Interactive and Social Media Initiatives by byt34827


									Office of Public Affairs
Interactive and Social Media Initiatives

UVA Today News Blog
A daily blog by the staff of UVA Today, focusing primarily on University news, UVA Today articles
and U.Va. links, videos and features from around the Web.

U.Va. Blogs Link Page
A one-stop clearinghouse for all U.Va. blogs. As more and more members of the University
faculty and staff start their own blogs, this will be the page that links to all of them. Current
popular blogs include the UVA Admission blog ("Notes From Peabody") and Dean Bruner's
Darden blog. 17 U.Va. blogs and growing...

Semester At Sea Blog
An event-specific blog written by Mary Carlson during this summer's Semester At Sea Voyage. In
a little over a month, it has received 13,000 page views and a fairly robust group of regular
readers and "commenters."

Public Affairs set up a "Fans of Jack Blackburn" group on Facebook, and in three weeks, the
"group" has 112 members. Because Facebook is organized by school affiliation, it's an especially
useful took for communicating with the U.Va. community.

YouTube Channel
This is still in its testing phase by the Web Communications group, but the U.Va. YouTube
channel has 19 videos online, ranging from commencement and finals speeches, to admissions
tour videos and U.Va. TV spots. The Finals Procession video received 6,700 views.

Headlines @ U.Va.
A daily email sent to over 3,200 subscribers, compiling general news about The University, UVA
Today stories, faculty and alumni in the news and links to U.Va. mentions in the media.

U.Va. Podcasts
Lectures and speeches around U.Va. in downloadable podcasts.

U.Va. Mobile RSS Feed
RSS news feed of UVA Today stories, Headlines @ U.Va., and news and events.

UVA Today Video Page
A page dedicated to hosting all the exclusive video features created for UVA Today. Currently has
60 videos.

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