MASTER OF NURSING (SPINAL CORD INJURY)                                                                                          DIVISION OF NURSING AND MIDWIFERY

The Master of Nursing (Spinal Cord Injury) (integrating the                                                            Institutional Credit
Graduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma) is designed
to promote and develop the role of the nurse in the                                                                    The Division of Nursing and Midwifery have arrangements in place
management of Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI). Nurses are                                                                   with Austin Health, The Alfred Hospital, Box Hill Hospital, Southern
expected to provide care of increasing complexity in specialist                                                        Health, Bendigo Health, Werribee Health and South West Health
                                                                                                                       Care whereby certain programs undertaken at these health care
spinal units from the early stages of acute management
                                                                                                                       organisations may attract credit towards some of the postgraduate
through to rehabilitation and into the community. The course                                                           courses offered within the Division of Nursing and Midwifery.
offers advanced education and training in comprehensive
assessment of a relatively young patient population learning                                                           Advanced Standing
to cope with a sudden lessening of independence and the
acquisition of a wide repertoire of new life skills.                                                                   The Division of Nursing and Midwifery will consider requests for
                                                                                                                       recognition of prior studies. At La Trobe, this is known as ‘Advanced
The clinical component of the program allows the student to                                                            Standing’. Students can obtain an ‘Application for Advanced Standing’
work in an approved Spinal Cord Injuries centre in Australia                                                           form from the Division of Nursing and Midwifery.
and should provide experience in both the acute and
                                                                                                                       Students who have completed a Postgraduate Diploma within the
rehabilitation settings. The skills developed will allow the
                                                                                                                       Division of Nursing & Midwifery may receive up to 120 credit points
nurse to care for a spinal cord injured person from the acute                                                          of Advanced Standing.
phase through to rehabilitation and community follow up.
Placements can be tailored to suit the individual student's                                                            Students who have completed Postgraduate Study with another
learning needs.                                                                                                        institution may receive up to 60 credit points of Advanced Standing.

Admission Requirements                                                                                                 Course Structure

This course is open to registered Division 1 nurses with at least 2                                                    • Masters of Nursing (Spinal Cord Injury)
year’s recent acute nursing experience and an interest in SCI                                                            = 9 Units or 180 Credit points
                                                                                                                       • Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing (Spinal Cord Injury)
Duration                                                                                                                 = 6 Units or 120 Credit points

Graduate Certificate:                        1 year part time                                                          • Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Spinal Cord Injury)
                                                                                                                         = 3 Units or 60 Credit points
Postgraduate Diploma:                        1 year full time
                                             18 months part time                                                       The Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Spinal Cord Injury) consists of 3
                                             2 years part time                                                         units of study:
Masters:                                     1.5 years full time
                                             2 years – 3 years part-time                                               NSG4CHA                       Comprehensive Health Assessment
                                                                                                                       NSG4ASP                       Acute Spinal Cord Injuries Practice
Mode of Study                                                                                                          NSG4SRP                       Spinal Cord Injuries Rehabilitation Practice

This course can be undertaken via face to face teaching mode or                                                        The Postgraduate Diploma consists of a Clinical Audit or Clinical
distance education. At the Diploma and Master’s level, elective                                                        Practice unit and 2 elective units.
units of study are offered in a variety of delivery modes such as
class time, on-line or independent study.                                                                              The Master of Nursing (Spinal Cord Injury) consists of an additional 3
                                                                                                                       elective units at level 5. Students wishing to complete their Masters
Clinical Practice                                                                                                      are required to complete 60 credit points at level 4 (Cert/Dip units) and
                                                                                                                       120 credit points at level 5 (Masters level units).
Students are required to undertake 150 hours of clinical practice
in both acute and rehabilitation areas. Students will complete                                                         Special Requirements
their clinical placement as an employee of Austin Health.
Placements can be tailored to suit the individual student's learning                                                   Applicants must apply to the hospital for their clinical placement at
needs. Individual days are spent with the Urology Nurse                                                                the same time they apply for the Master of Nursing (Spinal Cord
Consultant, in Spinal Outpatients Clinic, or visiting patients in the                                                  Injury).
community with the Community Spinal Nurse or the Outreach
                                                                                                                       Further Information and How to Apply
Team nurse. Supernumerary clinical time in ICU is also available.

Career Prospects                                                                                                       Division of Nursing and Midwifery
                                                                                                                       La Trobe University
The area of SCI Nursing is specialised with 6 Spinal Units in                                                          Bundoora Campus
Australia, however the skills developed can be used across a                                                           Ph:      +61 3 9479 5950
wide range of nursing, from acute through to rehabilitation &                                                          Fax:     +61 3 9479 5988
community nursing settings.                                                                                            Email:
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