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					                                                 Communications & Social
                                                 A Multidisciplinary Approach to 21st Century Health Challenges

T    he intricate challenges of our world
     demand innovative solutions to the
vast health issues our clients and their
                                                 Current Projects and Success Stories
                                                 Choose Respect, CDC
                                                 The purpose of this task order was to assist
                                                                                                radio, television, and print PSAs; cinema
                                                                                                promotional items including slide advertis-
                                                                                                ing; interactive website and community
constituents face. Communications                CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention    turnkey kits that included audience profiles,
ensures the delivery of a specific message       and Control (NCIPC) with the implementa-       recommended strategies, and a menu of
to a specific person with the intent of caus-    tion of a social norms communication           creative approaches. Due to the success
ing a specific action or influencing behavior.   initiative, Choose Respect, in two pilot       of the pilots, this campaign was launched
The media could be a conversation,               U.S. localities to address the prevention      nationally in May 2006 in partnership
speech, booklet, Web site, video, or public      of intimate partner violence among 11 to       with the Women’s National Basketball
service announcement, and generally              14 year olds. The project aimed to change      Association (WNBA).
imparts key health information.                  social norms so that any form of violence
                                                 between males and females is seen as
Social marketing is the application of
                                                 inappropriate. Components of this project
commercial marketing principles and tools
                                                 included developing materials, monitoring
to improve access to health products
                                                 and tracking, campaign implementation,
and services and to influence individual
                                                 project management and coordination,
behavior change. Constella Group’s
                                                 providing technical assistance and training,
strategy is centered on its “Total Market”
                                                 and conducting public relations and out-
approach: Mobilizing the resources and
                                                 reach activities. Constella formatively
competitiveness of the commercial sector,
                                                 tested and produced a wide variety of
the compassion and social focus of the non-
                                                 health communication and direct-to-con-
profit sector, and the policies and mandates
                                                 sumer materials for the Choose Respect
of the public sector to meet an important
                                                 campaign. These materials included video
public health objective.
                                                 and Internet-based educational materials;
Constella provides a unique perspective
to the needs of our clients and their target
audiences. Our team of experts designs,            Our Work Includes:
develops, plans, implements, and evaluates
                                                  •	 Behavior	Change	Communications             •	 Public-Private	Partnerships
strategic communications and marketing
programs that increase the acceptability of       •	 Health	Research	Writing	and	Editing        •	 Science	and	Medical	Writing	
social ideas, change social behavior, and
help clients understand more about 21st           •	 Public	Health	Awareness	Campaigns          •	 Risk	Communication
century health issues.
                                                  •	 Public	Health	Response	Centers             •	 Website	Development	and	Outreach
Communication for Behavior Change:                 Innovations in Family Planning                     Improved Pakistani Reproductive
Expanding Access to Private Sector                 Services-II Technical Assistance                   Health and Family Planning Services:
Health Products and Services in                    Project (ITAP)—India, USAID                        Key Social Marketing, USAID
Afghanistan (COMPRI-A) Project, USAID              Constella Futures provides technical               Under this program, Constella Futures
The focus of COMPRI-A is to improve the            assistance to the USAID Mission’s bilateral        works to increase the private sector’s
capacity of the private sector to provide          projects in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and          involvement in the provision of quality family
health products and services to the Afghan         Uttaranchal, and to the efforts of the Minis-      planning and reproductive health products
population. Constella Futures and its              try of Health and Family Welfare to establish      and services to maximize the public and
partners are working to enhance existing           a National Health Systems Resource                 donor resource base and help reach those
social marketing initiatives and generate          Centre. The main focus is to design,               in most need. Specifically, Constella
sustained behavior change around repro-            demonstrate, document, and disseminate             Futures is growing the overall contraceptive
ductive, maternal, and child health. The           public-private partnership (PPP) mecha-            market; fostering collaboration and healthy
COMPRI-A communications team is an                 nisms in order to increase demand for and          competition; providing sales, marketing,
active and major participant within the            access to quality family planning, reproduc-       distribution, and other technical support to
existing Ministry of Public Health IEC/BCC         tive health, and child health services. The        local organizations; and building their
taskforce and has developed skills and             ITAP team works closely with the Mission           capacity to create demand for and increase
strategic communication partners to                and counterparts in the Government of              acceptance of contraceptives.
communicate targeted and mass media                India and in all three states. Technical
communications effectively on both generic                                                            Throughout the life of the project, Constella
                                                   assistance includes data collection and
health and branded product messages.                                                                  Futures has focused on ensuring that men
                                                   analysis, documentation of best practices,
COMPRI-A currently supports the distribu-                                                             and women make informed decisions
                                                   design of PPP mechanisms, and
tion and promotion of condoms,                                                                        about, and have access to, affordable and
                                                   operations research.
contraceptive injectables, insecticide                                                                high-quality family planning and reproduc-
treated bed nets, safe water solution, oral        Constella Futures has developed and                tive health products and services. For
rehydration therapy, zinc, and clean home          implemented five innovative mechanisms             example, Constella Futures launched the
delivery kits. The ultimate goal is to estab-      throughout two of the key states on which          innovative Mohalla Sangat program—small
lish a local, Afghan-owned and managed             ITAP is focused—Uttar Pradesh and                  group meetings on family planning with
not-for-profit social marketing organization       Uttarakhand. As a result, public and private       married women of reproductive age from
that continues to support a private sector         organizations that might never have worked         a mohalla, or locality. At these sessions,
network of product promoters and distribu-         together are now successfully teaming.             which are conducted by Constella Futures-
tors. The COMPRI-A Project office is               The five mechanisms include a voucher              trained public health workers, participants
located in Kabul City; the project has a           system, social franchising, mobile health          can openly talk about family planning and
further physical presence in five regions—         vans, clinic-based NGO projects, and social        reproductive health, learn about contracep-
Nangarhar, Takhar, Balkh, Heart, and               marketing. For example, Constella Futures          tive options, and purchase contraceptives.
Kandahar—with these regions providing              is working with local governments to               In FY 2005 alone, the program reached
project coverage in 27 provinces. The popu-        provide health vouchers to poor families,          almost 70,000 women in mid-to-low
lation in the project area is approximately        who can redeem the vouchers at any partic-         income communities
24 million—more than three quarters of the         ipating hospital to receive free services
                                                                                                      For More Information
population of Afghanistan.                         such as prenatal care, childbirth, postnatal
                                                                                                      To learn more about Constella and our
                                                   care, and family planning services. The
                                                                                                      offerings, please contact:
                                                   hospitals, in turn, submit the vouchers to the
                                                   government for reimbursement. More than            Joan Robertson
                                                   20 hospitals are participating in the voucher      202.775.9680
                                                   program, with 30 expected to be onboard  
                                                   by the end of 2007.

                                                Enhancing human health around the world, every day.
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