19002Certificate III Software Applications

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					         19002 Certificate III Software Applications
                 Course Version 3 - last updated 25 Dec 2009

                 Student's Name:
Unit Code        Unit Name                                                          Done   Current   Next   Signed off
                 Foundation Modules - All must be complete
BSBCMN106A       Follow workplace safety procedures                                  o       o        o
ICAD2012B        Design organisational documents using computing packages            o       o        o
ICAU1128B        Operate a personal computer                                         o       o        o
ICAU2005B        Operate computer hardware                                           o       o        o
ICAU2006B        Operate computing packages                                          o       o        o
ICAU2013B        Integrate commercial computing packages                             o       o        o
ICAU2231B        Use computer operating system                                       o       o        o
ICAW2001B        Work effectively in an IT environment                               o       o        o
ICAW2002B        Communicate in the workplace                                        o       o        o
                 Common Core - All must be complete
ICAD3218B        Create user documentation                                           o       o        o
ICAI3020B        Install and optimise operating system software                      o       o        o
ICAS3031B        Provide advice to clients                                           o       o        o
ICAS3234B        Care for computer hardware                                          o       o        o
ICAT3025B        Run standard diagnostic tests                                       o       o        o
ICAU3004B        Apply occupational health and safety procedures                     o       o        o

                 Specialist Core Stream (Applications) - All must be complete
ICAI3110C        Implement system software changes                                   o       o        o
ICAU3019B        Migrate to new technology                                           o       o        o
ICAU3028B        Customise packaged software applications for clients                o       o        o
ICAU3126B        Use advanced features of computer applications                      o       o        o
Electives        All subgroups to be completed - at least 4 units
                 Sub group 1 - At least 2 units

ICAB3018B        Develop macros and templates for clients using standard products    o       o        o
ICAB4135B        Create a simple mark-up language document to specification          o       o        o
ICAB4169B        Use development software and IT tools to build a basic website      o       o        o
ICAB4225B        Automate processes                                                  o       o        o
ICAD4190B        Maintain information standards                                      o       o        o
ICAD4217B        Create technical documentation                                      o       o        o
ICAI3021B        Connect internal hardware components                                o       o        o
ICAI3101B        Install and manage network protocols                                o       o        o
ICAI4029C        Install network hardware to a network                               o       o        o
ICAI4030B        Install software to networked computers                             o       o        o
ICAI4097C        Install and configure a network                                     o       o        o
ICAS3024B        Provide basic system administration                                 o       o        o
ICAS3032B        Provide network systems administration                              o       o        o
ICAS3034B        Determine and action network problems                               o       o        o
ICAS3115B        Maintain equipment and software in working order                    o       o        o
ICAS3120C        Configure and administer a network operating system                 o       o        o
ICAS3121B        Administer network peripherals                                      o       o        o
ICAT4185B        Create a website testing procedure                                  o       o        o
ICAU4207B        Apply web authoring tool to convert client data for websites        o       o        o
ICTCC330A        Manage customer relations                                           o       o        o

                 Sub group 2 - Not more than 2 units
BSBWOR301A       Organise personal work priorities and development                   o       o        o
ICAA4041C        Determine and confirm client business expectations and needs        o       o        o
ICAD4043B        Develop and present a feasibility report                            o       o        o
ICPMM321B        Capture a digital image                                             o       o        o
ICPMM322B        Edit a digital image                                                o       o        o

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