Social Media Bootcamp

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					                                     Social Media Bootcamp
                                     Tools for Building an Engaged Online Community

Sites we like                         Social news ecosystem
See how these sites are using
social media
                                                         35 million unique visitors; 80 million out-
                                                         bound links per month; home page story
                                                         on Digg will send 20,000 to 200,000-plus
                                                         clicks.                                         Facebook Connect
                                                         Each story shared on Facebook is seen on
                                                         average by 40+ friends. Use Facebook
                                                         Connect as an authentication system to
Moms Charlotte:
                                                         lower barriers for users to comment.
The Local:                                               Google Friend Connect
Mashable                                                 Just launched in 2009, Google Friend Con-
                                                         nect has the same potential for a large
                                                         network effect. Use to show recent visitors.

                                      Facebook Groups and Fan Pages
                                      Facebook Groups are good for zeroing in on interests. Your organiza-
                                      tion can use a Facebook Group for promoting upcoming events or post-
                                      ing relevant topics that members would respond to.

                                      Facebook Fan Pages are generally a better choice. They have many
                                      more options for customization. A Fan Page has a wall and can have a
                                      discussion board, but it can also have much more, like Facebook appli-
                                      cations, Flash and html code. Unlike groups, fan pages are visible to un-
                                      registered people and are thus indexed by the search engines.

— JD Lasica,