Tender Document Dish solar cooker-2007 by byt34827


									               TENDER DOCUMENT


                        RATE CONTRACT

                              OF SUPPLY

                 AT VARIOUS DISTRICTS IN
                        UTTAR PRADESH
           TENDER NO. NEDA/ Dish Cooker/2007

NAME OF FIRM         ----------------------------------------------------


          (Deptt. Of Additional Source of Energy, Govt. of U.P.)
              Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, U.P.
               Tele. 91-0522-2720688; 2720652, 720779, 2720894
                          E-Mail: nedaup@dataone.in

                         TABLE OF CONTENTS
SL.       TOPIC                                                     PAGE NO.

1   Tender Notice                                                      3
2   Covering Letter                                                    4
3   Particulars of Tender                                              5
4   General Particulars of Tender                                      6
5   Experience : Relevant Project Completed                            7
6   Declaration of Tender                                              8-9

    Section - 1 :     Introduction : Eligibility condition             10
    Section - 2 :     Tender document                                  11-12
    Section - 3 :     Preparation of Tender                            13-15
    Section - 4 :     Submission of Tender                             16
    Section - 5 :     Tender opening and evaluation                    17
    Section - 6 :     Award of Contract                                18


       General conditions of contract                                  19-24


       Special conditions of Tender               .                    25


       Scope of the work                                               26


       Technical Bid                                                   27-28


       Financial Bid                                                   29

1.         Tender Notice:
                                                          Tender Notice
                               Non-Conventional Energy Development Agency, U.P. (NEDA)
                                  (Deptt. of Additional Sources of Energy, Govt.of U.P.)
                                     Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010
                                  Tel.No. 91-0522-2720652, 2720894, Fax: 0522-2720829
                                Website:http//neda.up.nic.in E-Mail: nedaup@dataone.in

           Sealed and separate tenders are invited for the supply, installation and commissioning of following items from reputed
           manufacturers or their authorized single dealer located in Uttar Pradesh.

     Sl.      Item              Approx.        Tender No.       Earnest        Cost of    Last Date/time         Date/time of       Date/Time of
     No                         quantity      NEDA/             Money          Tender     of sale of tender      submission /        opening of
                                                                (Rs.)          Document   document            opening of tender .   financial bid
     1.    Solar Home           16000        PVDL/2007          9.60           5000           17-02-07           20-02-07 At        26-02-07 At
             Lighting                                           lacs                        Up to 4.00 pm     12:00 noon/ 12:30     12:00 noon
             Systems                                                                                                 pm
           Model I-V
     2     Misc. PV System      --          PV Urban/2007        25000         1000           17-02-07           20-02-07 At        26-02-07 At
             for urban area                                                                 Up to 4.00 pm     12:00 noon/ 12:30     12:00 noon
     3       Solar PV Pump      150         PV Pump/2007        6.25           2000           17-02-07           20-02-07 At        26-02-07 At
             (Submersible/                                      lacs                        Up to 4.00 pm     12:00 noon/ 12:30     12:00 noon
             Surface)                                                                                                pm
     4        Dish Cooker       100         Dish Cooker           5000          250           17-02-07           20-02-07 At        26-02-07 At
                                                /2007                                       Up to 4.00 pm     12:00 noon/ 12:30     12:00 noon
     5        District Level     39         U Park District     1% of           250           17-02-07           20-02-07 At        26-02-07 At
             Energy Park                        /2007          quoted                       Up to 4.00 pm     12:00 noon/ 12:30     12:00 noon
                                                               cost/park                                             pm
     6        State Level            1     U Park State/2007    2.0            2000           17-02-07           20-02-07 At        26-02-07 At
             Urja Park                                          lacs                        Up to 4.00 pm     12:00 noon/ 12:30     12:00 noon
     7        PRI Modem              2         PRI/2007         1000           100            17-02-07           21-02-07 At        24-02-07 At
                                                                                           Up to 4.00 pm      12:00 noon/ 12:30     12:00 noon

           Tender document (TD) can be obtained by making payment through Demand Draft/pay order drawn in favour of
           Director NEDA, payable at Lucknow. TD can also be downloaded from website, in which case an amount equal to the
           cost of TD is to be enclosed as demand draft in favour of Director NEDA payable at Lucknow failing which tender shall
           not be considered. Number of the systems mentioned as above may increase or decrease. Rate Contract tenders are
           invited for items at S.No. 1, 2 , 3 and 4. For items at S.No. 5, 6 and 7 quantity tenders are invited. Undersigned reserves
           the right to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof.


2.      Covering Letter :

        (Full name and address of the tenderer)

       M/S ……………………………………………..

                The Director,
                Non-conventional Energy
                Development Agency,
                Vibhuti khand, Gomti Nagar
                Lucknow-226 010

             Subject: - Offer in response to tender no: NEDA/ Dish Cooker/2007


            We hereby submit our offer in full compliance with terms & conditions of the
     attached tender. The tenders are submitted in two separate and sealed envelopes
     marked Part-I & Part-II.

                                                               (Signature of tenderer )
                                                                      with seal

                             3. PARTICULARS OF TENDER

1- Tender No.                                      NEDA/Dish Cooker/2007
2- Particulars of the work                         Supply of dish solar cooker in various
                                                   districts of U.P.

3- Period of work                                  Three months from the placement of
                                                   work order

4- Cost of tender document                         Rs. 250 /-

5- Last date and time of submission of             20-02-07 up to 12 noon

6- Amount of Earnest money deposited               Rs. 5000/- in the form of Demand
                                                   Draft in favour of Director NEDA
                                                   payable at Lucknow.

7-Period of     validity     of   tender   for     One year from the date of opening of
acceptance                                         financial bid of the tender.

8 – Date and time of opening of tender             20-02-07 up to 12.00 PM

9 - Place of opening of tender                     NEDA      Vibhuti         Khand,Gomti
- Name and status of
firm/company/Individualto whom tender
document Is issued.

Note: 1- Tender document issued by NEDA should only be considered as valid tender.
        2- Tenders are requested to give full particulars and their legal and financial status.

                                                                          (Signature of tenderer )
                                                                               with seal


1.    Name of Tenderer/Firm

2.    Postal Address

3.    Telegraphic address
4.    Telephone, Telex, Fax No., E mail
5.    Name and designation of the
      representative of the tenderer to whom
      all references shall be made.
6.    Nature of the firm(Individual/Partnership/
      Pvt.Ltd/Public Ltd.Co./Public Sector)
      Attach attested copy of Registration &
      Partnership deed/Memorandum of Association
7.    Amount and particulars of the earnest
      money deposited. (annexure-I)
8.    Financial capacity of the tenderer/firm
      for carrying out the work.(Attach balance sheets
       of last two years)
9.    Name and address of the Indian/foreign
      collaboration if any.
10.   Copies of Registration Certificates of UP trade tax/
      Central sales tax to be enclosed
      (Write CST/TT Registration nos.)
11.   Tentative supply capacity of tenderer for the system :
      per month (annexure-II)
12.   Has the tenderer/firm paid arrears of
      income tax?
13.   Has the tenderer/firm have been
      ever debarred by any Govt. deptt./ Undertaking
      for undertaking any work?
14.   Reference of any other information attached
      by the tender (please mention no. of pages &
      No. of drawing, SEC report & if firm is
      a dealer himself, please attach the documents.)
15.   Has the tenderer have any relative working
      in NEDA If yes state the name and designation.

                                                      (Signature of Tenderer)
                                                           with Seal


     (Please fill in information about similar projects undertaken in the last two years,
     if required, please use additional sheets). (annexure-III)

1.   Name of organization which has                :
      awarded the works.
     (Please enclose list of organization)

2.   Name of the location of the work.             :
     (Please enclosed list of installation)

3.   Total contract amount.                                :

4.   Year of award.                                :

5.   Detail of involvement in work as an           :
     individual or as a company.

6.   Was the work satisfactorily completed         :
     within stipulated period ?

                                                  (Signature of tenderer)
                                                            with Seal

                      6. DECLARATION BY THE TENDERER


(Hereinafter referred to as the tenderer) being desirous of tendering for the work, under the above
mentioned tender and having fully understood the nature of the work and having carefully noted
all the terms and conditions, specifications etc. as mentioned in the tender document.

1.     The tenderer is fully aware of all the requirements of the tender document and agrees
       with all provisions of the tender document.
2.     The tenderer is capable of executing and completing the work as required in the tender.
3.     The tenderer accepts all risks and responsibilities directly or indirectly connected with the
       performance of the tendered work.
4.     The tenderer has no collusion with other tenderers, any employee of NEDA or with any
       other person or firm in the preparation of the bid.
5      The tenderer has not been influenced by any statement or promises of NEDA or any of its
       employees but only by the tender document.
6.     The tenderer is financially solvent and sound to execute the tendered work.
7.     The tenderer is sufficiently experienced and competent to perform the contract to the
       satisfaction of NEDA.
8.     The information and the statements submitted with the tender are true.
9      The tenderer is familiar with all general and special laws, acts, ordinances, rules and
       regulations of the Municipal, District, State and Central Government that may affect the
       work, its performance or personnel employed therein.
10.    The tenderer has never been debarred from similar type of work by NEDA and or any
       Government undertaking /Department.
11.    This offer shall remain valid for acceptance for 12 (Twelve) months from the date of
       opening of the Financial bid of tender.
12.    The tenderer has attached herewith the earnest money as required in the tender document.

13.   The tenderer accepts that the earnest money may be absolutely forfeited by NEDA if the
      tenderer fails to undertake the work or sign the contract within the stipulated time.
14.   The tenderer accepts that he will sign an agreement on stamp paper with NEDA after
      agreeing to rates approved through this Bid. This agreement will also be the guarantee of
      their equipment and performance of the system for a period of two calendar years from
      the date of commissioning. During this period, the tenderer will replace/ repair all or any
      component(s) supplied by the firm,      which proved to be defective or unusable due to
      faulty design or workmanship.

                                                      (Signature of Tenderer)
                                                              With seal


                                     SECTION 1


1.1    The tenderer should have valid test report issued by solar energy centre are regional Test
      Centres approved by MNRE, Govt. of India for this type of Dish Cooker, which must be
      enclosed. However cookers being manufactured should adhere to MNRE specifications
      annexed. In case tenderer being authorized dealer of Dish type solar cooker, he will have
      to enclose the following documents:

      a. Letter of authorization from the Principal manufacturer. (annexure-IV)
      b. Valid test report from the Principal manufacturer. (annexure-V)

1.2   The tenderer should have valid CST /UPTT registration certificate. Copies of which are to
      be enclosed. (annexure-VI)

1.3   The tenderer should have successfully executed similar types of project. A copy of
      certificate from concern department/nodal agency pertaining to successful execution of
      similar projects should be enclosed for the last two years. (annexure-III)

1.4   The tenderer should have adequate financial stability and status to meet the financial
      obligations pursuant to the scope of works. Last year's audit report / balance sheet
      certified by the chartered accountant is to be enclosed. (annexure-VIII)

                                                     (Signature of Tenderer)
                                                          with seal

                                     SECTION - 2
                                  TENDER DOCUMENT


2.1.1 The tender procedure and contract terms are prescribed in the tender documents. In
       addition to the invitation of tender, the bidding documents include:-

      Part (1 )
                     a) Covering Letter
                     b) Particulars of tender
                     c) General Particulars of T ender
                     d) Relevant Experience
                     e) Declaration by the tenderer

      Part (2)       Instruction to Tenderer

      Part (3)       General Condition of Contract

      Part (4)       Scope of work and Technical specifications

      Part( 5)       Financial Bid

      The tenderer is expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms and specifications as
      mentioned in the tender document. Failure to furnish all information required by the
      tender documents or submission of a bid not substantially responsive to the Bid
      Document, in every respect will be at the tenderer's risk and is likely to result in out-right
      rejection of the tender.


a)    The tenderer must clearly indicate the details about the accessories mandatory to be
      supplied with the cooker i.e. five litre ISI mark Pressure Cooker with Blackened bottom,
      pair of gloves, cap, goggles and assembling and working instruction manual. Manual
      should contain also technical specifications of cookers being supplied.
b)    The above information may be provided by the tenderer in the form of separate sheets,
      drawings, catalogues etc.


2.3.1    It will be imperative on each bidder to keep himself informed of all local conditions and
        factors, which may have any effect on the execution of the works covered under these
        documents and specifications.


2.4.1    A prospective tenderer requiring any clarification about the tender documents may
        contact NEDA in writing at the NEDA's mailing address, indicated in the invitation for
        tender at the earliest.

2.4.2    Verbal certifications and information’s given by the NEDA or his employees or his
        representatives shall not be in any way entertained.


2.5.1 At any time prior to the submission of the tender, NEDA may for any reason, whether at
      its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by the tenderer, modify the
      tender documents by amendments.

2.5.2 The amendment will be notified in writing by Fax to all prospective tenderers, which
      have received the tender documents and will be binding on them. NEDA will bear no
      responsibility or liability arising out of non-receipt of the same in time or otherwise.

                                                                          Signature of Tenderer
                                                                               With seal

                                   SECTION 3
                             PREPARATION OF TENDER


3.1.1 The tender prepared by the tenderer and all correspondence and documents relating to the
      bid exchanged by the tenderer and NEDA shall be written in the English provided that
      any printed literature furnished by the tenderer may be written in another language so
      long as accompanied by an English translation of its pertinent passages in which case, for
      purpose of interpretation units of measurement shall be metric in accordance with System


3.2.1 The tender prepared by the tenderer shall comprise the following components/
      (a)    Covering letter as provided in tender document.
      (b)    A Tender form
      (c)    Documentary evidence establishing that the bidder is eligible to tender and is
             qualified to perform the contract if its tender is accepted.
      (d)    Bid security (Earnest money) furnished in accordance with the tender notice.
      (e)    Power of attorney of manufacturers to authorize to the supplier/contractor to sign,
             discuss and negotiate the tender.

3.3    BID PRICE

3.3.1 The Tenderer shall indicate prices on the appropriate financial bid schedule attached to
      these documents.


       The prices quoted should include all taxes and duties, custom duty, excise duty, service
       tax, sales tax, C. S. T. local taxes, Trade tax, Income Tax, Surcharge on income tax etc. if
       any. A supplier /contractor shall be entirely responsible for all taxes, duties, licence fees
       etc. All taxes payable as per Government income tax & service tax norms will be payable
       by the contractor. If any new tax/duty is levied during the contract period the same will
       be borne by the firm exclusively. TDS will be deducted from the payment of the

        contractor as per the prevalent laws and rules of Government of India and Government of
        U.P. in this regard.


3.4.1 Prices shall be quoted in Indian Rupees only.


3.5.1   Pursuant to clause 3.2 the bidder shall furnish, as part of its bid, bid security (EMD) of
        Rs 25000 (Rs. Twenty Five thousand only) as mentioned in the tender in the form of a
        bank draft issued by a Nationalized Bank/State Bank of India or its subsidiaries in favour
        of Director, NEDA payable at Lucknow.

3.5.2 Any bid not secured in accordance with para 3.5.1 will be rejected by the NEDA as non-

3.5.3    No interest shall be payable on the amount of earnest money and the same will be
        released, after the tenders have been decided, to those tenderers who fail to get the

3.5.4 The successful tenderer's bid security (earnest money) shall be kept as a security deposit
      against the work awarded to them.

3.5.5 The security deposit shall be released only after completion of work in all respect along
      with or after the final payment. This security deposit shall be forfeited if the tenderer fails
      to execute the work or its parts.

3.5.6 The security deposit/earnest money may be forfeited:
     (a) If a Tenderer withdraws its Tender during the period of Tender validity specified by
         the Tenderer on the Tender from.
     (b) If the successful tenderer fails to sign the contract within the stipulated period.


3.6.1 Validity of the offer should be twelve months from the date of opening of second envelop
      containing price bid of the tenders. Without this validity the tenders will be rejected. The
      validity must be mentioned on the envelope, otherwise tender may not be opened.

3.6.2 In exceptional circumstances; the NEDA will solicit the tenderer's consent to an
      extension of the period of validity. The request and the response thereof shall be made in
      writing. The contract performance security provided under clause 3.5.4 shall also be
      suitably extended.


3.7.1 The bid must contain the name, residence and places of business of the persons making
      the tender and must be signed and sealed by the tenderer with his usual signature. The
      name and destination of all persons signing should be typed or printed below the

3.7.2 Tender by a partnership firm must be furnished with full name of all partners with a copy
      of partnership deed.

3.7.3 Tender by corporation/ company must be signed with the legal name of the
      corporation/company be the President, Managing director or any other designation.
      Without disclosing such particulars and the name of principal, the tender may be

3.7.4 The original copy of the Tender shall be typed or written in indelible ink and shall be
      signed by the Tenderer or a person duly authorized to sign. The letter of authorization
      shall be indicated by written power -of -attorney accompanying the tender. All pages of
      the bid shall be initialed by the person or persons signing the tender.

3.7.5 The bid shall contain no interlinkactions, erasures or overwriting except as necessary to
      correct errors made by the tender in which case such corrections shall be initialed by the
      person or persons signing the tender .

                                                                        Signature of Tenderer
                                                                           With seal

                                           SECTION: 4
                                      SUBMISSION OF TENDER

4.1.1 The tender must be complete in all technical and commercial respect and should contain
      requisite certificates, drawings, informative literature etc. as required in the specification.
      Any queries made should be promptly replied within following time schedule.
4.1.2 Fax query required to be replied by fax 4 days
4.1.3 Query by letter to be replied by letter 14 days

4.1.4 First sealed envelope should contain earnest money, technical specification, brochure
      literature etc. It should be superscribed with Tender No & 'EM & TC'. The complete
      tender documents except price bid duly signed should be submitted in the first envelope.
      Requisite earnest money in the form of Bank Draft should be attached.

4.1.5 The tenderer should submit price bid duly signed on the original price bid attached with
      this tender document as Part- 5. This price schedule has to be submitted in second
      envelope superscribed as "Price bid"..

4.1.6 Second sealed envelope should contain price bid only, superscribed with tender No. and
      "Price bid". Any thing in regard of financial condition, payment terms, rebate etc.
      mentioned in price bid may make the tender invalid. Therefore, it is in the interest of the
      tenderer not to write any thing extra except price.

4.1.7 The envelope shall be addressed to the Director, Non-conventional Energy
      Development Agency, U.P, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010 (U.P)

       A formal agreement should be entered between NEDA and the contractor for the proper
       fulfillment of the contract. The expenses of completing and stamping of the agreement
       shall be paid by the contractor. The agreement shall be on the rate contract basis.

       Bids must be received by the NEDA at the date, time and address specified in the tender
       notice tender documents.


        Any bid received after the deadline for submission of bids prescribed by the NEDA
        pursuant to clause 4.3 will be rejected and or returned unopened to the tenderer.

                                                              (Signature of Tenderer)
                                                                       With seal

                                       SECTION: 5
                             TENDER OPENING AND EVALUATION


        The procedure of opening of the tender shall be as under:

5.1.1    First envelope bearing tender No. and super scribed 'EM & TC' shall be opened at the
        time and date mentioned in the tender notice by NEDA's representatives. The tenderer or
        his authorized person can choose to be present at the time of opening of tender.

5.1.2 Second envelope containing price bid shall be opened (after obtaining clarifications, if
      required, and establishing technical suitability of the offer) as per the date fixed in the
      tender notice. Second envelope of only those tenderers shall be opened whose first
      envelope shall be found commercially clear and technically suitable.

5.1.3 In case it is not possible to open second envelop on the day fixed due to unavoidable
      circumstances, then the opening of the second envelop shall be postponed, and intimation
      of this effect shall be sent to tenderers by telegram/ fax. It will be in the interest of the
      tenderer to send their authorized representative well conversant with the tender and
      competent to take decision on technical and financial matter at the time of opening of
      second envelope.


5.2.1 To assist in the examination, evaluation and comparison of bids the NEDA may at its
      discretion ask the bidder for a clarification of its bid. The request for clarification and the
      response shall be in writing.

                                                         Signature of Tenderer
                                                             With seal

                                            SECTION: 6
                                        AWARD OF CONTRACT


6.2      NEDA reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders or accept any tender in total or in
         parts or work may be divided among various tenderer without assigning any reason


6.3.1 Prior to the expiration of the period of tender validity the NEDA will notify the tenderers
      by registered letter/by cable/Fax/courier, to be confirmed in writing by letter, that the bid
      has been accepted.


6.4.1 The work shall have to be completed within 90 days from the date of supply order.

6.5      NEDA reserves the right to award the work/contract to any tenderer at the approved rates

6.6     CONTRACT

6.6.1     Before execution of the work, a contract agreement for execution of the work shall be
         signed between NEDA and the contractor after the finalization of the rate. Tentative
         general conditions of the contract are at Part 3 of Tender Document. Tenderer has to sign
         the agreement within the 15 days of communication of acceptance of the offer by
         NEDA, otherwise tenderer may be debarred from the contract/ agreement and earnest
         money deposited with the tender may be forfeited

                                                         (Signature of Tenderer)
                                                               With seal

                                                  PART 3

                           GENERAL CONDITONS OF CONTRACT


       In the deed of contract unless the context otherwise requires: -

3.1.1 NEDA shall mean The Director or his representative of Non-conventional Energy
      Development Agency, Govt. of U.P with Head office at Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar
      Lucknow and shall also include its successors in interest and assignees. The contractor
      shall mean the person whose tender has been accepted by NEDA and shall include his
      legal representatives, successor in interest and assignees.

3.1.2 The Contractor shall be deemed to have carefully examined all the papers, drawings etc.
      attached to the contract deed. If he shall have any doubt as to the meaning of any portion
      or any condition(s), specifications etc., he should before signing the contract set forth the
      particulars thereof and submit them to NEDA in order that such doubt(s) may be

3.1.3 The agreement shall be on rate contract basis valid up to twelve calendar months from the
      date of signing of agreement under this agreement. Separate work orders(s) shall be
      placed from time to time as per demand and requirement from beneficiaries. Work will
      have to be completed within 90 (Ninety) days from the date of work order however time
      limit may be shortened after mutual consent of Contractor and NEDA and that shall be
      clearly mentioned in work order depending upon urgency of work. In case the contractor
      fails to execute the said supply/work within stipulated time, NEDA will be at liberty to
      get the work executed from the open market without calling any tender and without any
      notice to the contractor, at the risk and cost of the contractor any additional cost incurred
      by NEDA shall be recovered from the contractor, if the cost of executing the work as
      aforesaid shall exceed the balance due to the contractor, and the contractor fails to make
      good the additional cost, NEDA may recover it from the contractor’s pending claims
      against any work in NEDA or in any other lawful manner.

3.1.4 That on the request of the tenderer and also in the interest of the organization the NEDA
      is authorized to extend the validity of the agreement, subject to that the request of the

       contractor is received before the expiry of the agreement period, or any extended period
       granted to the contractor.

3.1.5 The agreement shall be deemed to be extended till the date of completion of last supply
      order subject to the completion period as provided in the clause 3.1.2.

3.1.6 In the interest of the work and the programme, agreement executed between the
      contractor and the NEDA may be extended to a mutually agreed period, if the need so

3.1.7 It shall be sole responsibility of the contractor to get verified the quality & quanity of
      the supplied material at the site of delivery.


3.2.1 If the contractor fails to perform the services within the time periods specified in the
      contract, the NEDA shall without prejudice to its other remedies under the contract
      deduct from the contract price as liquidated damage, a sum equivalent to 1% of the price
      of the unperformed services for each week of delay until actual performance up to a
      maximum deduction of 10% of the contract price. Performed services shall mean
      complete work of supply, installation and commissioning of each system.

3.2.2 The contractor shall have to comply with all the rules, regulations, laws and by-laws for
      the time being in force and the instructions if any, of the organization, in whose premises
      the work has to be done. NEDA shall have no liability in this regard.


3.3.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of clauses contained in this deed; the contractor shall not
      be liable for forfeiture of its security, performance security, liquidated damages,
      termination for default, if he is unable to fulfill his obligation under this deed due to event
      of force majeure circumstances.

3.3.2 For purpose of this clause, Force majeure means an event beyond the control of the
      contractor and not involving the contractor's fault or negligence and not foreseeable. Such
      events may include, but are not restricted to, acts of Government either in its sovereign or
      contractual capacity, wars or revolutions, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions
      on fright embargoes.

3.3.3. If a force majeure situation arises, the contractor shall promptly notify the NEDA in
       writing within a week from the date situation so arises.

3.4.   The contractor shall have to comply with all the rules, regulations, laws and by-laws for
       the time being in force and the instructions if any, of the organization, in whose premises
       the work has to be done. NEDA shall have no liability in this regard.

3.5    The High court of Judicature at Allahabad and Courts subordinate thereto, at Lucknow,
       shall alone have jurisdictions to the exclusion of all other courts.

3.6    The contractor shall not, without the consent in writing of NEDA, transfer, assign or
       sublet the work under this contract or any substantial part thereof to any other party.

3.7    NEDA shall have at all reasonable time access to the works being carried out by the
       contractor under this contract. All the work shall be carried out by the contractor to the
       satisfaction of NEDA.

3.8    If any question, dispute or difference what so ever shall arises between NEDA and the
       contractor, in the connection with this agreement except as to matters, the decisions for
       which have been specifically provided, either party may forthwith give to the other notice
       in writing of existence of such question, dispute or difference and the same shall be
       referred to the sole arbitration of the Principal Secretary/Secretary, Dept. of additional
       Sources of Energy, Govt. of U.P or a person nominated by him. This reference shall be
       governed by the Indian Arbitration Act, 1996 and the rules made thereunder. The award
       in such arbitration shall be final and binding on both the parties. Work under the
       agreement shall be continuing during the arbitration proceedings unless the NEDA or the
       arbitrator directs otherwise.

3.9    NEDA may at any time by notice in writing to the contractor either stop the work all
       together or reduce or cut it down. If the work is stopped all together, the contractor will
       only be paid for work done and expenses distinctly incurred by him as on preparation or
       the execution of the work up to the date on which such notice is received by him. Such
       expenses shall be assessed by NEDA, whose decision shall be final and binding on the
       contractor. If the work is cut down the contractor will not be paid any compensation what
       so ever for the loss or profit which he might have made if he had been allowed to
       complete all the work included in the contract.


3.10.1 The NEDA, his dully authorized representative shall be at all reasonable time access to
       the suppliers premises are works and shall have the power at all reasonable times to
       inspect and examine the material and workmanship of the works during its manufacture.

3.10.2 The system supplied shall be guaranteed by the contractor for a minimum period of one
        year in regard of quality of material, workmanship, performance. Further, the supplier
        has to ensure after sale service thereafter. The defect developed in system within the
        guarantee period shall be rectified by the contractor promptly, free of cost. In case the
        defects are not rectified within 15 days or the receipt of the complain by the contractor.
        NEDA shall have full liberty to carry out such repairs as may be necessary to restore the
        systems in working conditions. The expenditure so incurred by NEDA shall be deducted
        from contractors pending claim, security( EMD) etc. are may be recovered by any lawful
        manner. NEDA also reserves the full rights to waive off the inspection of the material.
3.10.3 If the performance/output of the system supplied is found less than, as mentioned in the
        contract. The contractor shall make provision/extra arrangement to meet out the
        designed performance/output. No extra charges shall be payable to contractor for this
        work. Requisite facilities for testing of the system shall be provided by the contractor
        free of charges.

3.10.4 Notice statement and other communication send by NEDA through registered post or
       telegram or fax to the contractor at his specified addresses shall be deemed to have been
       delivered to the contractor.

3.11. WARANTY:

3.11.1The supplier shall warrant as per standards for quality that any thing to be furnished shall
       be free from all defect and faults in material, workmanship and manufacture shall be the
       highest grade and consistent with established and generally accepted standards for
       material of the type ordered, shall be in full conformity with the specifications drawing or
       samples, and shall if operable, operate properly.

3.11.2 Performance of equipment in addition to the warranty as already provided the supplier
       shall guarantee satisfactory performance of the equipment and shall be responsible for the
       period or up to the date specified in sub clause 3.11.3. hereof after the equipment has
       been accepted by the NEDA to the extent for any defects that may develop such defects
       shall be removed at his own cost when called upon to do so by the NEDA.

3.11.3The warranty period shall be five years for reflecting sheet and one year for complete
       system from the date of supply of system. Defect develop in the system within warranty
       period shall be rectified within 15 days of the receipt of the complaint by the contractor.
       NEDA shall have full liberty to restore the system in working condition. The expenditure
       so incurred by NEDA shall be deducted from the contractor pending claims, security
       deposit or in other lawful manner.

3.11.4The warranty card shall be supplied with the system containing the sl.no. of solar cooker
       and details of accessories. The full name and address of contact person for after sale
       service and warranty obligation must also be stated on the warranty card. A copy of
       warranty card will also be provided to NEDA.

3.11.5The contractor shall provide one copy of instruction manual for assembling solar cooker,
       routine maintenance manual with each system supplied or install, preferably in Hindi.


3.12.1 The tenderer shall indemnify the NEDA against all third party claims of Infringement of
       patent" royalties" trademark or industrial design rights arising from use to the goods or
       any part thereof


3.13.1 Contractors wherever applicable shall after proper painting pack and crate all equipment
       in such manner as to protect them from deterioration and damage during rail and road
       transportation to the site and storage at the site till time of installation. The contractor
       shall be held responsible for all damage due to improper packing.

3.13.2 The contractor shall inform the NEDA project office of the date of each shipment from his
       works" and the expected date of arrival at the site.


3.14.1 All demurrage, wharf age and other expenses incurred due to delayed clearance of the
       material or any other reason shall be to the account of the contractor.


3.15.1 The goods supplied under the contract shall be fully insured against loss or damage
       incidental to manufacturer acquisition or transportation and shall be born by the
       contractor, included in the bid price.


3.16.1 The tenderer is required under the contract to deliver the goods to the site.


3.17.1 NEDA may at any time terminate the contract by giving written notice to the contractor
       without compensation to the contractor, if it becomes bankrupt or otherwise insolvent,

       provided that such termination will not prejudice or affect any right of action or remedy,
       which has accrued or will accrue there after to the NEDA.


3.18.1 The NEDA, may by written notice sent to the supplier, terminate the contract, in whole or
       in part at any time for its convenience. The notice of termination shall specify that
       termination is for the purchaser's convenience in the interest of NEDA.


3.19.1 The law of the purchaser's country i.e. India shall apply to the contract The station of
       NEDA Headquarter Lucknow shall have exclusive jurisdiction in all matters arising
       under this contract.

3.20   NOTICE

3.20.1 Any notice given by one party to the other pursuant to the contract shall be sent in
       writing or by telegram or telex! cable and confirmed in writing to the address specified
       for that purpose in the special condition of contract. A notice shall be effective when
       dispatched or on the notice's effective date, which ever is later.


3.21.1 The price quoted should include all taxes and duties, custom duty, excise duty, service
       tax, C. S. T. local taxes, Trade tax, Income Tax, Surcharge on income tax etc. if any. A
       supplier /contractor shall be entirely responsible for all taxes, duties, licence fees etc. All
       taxes payable as per Government income tax & service tax norms will be payable by the
       contractor. If any news tax/duty is levied during the contract period the same will be
       borne by the firm exclusively. TDS will be deducted from the payment of the contractor
       as per the prevalent laws and rules of Government of India and Government of U.P. in
       this regard.

3.22   PAYMENT

3.22.1 The payments shall be made as per the following terms and conditions:

3.22.2 Total 90% payment of the system cost shall be released after supply of the system           on
       verification by NEDA.

3.22.3 10% payment of the system cost shall be released after successful completion of one year
       of warranty period. from the date of supply of the system.

                                                               (SIGNATURE OF TENDERER)
                                                                      WITH SEAL

                                            PART 4

                             SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF TENDER

1.     No page of the tender shall be removed and the entire set must be submitted and
       noncompliance of it shall result in the rejection of tender
.2     All entries by the tenderer should be in single ink and should be written legibly.
 3.    The tenderer should take into account all fluctuations of the market, as no claim shall be
       entertained on this ground during the validity of the tender and during the period of
4.     Incomplete/ irrelevant/conditional or unsigned tender, are likable to be rejected.
5.     All work shall be executed strictly in accordance with the general technical
       specifications of NEDA.
6.     NEDA shall not be responsible for supply of any material.
7.     The contractor will have to make his own arrangements for tools and equipments for all
       the works.
8.     The work shall be carried out on turnkey basis. All the arrangement for site clearance,
       marking layout proper approach, the contractor at his own cost shall carry out camp and
       labour establishment.
9.     After completion of the turnkey job, the contractor shall thoroughly clean the site and its
       surroundings to the satisfaction of NEDA.
10.    The contractor shall take suitable steps to protect adjacent equipments, buildings and
       other property private or public, at the site of work, and shall clean the site and repair in
       damage at his own cost.
11.    The tenderers should fill in all blank spaces in this tender document, to be filled in by
       them. Tenders are liable to be rejected if this is not complied with.
12.    The past performance of the firms with NEDA, will be a major criteria in deciding the

                                                               (SIGNATURE OF TENDERER)

                                                                          WITH SEAL

                                         PART 5

                                    SCOPE OF THE WORK

1.   Supply of complete solar cooker with complete accessories at district head office.(Office
     of Project Officer, NEDA or at any designated place by NEDA).

2.   Training of the staff of NEDA is to provided for installation, effective operation and
     maintenance of the system.

3.   The warranty period shall be five years for reflecting sheet and one year for   complete
     system from the date of supply of the system.

                                                              SIGNATURE OF TENDERER
                                                                    WITH SEAL


                               TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

1.    REFLECTING BOWL- Parabolic dish made of single/multiple reflectors fixed firmly
      to a rigid frame. The size and shape of the reflectors will be such that when joined/ fixed
      they automatically form a perfect parabolic dish.

2.    DISH DIAMETER- 1.4m minimum.

3.    MATERIAL OF REFLECTOR- Bright anodized aluminum sheets of thickness
      0.4mm/Glass mirrors, of thickness 3mm with protective layers on back surface to
      minimize the weathering effect.

4.    REFLECTIVITY- 80% with a maximum degradation of 10% in five years.

5.    USEFUL LIFE- 5 years minimum.

6.    SIZE OF FOCAL SPOT- It will be a size so that all the reflected rays are exactly
      focused at the bottom of the vessel (5 ltr pressure cooker for 1.4 m dia Dish. For larger
      dish it may be proportionately larger.)

7.    FOCAL LENGTH- 1/5TH of dish dia(0.28m for a dish of 1.4 m dia)

8.    BOWL SUPPORTING FRAME- The supporting frame of the reflecting bowl will be
      made of MS rings supported by MS strips or FRP material/thick MS wire-mesh structure.
      It will be rigid enough to avoid any deformation of the bowl shape during manual
      handing or wind pressure. The MS structure will have epoxy/anti rust coating.

9.    BOWL STAND- of mild steel, epoxy/powder coated, with arrangement to hold cooking
      vessels of, different sizes, with suitable provision for securing the cooker to the ground.

10.   TRACKING MECHANISM- Manual, Designed to enable unrestricted 360 degree
      rotation of parabolic dish around its horizontal axis passing through its focal point and

      center of gravity and also around its vertical axis for adjustment of the cooker in the
      direction of the sun. With simple locking arrangement to hold/fix the bowl at a particular
      position. With pointer /other arrangement to facilitate users positioning of the bowl
      exactly in the direction of the sun.

11.   COOKING VESSEL- ISI mark pressure cooker of 5 liter capacity with high temp.
      resistant black powder coating bottom.

12.   OTHER REQUIREMENTS- The entire structure should be able to with stand, wind
      speed of 60 km ph without any damage. All parts/components should be of weather
      resistant design specifications to withstand natural weathering out doors under local
      climatic conditions for a minimum period of 15 years(except for the reflecting mirrors
      which may require replacement every five years.) The cooker will be supplied with
      accessories like cap, gloves, goggles, manual for its installation and proper use and tool
      kit for installation. The supplier will give one year warranty of the cooker where in he
      will provide free services for repair/replacement of parts.

                                                          (SIGNATURE OF TENDERER)
                                                                WITH SEAL


                                     FINANCIAL BID
As per technical specifications specified in Part-6 and scope of work specified in part- 5 of the
tender document.

                Description                                 Total Rate (including FOR)
                                                                  per cooker (Rs)
Supply of parabolic dish solar cooker (SK-
14) at site, with one year warranty of
complete system including all accessories
mentioned in Technical specifications.

NOTE- Price quoted should include all taxes and duties, custom duty, excise duty, trade tax,
     CST, Local taxes, Income tax, surcharges on income tax etc. if any.

                                                      (Signature of Tenderer)
                                                             with seal


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