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									CBO Social Media Learning
   Network Webinars

Angelia Salas and Elyse Walter
Michigan Community Service Commission

Gayle Brock, YMCA of the USA
       CBO social media grantee:
Michigan Community Service Commission

     Contact information:
     Angelia Salas          Elyse Walter
     salasa@michigan.gov verberkmoese@michigan.gov
     517-335-3407           517-241-0063
                 CBO Social Media
             Learning Network Webinar
               Michigan Commission
•   The Michigan Commission plans to reinvigorate their Service-Learning
    Youth Council. In 2008 the MCSC will partner with the LEAGUE Michigan,
    Michigan Campus Compact and Michigan's AmeriCorps program to provide
    a two-day service and leadership camp. The new model will be an
    emerging leaders model in which the youth are provided a monthly online
    curriculum to develop and implement service-learning projects. Twenty
    teams of five students will attend the camp, commit to completing the
    online course requirements and participate in the annual Institute:
    Service-Learning and Civic Engagement. The MCSC will assign a local
    AmeriCorps member to serve as a coach for each of the teams.
•   Following the summer leadership camp, each team will be convened for a
    monthly webinar. They will use a social networking site modeled after the
    National LSA Youth Speakers Bureau Ning site to support these teams. To
    implement the projects each team will be eligible for implementation funds
    averaging $500 per team. They will be asked to find local matching funds
    and to design projects that mobilize additional youth volunteers.

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