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					                 Not-for-profit organisation Bright One launches Pressitt

                                    Social Media Newsroom
21st July 2009

Pressitt, the Social Media News Release (SMNR) service today confirms the completion of a Social
Media Newsroom and Social Media News Release template, which has been donated to Bright One,
the volunteer-run communications agency for the Third Sector.
A not-for-profit organisation, all of Bright One’s generated income goes to help grow the
organisation or to subsidise Third Sector organisations with low levels of income so that they can
benefit from Bright One’s services. Pressitt was eager to assist by developing a tailored Social Media
Newsroom and Social Media News Release template, which will help Bright One to create, distribute
and promote its news via the Pressitt platform.
Pressitt allows Bright One to make its news announcements more ‘social’ through social
bookmarking, commenting functionality and Web 2.0 shareable features. In addition, Pressitt
releases are search-engine friendly so that they will be visible in search results for relevant
Following the success of the Bright One partnership, Pressitt is also offering to build Social Media
newsrooms free of charge for all charitable organisations, with reduced hosting fees. For further
information or to discuss your requirement please visit:
The Pressitt service has been designed with journalists and bloggers in mind, to make the process of
gathering information for a story as simple as possible. A Pressitt release contains all of the core
information found in a traditional press release but it is presented in a more digestible format with
supporting audio, images, video clips and downloadable presentations or PDFs, ensuring all story
assets are saved in one central online place.
The beta version of Pressitt is open to all and free to use. Newsroom and SMNR templates carry a
small development charge and further information on these additional services can be viewed here:
Ben Matthews, Founder of Bright One, says: "We are delighted to be working with Pressitt on the
Bright One Social Media Newsroom, which will give us a chance to showcase the great work that our
volunteers are up to but more importantly to raise awareness of our clients’ campaigns and
the initiatives they are promoting to help the lives of others. The nature of public relations has
rapidly changed in recent years and the tool of the traditional press release has had to change with
it. The Social Media Newsroom demonstrates this and we look forward to getting our clients’ news
out there by using the latest social media tools and engaging with our audiences on a wide range of
social media platforms."

Lloyd Gofton, director of Liberate Media and Pressitt, says: “Since Pressitt’s launch earlier this year,
there has been a great deal of interest in our original approach to social media news distribution
from a range of sectors including the Government, international brands and charities. We are eager
to support brilliant and innovative organisations such as Bright One in the great work they do and a
complete Pressitt toolkit seemed the best way we could help the team to support their clients.

“At Pressitt we’re committed to assisting our partners in communicating in the most useful and
relevant way with their communities. We are already engaging with a whole host of organisations to
deliver tailored responses to their social media news challenges and have seen at first hand the
continued growth and understanding of the social media news environment.”
The SMNR was pioneered by Todd Defren of Shift Communications in May 2006, who developed the
first template and still remains an authority on the subject.


Notes to Editors

Press contacts:
Lloyd Gofton
Liberate Media / Pressitt
Tel: 07919 353484

About Pressitt
Pressitt is a Social Media News Release (SMNR) service, provided by digital PR and social media
consultancy Liberate Media and web development company Best Served Cold.
Pressitt allows you to create your own social media news release (SMNR) - also known as a social
media press release (SMPR) or social media release (SMR) and publish it to an online community of
journalists, the blogosphere and the general public.
Many journalists use the Internet as their primary research source when compiling a story. Pressitt
SMNRs are designed primarily with journalists and bloggers in mind. A Pressitt SMPR encapsulates all
the information, multimedia and images needed to prepare a story, and offers contact details for
more information, all without the usual PR fluff.
Through Pressitt, you can create news that is truly ‘social', as well as enhance your SMNR with
images and video clips. You can also add relevant links, upload PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, or
whatever you need to get your message across.
Once published, Pressitt allows your news to be bookmarked, commented on, and shared.
For further information, please visit: