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                                                          Corporate Advantage Meeting your needs.
                                                          Surpassing your expectations.
                                                          Corporate Advantage was designed in response to the expressed needs of
                                                          businesses like yours. Qualified customers enjoy ultra-low prices on office supplies
                                                          and still receive personal, one-on-one attention – it’s the best of both worlds. Our
                                                          goal is to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. To that end, you’ll be
                                                          supported by our entire team of knowledgeable Customer Care representatives who
                                                          will assist you in your day-to-day ordering needs and a dedicated Account Manager
                                                          who will oversee your account activity and handle special requests.

                                                          Our focus is on you.

                                                          Personal          Your dedicated Account Manager oversees your account
                                                          attention         and speaks with you frequently to ensure your satisfaction.
        We’re your one-source
        office supplier, and
        we’ve got the products                            Ultra-low         There’s no need to wait for sales to get the best value for your business.
        to prove it.                                      pricing           Enjoy ultra-low pricing on the products you use most frequently.

        Like most companies, your office relies
        on more than just paper, pens, folders,           Fantastic         With over 8,000 products we know we have everything you
        and other traditional office products
                                                          selection         need to keep your business running. Available both online and
        to get by each day. You need supplies
                                                                            in our catalogues.
        for the breakroom, the kitchen, the
        shipping room, and more. We also
        carry presentation materials, A/V                 Online            Corporate Advantage members have access to an exclusive
        equipment, and furniture too.                     flexibility       Web site designed specifically for
                                                                            business customers.
        Our Ultra-Low Price
        Catalogue has everything                          Free next-day     Orders placed by 6:00 pm (local time) will be delivered free
        you need to keep your                             delivery          the next business day.
        business running.

        • Over 8,000 office products to                   Convenience       60 days of interest free credit puts time on your side.
          choose from, including those                    credit            A consolidated credit statement allows you to better manage
          hard-to-find items                                                your expenses and company.
        • Great savings on the every day
          office supplies you use the most
                                                          Retail stores     With over 250 stores across Canada, stop in for services, last
                                                                            minute purchases or to browse our complete product selection.
        Use this catalogue
        to shop online.                                   Exchanges         Simply call within 30 days of receipt and we’ll pick up the item
                                                          and returns       for exchange or credit. You can also return your item with your                                           packing slip to the closest store.
        • Order multiple items from any
          catalogue with a single click by
          using the “Shop by Item Number”
          link at

product assortment                                FREE Delivery     FOCUS Convenience
                                                                                                                       that was easy™
Personal Attention        Customized                       flexibility Credit