option
 332   Non-Marginable Position            366   Need Conversion Info
 333   Concentrated Position              367   Conversion Info From EDPR
 334   Option Expiring This Month         368   Conversion Info House Override
 335   Unpriced Short Position            369   Trade Priced Valued
 336   Stale Priced Security
Miscellaneous Exceptions
401   No Name Account                     417    Missing Cash Agreement
402   Notepad Account                     418    Missing Custodian Waiver
403   No New Account Card                 419    Has Power of Attorney
404   Missing SS or Tax Id                420    Has Discretion to A&SB
405   Missing Margin Agreement            421    Has Discretion to Other
406   Missing Loan Consent                422    Has Investment Advisory With
407   Estates, Corps, Trusts - Papers            A&SB
      Needed                              423    Has Investment Advisory With
408   Missing Account Type - Ind, Bank,          Other
      Corp, Est                           424    Trust Accounts on Margin
409   Missing W8, W9, 1001 Forms          425    Notepad Account
410   Missing Standing Instructions       426    Margin Papers Error
411   Missing Country, State Code         427    Repo Account Type
412   Missing Exempt Code(Bank, BKR,      428    Supervisor Notepad
      Desig.A/C)                          429    Accounts With Same SS
413   Missing Option Papers               430    Flex Reqt Expired
414   Missing Cross-Collateralization     431    Flex Reqt Unapproved
      Agreement                           432    Total Customer Margin Accounts
415   Undefined Account Type              433    Prime Broker - Missing Agreement
416   Missing Time Deposit Letter         434   90 Day Restricted Account
3. Web-based Interactive Update & Retrieval

     View and print reports generated by the system
     Update margin requirement parameters
     Control user access to the system
     View & override reference data
     IFA inquiry with user, correspondent, branch and account representative
     On-line notepad for messages directed to retrieval screens and reports
     On-line combining of individual accounts for purpose of meeting margin
              maintenance requirement and reporting
     Update account guarantee relationships
     Generate What-If scenarios by user and view results
     View real-time watchlist reports and IFA’s
     View account money line, balances, holdings, and activity history

4. Interfaces to Input Data Files

     SBS will program and interface to all input files from existing applications
              necessary to support the Margin functions.
     These include but are not limited to:
              Transactions
              Stock Record
              Account Master
              Security Master
              Trial Balance
              Pricing
              Currency Exchange Rates
              Holiday / Dates
5. Compare and Reconciliation

     Reports to prove integrity of pending trades vs. balances and positions.
     Compares of balance and position files against files outside System.

6. What-If Scenarios

     The system is fully multi-currency.

     Each user may save and run separate scenarios

     Price Changes in an account, or across groups of accounts
     By Percent Up, Down, or Fixed Price

     All transactions are supported

     Margin requirements may be changed for Initial, House, and Self-
           Regulatory calculations
     By Security or by groups of securities
     Requirements may be set by: country, price, quantity, bond rating, percent
           of position, concentration percent, long/short, asset class, office,
           correspondent, account, entity.

7. Real-Time Watchlist
     Accounts updated with real-time transactions and prices
     All system reports available in Watchlist
     Fully customizable alerts and IFA’s based on a variety of conditions

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