Developing a Social Marketing Campaign by byt34827


									              Developing a Social Marketing Campaign
Note: This material was excerpted from the YouthActionNet® Global Curriculum, developed by the International
Youth Foundation in partnership with the Compass Institute. Material may not be reprinted without gaining prior
written approval from the International Youth Foundation,

Step 1: Identify the Problem

What is the problem you seek to address?

Step 2: Set Goals and Objectives

What is it you want to accomplish through a social marketing intervention? How do you want the
world to be different? Describe your goal in a single sentence or phrase (e.g., “I want to reduce
the incidence of teenage pregnancy among girls in my city.”

Step 3: Measure What Success Would Look Like

Write down between one and five measurable outcomes. What would success look like for your
overall objective (e.g., the number of teen pregnancies would be reduced by half, 75% of schools
would offer courses in reproductive health education)?
Step 4: Identify Your Audience

Who are you trying to reach? While you ultimately may want to reach multiple audiences, for the
purposes of this exercise, select your main one.

Step 5: Target the Behavior You Seek to Change

What is the specific behavior you would like your audience to take? (Note: A behavior is not
increased awareness, but an observable action.)

Step 6: Map the Change Process
In the space below, map out the steps you would need to pursue to achieve the outcomes
identified above. You might draw a flow chart or diagram representing who you need to reach
and how you intend to do so.

Step 7: Assess Benefits and Barriers
In the space below write down the benefits and barriers to your audience taking the action you

Benefits (How they would benefit                Barriers (What your audience would
from the proposed action)                       perceive as barriers to that action)

Step 8: Develop Tactics

What are some strategies you could pursue to: 1) remove barriers and 2) promote the benefits to
your audience of your desired action?

Step 9: Create a Timeline for Implementation

Identify specific activities you need to accomplish to reach your goals and a timeline for
achieving each.


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