Engaging Men to Prevent Sexual Violence Through Social

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					 Engaging Men to Prevent Sexual Violence Through Social Marketing
                                      Presentation for
                           Roots of Change: Men, Sex and Justice
                      34th National Conference on Men and Masculinity
     2nd Biennial Statewide Roots of Change Conference on Sexual Violence Prevention
                                Portland, OR, October, 2009

                                           David S. Lee, MPH
                               California Coalition Against Sexual Assault,

A copy of the materials and slides for these presentations is available at:

Recommended Resources:

Prevention Connection is a national on-line project to advance primary prevention of violence against
women. The following on-line activities are available at no cost.
   • Web Conferences on primary prevention topics
   • Prevent-Connect Listserv with over 1000 VAW prevention advocates
   • On-line Presentations, Podcasts, Wiki on prevention
Twtitter: @preventconnect
Blog: www.calcasa.org/prevention

Sexual Violence Prevention
By David Lee, Lydia Guy, Brad Perry, Chad Sniffen and Stacy Alamo Mixson, The Prevention
Researcher, Volume 14(2), April 2007

Sexual Violence and the Spectrum of Prevention: Towards a Community Solution
By Rachel Davis, Lisa Fujie Parks, and Larry Cohen of the Prevention Institute.
(A Publication from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center) July 2006.
 Engaging Men to Prevent Sexual Violence Through Social Marketing


Social Marketing Principles:

     Understand Primary Audience
     Define Desired Behavior
     Identify Benefits of Adopting Behavior
     Identify Barriers to Adopting Behavior / Competition
     Ease to Implement Behavior
     Communication Strategy
     Mobilize
     Create Social Norms

How Do People Change:

   •Enforcement
   •Education
   •Prevention & Marketing

Social Marketing is More than Posters and Commercials

Media Can:

     Provide clear consistent message
     Invite conversation
     Reinforce messages
     Create an environment that is conducive to change

Social Marketing Wiki http://socialmarketing.wetpaint.com/

What is Social Marketing? by Nedra Kline Weinreich
                    Social Marketing Principles
Primary audience

Desired Behavior

Benefits of
Adopting Behavior

Barriers to
Adopting Behavior
and Competition

Ease to Implement



Creating Social
 Engaging Men to Prevent Sexual Violence Through Social Marketing


Reasons for Male Involvement
(Partial list)
   • Feminist Values
   • Personal Connection
   • Men Working with Men
   • Nurture Healthy (non-violent) Boys
   • Men as Activists
   • Address Identity
   • Culturally Specific
   • Public Health
   • Men as Mentors
   • Men as Partners

Possible Approaches to Working with Men
  • Potential perpetrators
  • Potential victims
  • Potential support for survivors
  • Potential protectors
  • Potential Active Bystanders
  • Potential Partners / Allies
  • Potential Mentors

Elements of Working with Men
   • Gendered Analysis – linking dominant masculinity to domestic violence
     and sexual assault
   • Accountability
   • Empathy
   • Partnership
   • Intersections with oppressions (i.e. Heterosexualism / Homophobia,

Creative Interventions: http://www.creative-interventions.org/about.html
                      Engaging Men to Prevent Sexual Assault
                                   Resources: Partial List
Many of these resources will to direct you to more resources:

Family Violence Prevention Fund's "Toolkit for Working with Men and Boys"

XY Online from Michael Flood http://www.xyonline.net/

Men Can Stop Rape www.mencanstoprape.org

                   Campaign www.MyStregnth.org and www.MiFuerza.org

Prevention Connection Wiki Project “Engaging Men and Boys”

VAWnet “Involving & Working with Men”

Many Prevention Connection web conferences address these issues:

Engaging Men and Boys: A Dialogue on Changing Norms About Masculinity That Contribute to
Violence Against Women
features Men Can Stop Rape

Changing Social Norms About Masculinity: A Dialogue on Preventing Violence Against
Women http://www.preventconnect.org/display/displayTextItems.cfm?itemID=108&sectionID=248

Engaging Bystanders in Violence Against Women Prevention
features Mentors in Violence Prevention

What New Public Opinion Research Tells Us About Men’s Willingness to Support Efforts to
Prevent Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Features the Family Violence Prevention Fund