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http://students.guildhall.smu.edu/c6/22561361/index.php                       cjones@smu.edu

Unannounced Title, SpiderMonk Entertainment                         January 2007 – March 2007
Software Engineer (internship)
 Primary developer of game prototype demonstrating engine functionality
 Developed test environments for new engine features
 Added functionality to procedurally generated textured spheres, frustums, and capsules
 Integrated simple shape creation functionality into engine framework
 Designed and developed GUI system with buttons, labels, list boxes, combo boxes, check
    boxes, and sliders

Haunted, The Guildhall at SMU                                                April 2007 – Present
Lead Programmer (faculty selected)
 Half Life 2 Single player project, 14 person team (4 programmers)
 Added unique health bar, graphical ammo count, and animated power charge HUD elements
 Created material based special effect that modulated the color of a texture based on exposure
   to light
 Removed dependence on highly integrated component (HEV)
 Facilitated communication between programmers and other disciplines

Faithful, The Guildhall at SMU                                     July 2006 – September 2006
Lead Programmer (team selected)
 Unreal Tournament 2004 eight player project, 9 person team (2 programmers)
 Implemented proximity bonus system with four unique bonuses
 Added collection and return mechanic for level designer placed resources
 Developed model change based on player selected class

Mathmatron, The Guildhall at SMU                                     January 2006 – March 2006
Sole Programmer
 Win32 based 2D educational space shooter
 Highly customizable difficulty, from single digit addition to multi-digit division
 Smart problem selection which had a higher chance of re-picking difficult problems
 Selected by faculty for Guildhall exhibition

Multithreaded D3D Engine                                    September 2006 – December 2006
Sole Programmer
 Developed a producer/consumer architecture with non-blocking FIFO
 Featured asynchronous asset loading with generic placeholders
 Used frame storage to store viewport and procedural texture information
 Built an integrated multithreaded profiler
 Created profile visualization tool using C# and XNA

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http://students.guildhall.smu.edu/c6/22561361/index.php                    cjones@smu.edu

UDP Network Library                                          September 2006 – December 2006
Sole Programmer
 Implemented packet sequencing
 Enforced packet reliability
 Simple network visualization with through line graph
 Created a simple four player top down shooter using the library

Dual API 3D Engine                                                 April 2006 – December 2006
Sole Programmer
 DirectX and OpenGL equally supported
 Developed skinned skeletal animation system with quaternion based rotation
 Implemented HLSL and assembly shader support
 Featured runtime shader editing modifiable at runtime
 Created bump map shaders in both HLSL and assembly
 Developed chunk based LOD terrain system
 Created a cloth simulation using relaxed constraints and Verlet integration

Custom Scripting Language                                     October 2006 – November 2006
Sole Programmer
 Created script language that used C like syntax
 Build in support for strings and vector like containers
 Implemented lexical analyzer, parser, and virtual machine

The Guildhall at SMU                                                         September 2007
Master of Interactive Technology Specializing in Software Development
Current GPA: 3.946

Fort Lewis College                                                           December 2001
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics
GPA: 3.93

Languages: C++, Java, x86 Assembly, SQL, HTML, ASP, HLSL, PHP
APIs: DirectX, OpenGL, Winsock 2.0, UDP, FMOD Sound System 4.0
Engines: Half-Life 2, Unreal Tournament 2004, Quake 3
Applications: Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Office 2003, 3D Studio Max 8, Hammer,
Adobe Photoshop CS2
OS: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows 95/2000/XP

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