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									 Liven Up Your Talent
 Acquisition Strategies
  With Social Media
          MiHR | Explore for More
CIM Conference, Toronto, Canada | 13 May 2009

                   Version 0.5 | 26 May 2009
•   Brands & Employment Value Propositions of mining
    sector firms are perceived negatively

•   Competitive labour market is generally not aware of the
    diversity of mining careers

    •   Jobs requiring unique skills & experiences are not filled

•   Traditional means of generating awareness to attract
    candidates do not match how youth are using the Web to
    learn about careers and research job opportunities

•   Global economic downturn

• Complement & enhance traditional brand
  awareness and recruiting programs using
  social media to reach and engage
•   Where to begin?        •   Lack of executive
                               support (CLM project)
•   ‘Spokesperson model’
    vs. ‘Join the          •   Nothing wrong with the
    Conversation’              current ways of doing
•   Transparency??
    Authenticity??         •   No resources

•   ROI                    •   Legal & IT have concerns
         Social Media
“. . . are primarily Internet- and mobile-based
tools for sharing and discussing information
among human beings. . . refers to activities that
integrate technology, telecommunications and
social interaction, and the construction of words,
pictures, videos and audio. This interaction, and
the manner in which information is presented,
depends on the varied perspectives and “building”
of shared meaning among communities, as people
share their stories and experiences.”
                           - As per Wikipedia, as at 20 November 2008
   A Major
• 133 million blog records indexed by
Technorati since 2002
• 7.4 million blogs posted in last 120 days
• 1.5 million blogs posted in last 7 days
• 900,000 blog posts in 24 hours
• 76,000 blogs with Technorati Authority
of 50+
           Source: State of the Blogosphere, Technorati, 2008
 People, not organizations,
control the new mediums of
 “. . . is a social trend in which
people use technologies to get
the things they need from each
       other instead of from
                 - Li & Bernoff, Groundswell, 2008
     Social Media Ground Rules
     1. Communications in the form of
     conversation, not monologue.
     2. Participants in social media are people, not
     3. Honesty and transparency are core values.
     4. It’s about pull, not push.
     5. Distribution instead of centralization.

Source: Dion Hinchcliffe,
 Who uses the Social

• Professionals
• Well-educated
• Millennials (born 1982-2001)
 Who’s online?
What do they do?
‘Spectators’ - e.g. read blogs
• 69% of online 18-24 year olds
• 62% of online 25-34 year olds
‘Joiners’ - e.g. in social networks
• 67% of online 18-24 year olds
• 57% of online 25-34 year olds

 Source: Data from Forrester Research Technographics® surveys, 2008. For further details on the Social Technographics profile, see
                     Current State
        •   Brand & Employment Value Proposition (EVP) messages
            being delivered using static web sites

            •   connected to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

        •   Use of online job boards

Mostly ‘pushing out’ information with systems to manage the recruitment process
“It’s not only about jobs
 - it’s about figuring out
    ‘where do I fit in’”

                                 - Miodrag Perin
              Director, Bertelsmann HR Services
  Future State
   ‘Millennial-centric’ for an
excellent candidate experience
          Go where they are
•   Strategy: Engage with
    candidates where they may
    spend time online

•   Tactics: e.g. create a
    Facebook Page

•   Goal: Promote real-world
    recruiting events, answer

•   Results: Connect to &
    engage with a network of
       Tap into networks,
     amplify word of mouth
•   Strategy: Engaging your candidates
    to ‘spread the word’ among their

•   Tactics: Provide opportunities for
    candidates to be centres of influence,
    recirculating positive information to
    their own networks

•   Goal: Positive information about job/
    career/company is quickly & widely

•   Results: More qualified,
    interested & motivated candidates
        ‘Personalize’ the jobs,
         careers & company
•   Strategy: Show the people behind
    the job/career/company

•   Tactics: Provide touch points for a
    candidate to connect with the people
    (employees) representing the
    organization (company) e.g. video
    clips as Realistic Job Previews

•   Goal: Job/career/company is a better
    fit, confirmed via authentic

•   Results: More qualified,
    interested & motivated candidates
            Be a magnanimous
•   Strategy: Connect with
    candidates via honest,
    transparent conversations
    demonstrating expertise &

•   Tactics: Participate in
    LinkedIn, industry blogs

•   Goal: Become and be
    recognized as an ‘expert’

•   Results: Increased reputation
    & visibility attracts candidates
You already are the
Need to learn how the
     tools work

• Who uses them
• Where are they
• What are they doing
 Social media is not a
new media channel, it’s
about the social taking
 root in all aspects of
 - 2009 Tribalization of Business Study
    Deloitte | Beeline Labs | SNCR
                                 Attract, find, discover

Communications                          Engage
  Social media is part of your
 communications mix in your
existing programs & processes            Offer
Case Study:
Create Your Own
     Bertelsmann AG
Latest links to jobs, videos,
       news, photos
  Authentic, original videos in
multiple languages about people,
companies and events across the
  Bertelsmann properties at a
YouTube channel.Video is reused
      at web site, blog, etc.
  Photos to blogs, web site, etc.
    are centralized at a Flickr
account. Features people, places,
 technology & products. Photos
are reused in blog, website, etc.
 A Bertelsmann Facebook Fan
Page makes it easy for visitors to
  check out jobs, videos, news,
     photos and enter into
LinkedIn & Xing
North American candidates are
   often found on LinkedIn
    however, the European
 community is on Xing where
they blog, engage in discussions.
   Rachel’s Blog
  Rachel is an intern traveling
    across Germany filming
Bertelsmann video testimonials.
 She chronicles her journey at
      her blog located at
                                                            Publish | Participate

                                                            Blog             Web

       Web                               Content            Share | Distribute

                                                              Listen | Manage

Source: Adapted from Clever Communications
Campaign Model, courtesy Chris Greenfield
     Parting Thoughts

• Understand that you are the expert
• Don’t ignore the opportunity
• Understand your audience
• Develop an integrated strategy
• “Be fearless!”
               Thank You
        Simon Chen | Ramius Corporation | |
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