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Ten Ways the IRS Can Help You in Person


Come On Over! Ten Ways the IRS Can Help You in Person

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									 IRS Tax Tips                                                                               March 19, 2010

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Help For Hurricane Victims
                               Come On Over! Ten Ways the IRS Can Help You in
                             Taxpayer Assistance Centers allow taxpayers to access good old-fashioned face-to-
News Essentials              face assistance from the Internal Revenue Service. No Recorded menus. No hold
What's Hot
                             Here are 10 reasons visiting an IRS TAC may be a great way for you to get
News Releases                assistance.

                                 1.   Face-to-Face Assistance No appointment is necessary – just walk in.
IRS - The Basics
                                      However, we may schedule you for a subsequent day appointment when you
                                      visit our office. If your circumstances require an appointment, such as for an
IRS Guidance                          ongoing tax account problem, you may call a local phone number and leave
                                      a message on our recorded system. We will return your call within two
Media Contacts                        business days to schedule an appointment for you for a future date, generally
                                      within five business days. Phone numbers are on the IRS Web site, and in
                                      local directories under U.S. Government.
Facts & Figures                  2.   Multilingual Assistance If someone you know does not speak English, don’t
                                      let a language barrier prevent them from getting the face-to-face tax
Problem Alerts                        assistance they need. Multilingual services are offered to taxpayers in over
                                      150 languages at IRS TACs. These services are provided through bilingual
                                      employees and an over-the-phone interpreter.
Around The Nation                3.   Free Federal Tax Return Preparation Your local TAC will prepare basic tax
                                      returns for those who qualify for EITC or those whose income is less than
e-News Subscriptions                  $49,000.
                                 4.   Form 2290, Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return Your local TAC can
                                      help you prepare Form 2290, accept your payment, and provide the needed
                                      receipts for you to take when registering your vehicle.
                                 5.   Individual Taxpayer Identification Number If you are not eligible for a
                                      Social Security Number but need to file a tax return, bring the completed tax
The Newsroom                          return, Form W-7, Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification
Topics                                Number and certified identification documents to your local TAC to apply for
                                      your ITIN and file your return. For more information, see Publication 519,
                                      U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens.
Electronic IRS Press Kit         6.   Alien Clearances Before leaving the United States, most aliens must obtain
                                      a certificate of tax compliance. This document, also known as the sailing
Tax Tips 2009                         permit or departure permit, must be secured from the IRS before leaving the
                                      U.S. You can get the permit from your local TAC. For more information, see
                                      Publication 513, Tax Information for Visitors to the United States.
Radio PSAs
                                 7.   Payments You can make payments at an IRS TAC. Be sure you know the
                                      tax period and type of tax the payment covers. If you received a notice from
                                      the IRS, be sure to bring it with you.
Fact Sheets                                   8.  Tax Forms Most IRS forms and many publications are available at your local
                                              9. Tax Return and Tax Account Transcripts If you need a copy of your tax
Armed Forces                                      return for financial aid or to obtain a mortgage, a tax return or tax account
                                                  transcript will generally meet the requirements of these lending institutions.
Disaster Relief                                   Visit a TAC for free transcripts, which are generally available for the current
                                                  and past three years.
                                              10. Current Year Tax Law Issues To receive assistance in determining how the
Scams / Consumer Alerts
                                                  tax law applies to you, such as the new First Time Homebuyer Credit, visit
                                                  your local TAC.
Tax Shelters
                                         TAC locations, business hours and an overview of services are available at
More Topics..                            Just go to the Individuals tab and click on the link for Contact My Local Office in the
                                         left tool bar section under IRS Resources.

IRS Resources                            Links:

Compliance & Enforcement                           Contact My Local Office
                                                   Publication 513, Tax Information for Visitors to the United States
Contact My Local Office                            Form 2290, Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return
                                                   Form W-7, Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
e-file                                             Publication 519, U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens
                                                   Tax Information for Individuals
Forms & Pubs                                       The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: Information Center

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