EF2671 06262009 South Africa Kirco International

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					WTCO Trade Leads

Code            Date         Location          Company Name                                  Lead Subject

Alternative Energy

EF2671          06/26/2009      South Africa   Kirco International                           Integrated solar power equipment and systems

Homeland Security and Defense

EF2653          06/05/2009      Germany        ZRC Zengerle Reloading Components e.K         German wholesaler looks to import guns, ammunition,
                                                                                             and shooting supplies
Information Technology

EF26303         06/08/2009      Taiwan         Lcdarm Technology                             Looking to buy one stop arm for laptop
EF26304         06/08/2009      Taiwan         Two Thousand and One Technology               Looking to buy BT-FM03 in-car FM modulator
                                               Incorporation                                 handsfree
EF26305         06/08/2009      Taiwan         Portech Communications Incorporation          Looking to buy CDMA 2000 module for
                                                                                             800/1900mhz with non-RUIM card
EF26308         06/08/2009      Taiwan         Vodis Corporation                             Looking to buy heavy duty caster
EF26309         06/08/2009      Taiwan         Tecline Technology Coporation                 Looking to buy computer scraps
EF26672         06/26/2009      South Africa   Kirco International                           Electronic smart-meter technologies
EF26767         06/26/2009      Mexico         Telesistemas Monterrey                        Telecommunications solutions

Life Sciences

EF26302         06/08/2009      Taiwan         Hers Medical Company, Limited                 Looking to buy fully automatic wrist style blood pressure
EF26310         06/08/2009   Taiwan            Wealth Honor International Company, Limited   Looking to buy rayon filament 100% fabric
EF26436         06/11/2009   Brussels          Dimschool                                     Magnetic bracelets
EF26480         06/16/2009   United Kingdom    D&R Electro Optics Ltd                        Optical components
EF26580         06/23/2009                     Nation Medical Group                          Medical instruments and technology
EF26581         06/23/2009                     National Enzyme Company                       Nutrition and digestive enzyme products
EF26582         06/23/2009                     Contec Medical Systems Co., Ltd               Testing medical systems
EF26583         06/23/2009                     Kallipareia Cosmetic Productions              JV opportunities in skincare and bodycare products
EF26584   06/23/2009   SonoScape Co., Ltd.                          Ultrasound systems
EF26585   06/23/2009   Zhejiang Medicines & Health Products         Medicine and healthcare products
EF26588   06/23/2009   Thai 3B Scientific Co., Ltd                  Medical simulation technology
EF26589   06/23/2009   Funeralia Gmbh                               JV opportunities in pathology
EF26590   06/23/2009   Steriline SDn. Bhd.                          Infection control/patient safety products and technology
EF26591   06/23/2009   PharmaMed Industrial Supplies                Pharmaceutical and medical supplies
EF26592   06/23/2009   Science Valley Sdn. Bhd.                     Medical testing and lab equipment
EF2593    06/23/2009   Prince Court Medical Centre Sdn Bhd          All medical medium products
EF26594   06/23/2009   Vigilenz Medical Devices Sdn. Bhd.           Medical devices
EF26595   06/23/2009   Cytopeutics Sdn. Bhd.                        JV opportunities in bio-technology
EF26596   06/23/2009   First Test Ltd                               Medical testing devices and products
EF26597   06/23/2009   BioSino Bio-Technology and Science Inc.      Biotechnology products
EF26598   06/23/2009   The Sales Center of Hainan Zhonghe           Pharmaceutical Products
EF26599   06/23/2009   Philip Chapper & Company Limited             JV opportunities in medical supplies
EF26600   06/23/2009   Ciom Medical Co., Ltd                        JV opportunities in testing equipment
EF26601   06/23/2009   Bridge Master Medical                        Medical testing equipment
EF26602   06/23/2009   Double engine Medical material Co., Ltd.     Medical implant technology
EF26603   06/23/2009   Medcie Industry Co., Ltd.                    Medical disposable products
EF26604   06/23/2009   Kemuning Saintifik Sdn. Bhd                  Medical devices and disposables
EF26605   06/23/2009   Biolight Ci., Ltd.                           Medical monitor devices
EF26606   06/23/2009   Radwag Weighing Systems Sdn Bhd              Medical devices and disposables
EF26607   06/23/2009   Contripo Group                               JV opportunities in wound care technology
EF26609   06/23/2009   ESCO Micro (M) Sdn. Bhd.                     JV opportunities in biotechnology
EF26610   06/23/2009   CLC Medkit Enterprise                        Medical and dental instruments
EF26611   06/23/2009   Orthofit                                     Footcare related products and technology
EF26612   06/23/2009   W.H.P.M. Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.                  JV opportunity in biotechnology
EF26613   06/23/2009   Delta P                                      JV opportunities in medical equipment
EF26614   06/23/2009   Institut Jantung Negara                      Cardiology, health products
EF26615   06/23/2009   Poskom Co., Ltd                              JV opportunities in x-ray technology
EF26616   06/23/2009   Klinik Pakar Kulit Ko Sdn. Bhd.              Cosmetic skincare, and dental products
EF26617   06/23/2009   Muzamal Ventures Sdn. Bhd,                   JV opportunities in medical disposable products
EF26618   06/23/2009   Hospitech Manufacturing Services Sdn. Bhd.   Medical disposable products
EF26619   06/23/2009   Zhejiang Medicines & Health Products         Healthcare and medical products
EF26621   06/23/2009   Energy Medicine Naturopathy Sdn. Bhd.        JV opportunities in medical solution provider
EF26622   06/23/2009   Industrial Technology Research Institute     Seeking biomaterial and technology
EF26623   06/23/2009   Shenzhen Genius Electronics Co., Ltd.        Medical instruments
EF26624   06/23/2009   Vitatest                                     JV opportunities in medical lab technologies
EF26625         06/23/2009                   ITO Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation    JV opportunities in physiotherapy and rehabilitation
EF26626         06/23/2009                   MedLogus                              Representing Florida pharmaceutical and
                                                                                   biotechnology firms in Brazil

EF26434        06/11/2009     Brussels       African timber                        Wooden logs
EF26438        06/11/2009     Brussels       HNU Woodlogistics                     Wood

Apparel & Textiles

EF26673         06/26//2009   South Africa   Kudjon Shoes                          Retractable womens’ high heeled shoes

Automotive/Ground Transportation

EF26667         06/26/2009    South Africa   Metropolitan Oils.                    Electrical cleaning solvents and agents
EF26668         06/26/2009    South Africa   Metropolitan Oils                     Diesel and petrol engine treatment lubricants

Chemicals, Petrochemicals & Composites

EF27301         06/30/2009    Mexico         Utility Trailers de Mexico SA de CV   Plastic bags
WTCDE7          07/06/2009    USA                                                  Liquid
WTCJ1           04/14/2009    Nigeria                                              Crude oil
WTCJ3           04/14/2009    Nigeria                                              Gas Oil
WTCJ6           04/14/2009    Nigeria                                              Russian crude oil blend
WTCJ7           04/14/2009    Nigeria                                              Saudi light crude oil
WTCJ9           04/14/2009    Nigeria                                              Petroleum gas
WTCJ10          04/14/2009    Nigeria                                              Natural gas

Construction, Building & Heavy Equipment

EF26670         06/26/2009    South Africa   Amahlathi Holdings (Pty) Ltd          Process engineering
EF26676         06/26/2009    South Africa   Malibongwe Energy                     Engineering partners with civil, mechanical and
                                                                                   chemical experience
EF27047         06/30/2009    Mexico         Perfiles y Maquiles en Acero SA       Manufacturers of tubing
Consumer Goods & Home Furnishings

EF26489        06/18/2009                     Protostar International                      Seeking injection Molding Company
EF26669        06/26/2009    South Africa     Powerdrive                                   Rowing and water sports activities
EF26674        06/26/2009    South Africa     Powerdrive                                   Motorized golf carts
EF26675        06/26//2009   South Africa     Powerdrive                                   Navigation devices and electronic accessories
EF26766        06/26/2009    Mexico           Hogarmax                                     New Suppliers
EF26821        06/29/2009    Mexico           Mendari SA                                   Suppliers sporting goods
EF27008        06/30/2009    Mexico           EBS Mexico SA de CV                          Suppliers of consumer electronics

Energy & Mining

EF26677        06/26/2009    South Africa     Malibongwe Energy                            Gas recording meters
EF26678        06/26/2009    South Africa     Malibongwe Energy                            Gas turbine electricity generation
EF26866        06/30/2009    South Africa     TMG Solutions (Pty) Ltd.                     Partners for Eskom Tender

Environmental Technologies

EF26439        06/11/2009    Brussels         Nuova Delta                                  Recyclable plastics

Food / Food Processing & Packaging

EF26435        06/11/2009    Brussels         CombiPack                                    Packaging materials
EF26493        06/18/2009                     International Foods America, LLC             Food Products-Sugar,Salt,Juice,Soda
EF26640        06/25/2009    Spain            Foreign Agricultural Service                 Seeks US exporters of live eels
WTCDE2         07/06/2009    USA                                                           Poultry

Industrial Equipment & Supplies

EF26301        06/08/2009    Taiwan           OA Lighting Kanjin Supply Company, Limited   Looking to buy T8 fluorescent lamp
EF26306        06/08/2009    Taiwan           Chuan Chan Oil Seal Company, Limited         Looking to buy oil seal and rubber parts
EF26307        06/08/2009    Taiwan           Fine Spring Enterprise Company, Limited      Looking to buy natural rubber
EF26440        06/11/2009    Brussels         Sitindustrie International Srl               Valves and pumps
EF26478        06/16/2009    United Kingdom   A & D Fasteners                              Fasteners
EF26479        06/16/2009    United Kingdom   Batley Foundry Ltd                           Iron castings
EF26482        06/16/2009    United Kingdom   K L Nuts, Bolts & engineering Supplies       Nuts, bolts
EF26483        06/23/2009    United Kingdom   Perenco Ltd                                  Professional industrial tools
EF26608         06/23/2009                       Ikhua hardware & Machinery Sdn. Bhd.   Hardware and machinery
EF26620         06/23/2009      Canada           Inox Pumps and Process Inc.            Looking for industrial machinery equipment supplies
EF26632         06/24/2009      Canada           Ontor Ltd.                             Looking for industrial machinery, equipment supplies
EF26633         06/24/2009      Canada           Cantin & FILS Ltee                     Looking for industrial machinery, equipment supplies
EF26634         06/24/2009      Canada           Exa Systems Inc.                       Looking for label and tag printing and bar code
                                                                                        scanning systems
EF26635         06/24/2009      Canada           Alpha Controls and Instrumentation     Looking for industrial controls and instruments
EF26637         06/24/2009      Canada           Tresk Group                            Looking for industrial equipment and supplies
WTCDE5          07/06/2009      USA                                                     Stud removal tools
WTCDE8          07/06/2009      USA                                                     Warehousing,trucking, Converting, Dry Bulk

Paper, Printing, Graphic Arts

EF26437         06/11/2009      Brussels         Dominent International Ltd             Magnetic Media
EF266481        06/16/2009      United Kingdom   Kelly Print Ltd                        Printing Sources

Security/Safety Equipment

EF26636          06/24/2009    Canada         Hotte Saftety Supplies Inc.               Looking for safety products
WTCDE3            07/06/2009   USA                                                      Safety footware
EFI Source Trade Lead Topic Lead Company Name Trade Lead Date Trade Lead ID
Services - International Trade

EF26679         06/26/2009      South Africa     The Better Business Trust              Performance management and marketing strategy

Transportation and Warehousing

EF26666         06/26/2009      South Africa     Gagashe Forward & Shipping             Customs clearance, freight forwarding

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