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									Measuring Social Media Effectively
Tactics for monitoring, measuring and analyzing
social media campaigns

                                          Wednesday – July 22, 2009
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Who Is EyeTraffic Media?

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Today’s Social Media Marketing Webinar Discussion

  1) The State of Social Media Online

  2) The Power of Influence & Identifying Influencers

  3) Understanding Social Velocity

  4) The ROI (…or “ROP”) of Social Media

  5) Measuring Social Media Marketing For Success

  6) Recap and Q&A

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Five Trends for 2009

1. Brands’ target audiences are on social networks – There will be an estimated
   44% more social network users in 2013 than in 2008*

2. Brands need to keep information fresh – In order to keep users engaged,
   brands must ensure to keep their content fresh and updated*

3. Other types of social networks will emerge – Viewers will continue to look
   for networks that enable them to share and spread information*

4. Explore the impact of social networks on shopping – Consumers are
   increasingly relying on social networks to get product related information;
   brands must link this to the purchase process*

5. Two-way conversation – The old model of the one-way conversation is over.
   Users want to be part of the dialogue, so make sure you’re listening

   *Source: eMarketer: Social Networks Five Consumer Trends for 2009 February 2009

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What Does This Mean for You?

   • Word of Mouth will always be the best form of advertising for
   your organization

   • Friends will always take advice from friends (trust)

   • But with Social Media, the definition of “Friends” has changed

   • It’s not a question of if but when you will join the conversation

   • More importantly, how will you be able to determine if social
   media has been effective

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Regular Members

Best Members


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Identify Personas

    •     The success of your viral campaign will depend greatly on
          how well you have researched the marketplace and analyzed
          your target demographic
    •     Creating customer personas allows you to determine one or
          more key target groups into a simple demographic profile

              Characteristics   Persona 1   Persona 2     Persona 3


        Zip Code


        Education Level

        Internet Usage




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Whose Word of Mouth Matters?

            *Source: eMarketer: Whose Word-of-Mouth Matters? June 2009
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Understanding Social Velocity

   Social Velocity is a formula methodology that describes
   exponential growth and predicts the organic virility of content.

   Social Velocity is controlled by four primary variables: The 4Cs
   Content, Connections, Community and Conversions

                                                   Social Velocity
                                                   (Viral Growth)


                             AD SPEND
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Example: Social Velocity

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Some Critical Considerations

  1. Your brand no longer belongs to you

  2. If you don’t control the conversation – someone else will

  3. If you can’t control the conversation – you must at least become
     an authentic part of it

  4. A little bad pushes out tons of good

  5. Talking to existing audiences/members in MUCH more valuable
     than trying to solicit new ones

  6. Value exchange is critical for engagement

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How Can You Measure Social Media Effectively?

              (R O P )

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Is ROP Important

   Consider it this way…

    Think about all of the people in your life including friends
    and family. How much would you be willing to pay to
    keep them in your life?

    When it comes to relationships, ROI is NOT the metric.

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What is the ROP in Social Media

    - Brand building

    - Relationship management

    - Service development

    - Reputation management

    - Audience interaction

    - Audience feedback

    - Customer support

    - Community building

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 Measuring Social Media
Marketing for ROP Success

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Advocacy Measurement

 What Is It?

 − Advocacy: “act or process of advocating or supporting a cause of
 − Advocates actively recommend products/services to others
 − Advocacy Measurement: processes used to measure the act of

 What Should I Measure?

 1. How often your product/service is recommended
 2. Number of times a survey about your product/service is
 3. What motivates people to become advocates for your
 4. What topics are advocates of your product/service discussing

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                  Creates awareness
                      Interactive Marketing Services
From unknown to
center stage!

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                            them an Services
                     GivesInteractive Marketing edge
It’s all about
interaction – when
and how they want.

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Helps build their personal brand
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                  150,142 and counting
                  real supporters… err

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Conversation Volume & Share

 What Is It?

 − Conversation Volume: measures overall amount of word of mouth a
   product/service receives within specific time period

 − WOM equivalent to Sales Volume

 − Conversation Share: looks at group of similar brands and the
   amount of conversation each has compared to the total amount

 What Can I Use To Measure?

 1. Syndicated Research (Research Firms, 3rd Parties, Etc.)
 2. Custom Research (Use own resources and advocates)

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Conversation Volume & Share: Diet Coke & Mentos Example

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Conversational Reach

 What Is It?

 − Enables an understanding of how far a given marketing message

 − Provides marketer with opportunity to determine other outcome
   based metrics (sales, awareness, etc.) to wider population

 − Referring to number of people who’ve been exposed to a social
   media brand related message through peer-to-peer connections

 Why Important?

 1. Utilize Power of Influence
 2. Enjoy benefits of Viral Cycle & Total Referability

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Conversational Reach: Total Referability
 Total Referability: Sum of all referrals that come from an initial

 For Example:

Consumer 1 referred 2 people

1 of those 2 people was Consumer 2 who referred 5 people

Consumer 1’s Total Referability = 2 + 5 = 7

Important to monitor each level to determine best advocates

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Online Methods For Quantifying Conversation Reach

 1. URL Analytics Tracking of Website Visitors

 2.   Email Analytics Tracking

 3. Refer-A-Friend/Send-To-A Friend Tracking Platform

 4. Blog Reader Surveying

 5. Generational Conversation Validation & Tracking Platform

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What To Consider When Measuring

 − WHO: Personas of Participants (Demo & Psychographics, Credibility)

 − HOW: The “Action” (Social Velocity, Conversation Volume & Share)

 − WHAT: The “Item” (Timeliness, Clarity, Depth)

 − WHERE: Location (Reach, Awareness, Audience)

 − RESULTS: Key Performance Indicators (Goals, ROP)

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Final Measurement Points To Remember

   •   Traffic to site can be measured by referral sites, organic
       listings, etc.

   •   Amount of conversation threads – number of comments
       you receive

   •   Overall brand image - if one month they slam your
       brand, and the next they are singing your praises, that
       is a success

   •   Amount of times something is shared with other people

   •   Using analytics, set up goals to track conversions
       through KPI paths

   •   Number of inbound links to a page or site – which can
       subsequently affect your natural search rankings

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Helpful Tool # 1: Twitalyzer

  Unique tool to evaluate the activity of any Twitter user and report
   on relative influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity,
   clout, and other useful measures of success in social media.


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Helpful Tool # 2: Facebook Grader

  Helps you measure the power and reach of your Facebook user
   account or business page


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Questions & Answers
Final Thoughts on Social Media
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