Adolescent Online Social Communication and Behavior by byt34827


									ISBN (h/c)      Title                                                        Category
                Adolescent Online Social Communication and Behavior:         Human Aspects of
                Relationship Formation on the Internet                       Technology
                Advanced Automated Software Testing for System               Software/Systems
                Engineering: Frameworks for Refined Practice                 Design
                Advanced Biometric Recognition Technologies:
1-60566-200-3                                                                Bioinformatics
                Discriminant Criterion and Fusion Applications
                Advanced Multimedia Processing Using High
                Performance Computing: Next Generation Design and
                Advanced Security and Privacy for RFID Technologies          IT Security/Ethics
                Advances in Medical Imaging Systems and Technologies:
1-60566-316-6                                                                Medical Technologies
                Surgical Applications
                Advances in Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits for     Mobile/Wireless
                Wireless Systems: Modeling and Design Technologies           Computing
                Affective, Interactive and Cognitive Methods for E-
                Learning Design: Creating an Optimal Education               IT Education
                Always-On Enterprise Information Systems for Business
                                                                             Business Information
                Continuance: Technologies for Reliable and Scalable
                Anonymity and Learning in Digitally Mediated
                Communications: Authenticity and Trust in Cyber              IT Education
1-60566-182-1   Application-Layer Fault-Tolerance Protocols
                Architectures for Distributed and Complex M-Learning
                                                                             IT Education
                Systems: Applying Intelligent Technologies
                Artificial Intelligence Applications for Improved Software   Software/Systems
                Engineering Development: New Prospects                       Design
                Artificial Intelligence for Maximizing Content Based Image
1-60566-174-0                                                                Artificial Intelligence
                Auto-Identification and Ubiquitous Computing
                                                                             Human Aspects of
1-60566-298-4   Applications: RFID and Smart Technologies for
                Information Convergence

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Automated Face Analysis: Emerging Technologies and
1-60566-216-X                                                               Bioinformatics
                Automotive Informatics and Communicative Systems:
1-60566-338-7                                                               Industrial Informatics
                Principals in Vehicular Networks and Data Exchange
                Behavioral Biometrics for Human Identification: Intelligent
                Behavioral Modeling for Embedded Systems and             Software/Systems
                Technologies: Applications for Design and Implementation Design
                Biological and Quantum Computing for Human Vision:
                Holonomic Models and Applications
1-60566-398-0   Biological Data Mining in Protein Interaction Networks      Bioinformatics
                Biomedical Image Analysis and Machine Learning
                                                                            Medical Technologies
                Technologies: Applications and Techniques
                Blended Learning Technologies for Adult Education:
                Implementing Pedagogical Asynchronous and                   IT Education
                Synchronous Training Applications
                Building Organizational Memories: Will You Know What        Knowledge
                You Knew?                                                   Management
                Cases on Collaboration in Virtual Learning Environments:
                                                                            IT Education
                Processes and Interactions
                Cases on Distance Delivery and Learning Outcomes:
                                                                            IT Education
                Emerging Trends and Programs
                Cases on Online and Blended Learning Technologies in
                                                                            IT Education
                Higher Education: Concepts and Practices
                Cases on Online Tutoring, Mentoring and Educational
                                                                            IT Education
                Services: Practices and Applications
                Cases on Semantic Interoperability for Information
                                                                            Web Technologies
                Systems Integration: Practices and Applications
                Cases on Successful E-Learning Practices in the
                Developed and Developing World: Methods for the Global      IT Education
                Information Economy
                Cases on Technologies for Teaching Criminology and
                                                                            IT Education
                Victimology: Methodologies and Practices
                Classification Technologies: Optimization Approaches to     Data
                Short Text Categorization                                   Mining/Databases

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Co-Engineering Applications for Adaptive Business
1-60566-276-3   Technologies: Integrated Service-Ontology Principles for
                Collaborative Performance
                Cognitive and Emotional Processes in Web-Based
1-60566-392-1   Education: Integrating Human Factors and                      IT Education
                Collaborative and Social Information Retrieval and
1-60566-306-9                                                                 Social Computing
                Access: Techniques for Improved User Modeling
                Collaborative Security Technologies for Data Assurance
1-60566-414-6                                                                 IT Security/Ethics
                Management: Building Systematic Trust
                Collaborative Technologies and Applications for
                Interactive Information Design: Emerging Trends in User       IT Engineering
                Collective Intelligence and E-Learning 2.0: Implications of
                                                                              IT Education
                Web-Based Communities and Networking
                Comparative Blended Learning Practices and
                Environments: Cultural, Disciplinary and Gender               IT Education
1-59904-978-3   Comparison-Shopping Services and Agent Designs                Electronic Commerce
                Complex Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery for
                Advanced Retrieval Development: Innovative Methods
                and Applications
                Complex-Valued Neural Networks: Utilizing High-
1-60566-214-3                                                                 Bioinformatics
                Dimensional Parameters
                Computational Intelligence for Missing Data Imputation,
1-60566-336-0   Estimation and Management: Knowledge Optimization             Artificial Intelligence
                Computational Intelligence Techniques for Software
1-60566-416-2   Quality, Testing and Maintenance: Hybrid System
                Computational Models, Software Engineering and
                Advanced Technologies in Air Transportation: Next             Industrial Informatics
                Generation Applications
                Computer-Mediated Communication for Linguistics and
                                                                              IT Education
                Literacy: Technology and Natural Language Education

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Context-Aware Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing for
1-60566-290-9   Enhanced Usability: Adaptive Technologies and             Artificial Intelligence
                Cooperative Communications for Improved Wireless
                Network Transmission: Framework for Virtual Antenna
                Array Applications
                Cross-Disciplinary Advances in Human Computer
                                                                          Human Aspects of
1-60566-142-2   Interaction: User Modeling, Social Computing and
                Adaptive Interfaces
                Cultural Implications of Knowledge Sharing, Management Knowledge
                and Transfer: Identifying Competitive Advantage        Management
                Cyber Contracts, E-Business Jurisdiction and Digital      Electronic
                Legislation: Frameworks and Concepts                      Government
                Cybernetics and Systems Theory in Management: Tools,
                                                                          Cognitive Informatics
                Views and Advancements
                Cyber-Security and Global Information Assurance: Threat
1-60566-326-3                                                             IT Security/Ethics
                Analysis and Response Solutions
                Data Intensive Distributed Computing: Challenges and      High Performance
                Solutions for Large-Scale Information Management          Computing
                Data Mining and Medical Knowledge Management: Cases
1-60566-218-6                                                             Medical Technologies
                and Applications
                Data Warehousing Design and Advanced Engineering          Data
                Applications: Methods for Complex Construction            Mining/Databases
                Database Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools,    Data
                and Applications                                          Mining/Databases
                Data-Exchange Standards and International                 Global Information
                Organizations: Adoption and Diffusion                     Technology
                Dental Computing and Applications: Advanced
1-60566-292-5                                                             Medical Technologies
                Techniques for Clinical Dentistry
                Designing Complex Web Information Systems: Integrating
1-60566-300-X                                                             Web Technologies
                Evolutionary Process Engineering
                Digital Business Security Development: Management         Business Information
                Technologies                                              Systems
                Digital Imagery and Informational Graphics in E-Learning: Distance Learning
                Maximizing Visual Technologies                            and Education

                              IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Digital Privacy Law: Global Developments and Modern
                                                                            IT Security/Ethics
                Digital Simulations for Improving Education: Learning
1-60566-322-0                                                               IT Education
                Through Artificial Teaching Environments
                Digital Sport for Performance Enhancement and
1-60566-406-5                                                               Electronic Business
                Competitive Evolution: Intelligent Gaming Technologies
                Distance Learning Technology, Current Instruction, and
                the Future of Education: Applications of Today, Practices   IT Education
                of Tomorrow
                Dynamic and Advanced Data Mining for Progressing
                Technological Development: Innovations and Systemic
                E-Agriculture and E-Government for Global Policy            Global Information
                Development: Implications and Future Directions             Technology
1-60566-252-6   E-Banking Management: Issues, Solutions and Strategies Electronic Commerce
                E-Collaboration: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and
                Educational Social Software for Context-Aware Learning:
                                                                        IT Education
                Collaborative Methods and Human Interaction
                Effective Blended Learning Practices: Evidence-Based
1-60566-296-8                                                               IT Education
                Perspectives in ICT-Facilitated Education
                Effective Web Presence Solutions for Small Businesses:
1-60566-224-0                                                               Electronic Business
                Strategies for Successful Implementation
                E-Governance and ICT Alignment in Public                    Electronic
                Administration: Value Management and Service Delivery       Government
                E-Government Development and Diffusion: Inhibitors and Electronic
                Facilitators of Digital Democracy                      Government
                E-Government Interoperability and Information Resource      Electronic
                Integration: Frameworks for Aligned Development             Government
                E-Learning and Advanced Assessment Technologies:
1-60566-410-3                                                               IT Education
                Evidence-Based Approaches

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Electronic Collaboration and Organizational Synergy:
                                                                           Electronic Business
                Framework for Service Integration
                Electronic Constitution: Social, Cultural, and Political   Electronic
                Implications                                               Government
                Emerging Enterprise Operations Systems and                 Global Information
                Technologies: Strategies for Global Competitiveness        Technology
                Emerging Topics and Technologies in Information            Software/Systems
                Systems                                                    Design
1-60566-198-8   Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, Second Edition          IT Education
1-59904-931-7   Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management, Second Edition
                E-Novation for Competive Advantage in Collaborative
1-60566-394-8   Globalization: Technologies for Emerging E-Business        Electronic Business
                Enterprise Information Systems for Business Integration in
                                                                           Business Information
                SMEs: Technological, Organizational, and Social
                E-Portfolios and Global Diffusion: Solutions for           Global Information
                Collaborative Education                                    Technology
                E-Strategies for Technological Diffusion and Adoption:
                                                                           Global Information
1-60566-388-3   National ICT Approaches for Socioeconomic
                E-Trade, E-Negotiation and Economical Informatics:
                                                                           Electronic Commerce
                Emerging Technologies in Electronic Commerce
                Evolving Application Domains of Data Warehousing and Data
                Mining: Trends and Solutions                               Mining/Databases
                Game Theory for Communication Systems: Distributed         Software/Systems
                Algorithms and Computing                                   Design
                Games-Based Learning Advancements for Multi-Sensory
1-60566-360-3   Human Computer Interfaces: Techniques and Effective        IT Education
                                                                           Business Information
                Gender and E-Business Management: Contrasts and            Systems/Human
                Comparisons                                                Aspects of

                                IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Global System for Mobile Networks: Architectures,        Networking/Telecom
                Procedures, and Applications                             munication
                Governance of Picture Archiving and Communications
1-59904-672-5   Systems: Data Security and Quality Management of         Medical Technologies
                Filmless Radiology
                Grid Technology for Maximizing Collaborative Decision
                                                                         High Performance
1-60566-364-6   Management and Support: Advancing Effective Virtual
                Handbook of Research on Emerging Rule-Based
1-60566-402-2   Languages and Technologies: Open Solutions and
                Handbook of Research on Advanced Distributed Event-
                                                                         High Performance
                Based Systems, Publish/Subscribe and Message Filtering
                Handbook of Research on Advanced Operating Systems       Software/Systems
                and Kernel Applications: Techniques and Technologies     Design
                Handbook of Research on Advanced Techniques in
1-60566-314-X                                                            Medical Technologies
                Diagnostic Imaging and Biomedical Applications
                Handbook of Research on Agent-Based Societies: Social
1-60566-236-4                                                            Social Computing
                and Cultural Interactions
                Handbook of Research on Artificial Immune Systems and
1-60566-310-7   Natural Computing: Applying Complex Adaptive             Bioinformatics
                Handbook of Research on Artificial Intelligence in
                Industrial Information Systems: Methodologies,           Industrial Informatics
                Frameworks and Emerging Technologies
                Handbook of Research on Assessment Technologies,
                                                                         IT Education
                Methods, and Applications in Higher Education
                Handbook of Research on Biocomputation and
                Biomedical Informatics: Case Studies and Applications
                Handbook of Research on Biomedical Diagnostics and
1-60566-280-1   Clinical Technologies: Applying High-Performance Cluster Medical Technologies
                and Grid Computing

                              IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Handbook of Research on Biomedical Knowledge
                                                                       Health Information
1-60566-266-6   Management: Infrastructures and Processes for E-Health
                Handbook of Research on Building Information Modeling
                                                                        Industrial Informatics
                and Construction Informatics: Concepts and Technologies

                                                                         Business Information
1-60566-288-7   Handbook of Research on Business Process Modeling
                Handbook of Research on Collaborative Learning Using
1-59904-992-9                                                            IT Education
                Concept Mapping
                Handbook of Research on Communities of Practice for
                                                                         Business Information
                Organizational Management and Networking:
                Methodologies for Competitive Advantage
                Handbook of Research on Complex Dynamic Process
                                                                         Business Information
                Management: Techniques for Adaptability in Turbulent
                Handbook of Research on Computational Arts and           Multimedia
                Creative Informatics                                     Technology
                Handbook of Research on Computational Forensics,
                                                                         IT Security/Ethics
                Digital Crime and Investigation: Methods and Solutions
                Handbook of Research on Computational Grid
1-60566-374-3   Technologies for Life Sciences, Biomedicine and          Medical Technologies
                Handbook of Research on Computational Methodologies      Healthcare
                in Gene Regulatory Networks                              Information Systems
                Handbook of Research on Contemporary Theoretical         Software/Systems
                Models in Information Systems                            Design
                Handbook of Research on Convergence Technologies
1-60566-382-4   and Enabling Applications: Ubiquitous and Pervasive
                Handbook of Research on Data Mining in Public and
                Private Sectors: Organizational and Government

                              IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Handbook of Research on Developments in E-Health and
                                                                     Medical Technologies
                Telemedicine: Technological and Social Perspectives
                Handbook of Research on Digital Media and Advertising:    Multimedia
                User Generated Content Consumption                        Technology
                Handbook of Research on Discrete Event Simulation         High Performance
                Environments: Technologies and Applications               Computing
                Handbook of Research on E-Government Readiness for
                Information and Service Exchange: Utilizing Progressive
                Information Communication Technologies
                Handbook of Research on E-Learning Applications for
                Career and Technical Education: Technologies for          IT Education
                Vocational Training
                                                                          Business Information
1-59904-859-0   Handbook of Research on Enterprise Systems
                Handbook of Research on E-Transformation and Human
                                                                          Business Information
1-60566-304-2   Resources Management Technologies: Organizational
                Outcomes and Challenges
                Handbook of Research on Grid Technologies and Utility
                                                                          High Performance
1-60566-184-8   Computing: Concepts for Managing Large-Scale
                Handbook of Research on Human Performance and
                                                                          IT Education
                Instructional Technology
                Handbook of Research on Hybrid Learning Models:
1-60566-380-8                                                             IT Education
                Advanced Tools, Technologies and Applications
                Handbook of Research on ICT-Enabled Transformational      Electronic
                Government: A Global Perspective                          Government
                Handbook of Research on Information Technology
                                                                          Health Information
1-60566-356-5   Management and Clinical Data Administration in
                Handbook of Research on Innovations in Database
1-60566-242-9   Technologies and Applications: Current and Future
                Handbook of Research on Knowledge Management in
                                                                          Health Information
1-60566-372-7   Telemedicine: Advanced Ethics, Policy, and Regulatory

                              IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Handbook of Research on Knowledge-Intensive                Knowledge
                Organizations                                              Management
                Handbook of Research on Machine Learning Applications
                                                                      Artificial Intelligence
                and Trends: Algorithms, Methods and Techniques
                Handbook of Research on Managing Digital Diversity:     Human Aspects of
                Socio-Technological Perspectives                        Technology
                Handbook of Research on Multi-Agent Systems for Traffic
1-60566-226-7                                                           Artificial Intelligence
                and Transportation Engineering
                Handbook of Research on Multi-Agent Systems:
1-60566-256-9                                                           Artificial Intelligence
                Semantics and Dynamics of Organizational Models
                Handbook of Research on Multimodal Human Computer
1-60566-386-7   Interaction and Pervasive Services: Evolutionary        Social Computing
                Techniques for Improving Accessibility
                Handbook of Research on New Media Literacy at the K-12
1-60566-120-1                                                           IT Education
                Level: Issues and Challenges, Second Edition
                Handbook of Research on Next Generation Mobile          Mobile/Wireless
                Networks and Ubiquitous Computing                       Computing
                Handbook of Research on Overcoming Digital Divides:
                                                                        Human Aspects of
                Constructing an Equitable and Competitive Information
                Handbook of Research on P2P and Grid Systems for
                                                                        High Performance
                Service-Oriented Computing: Models, Methodologies and
                Handbook of Research on Personal Autonomy               Human Aspects of
                Technologies and Disability Informatics                 Technology
                Handbook of Research on Practices and Outcomes in E-
                Learning: Issues and Trends
                Handbook of Research on Scalable Computing              High Performance
                Technologies                                            Computing
1-60566-262-3   Handbook of Research on Secure Multimedia Distribution
                Handbook of Research on Social Dimensions of Semantic
                                                                        Social Computing
                Technologies and Web Services
                Handbook of Research on Social Interaction Technologies
1-60566-368-9                                                           Social Computing
                and Collaboration Software: Concepts and Trends

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Handbook of Research on Social Software and
1-60566-208-9                                                              Social Computing
                Developing Community Ontologies
                Handbook of Research on Socio-Technical Design and
1-60566-264-X                                                              Social Computing
                Social Networking Systems
                Handbook of Research on Soft Computing Applications        Data Mining/Data
                for Database Technologies: Techniques and Issues           Warehouses

                Handbook of Research on Software Engineering and           Software/Systems
                Productivity Technologies: Implications of Globalization   Design
                Handbook of Research on Strategies for Local E-
1-60566-282-8   Government Adoption and Implementation: Comparative
                Handbook of Research on Synthetic Emotions and
1-60566-354-9   Sociable Robotics: New Applications in Affective           Artificial Intelligence
                Computing and Artificial Intelligence
                Handbook of Research on Technology Project                 Business Information
                Management, Planning and Operations                        Systems
                Handbook of Research on Telecommunications Planning        Networking/Telecom
                and Management for Business                                munication
                Handbook of Research on Threat Management and
                Information Security: Models for Countering Attacks,       IT Security/Ethics
                Breaches and Intrusions
                Handbook of Research on Ubiquitous Commerce for
1-60566-378-6   Creating the Personalized Marketplace: Concepts for Next   Electronic Commerce
                Generation Adoption
                Handbook of Research on Web 2.0 and Second
1-60566-190-2                                                              IT Education
                Language Learning
                Handbook of Research on Web 2.0, 3.0, and X.0:
1-60566-384-0                                                              Web Technologies
                Technologies, Business, and Social Applications
                Homeland Security Preparedness and Information
                                                                           IT Security/Ethics
                Systems: Strategies for Managing Public Policy
                ICTs for Development in Asia and the Pacific: Theory,
                Practice and the Digital Divide

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                ICTs for Development in South America, Cenral America
                and the Caribbean: Theory, Practice and the Digital Divide
                Improved Signal and Image Interpolation in Biomedical
1-60566-202-X   Applications: The Case of Magnetic Resonance Imaging         Medical Technologies
                Infonomics for Distributed Business and Decision-Making Business Information
                Environments: Creating Information System Ecology       Systems
                Information Communication Technologies and City
                                                                             Global Information
1-60566-134-1   Marketing: Digital Opportunities for Cities Around the
                Information Communication Technologies and                   Global Information
                Globalization of Retailing Applications                      Technology
                Information Communication Technologies and the Virtual
                Public Sphere: Impacts of Network Structures on Civil        Social Computing
                Information Communication Technologies for Human
                                                                             IT Education
                Services Education and Delivery: Concepts and Cases
                Information Communication Technology Law, Protection
                                                                             IT Security/Ethics
                and Access Rights: Global Approaches and Issues
                Information Communication Technology Standardization
1-60566-320-4   for E-Business Sectors: Integrating Supply and Demand        Electronic Business
1-60566-044-2   Information Quality and the Information Consumer
                Information Retrieval in Biomedicine: Natural Language       Health Information
                Processing for Knowledge Integration                         Systems
                Information Systems for Chronic Disease Prevention and
                Management: Models for General Practice and Primary
                                                                             Information Systems
                Information Technology and Constructivism in Higher
                                                                             IT Education
                Education: Progressive Learning Frameworks
                Information Technology and the Ethics of Globalization:      Global Information
                Transnational Issues and Implications                        Technology

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Information Technology Strategy and Management: Best       Business Information
                Practices                                                  Systems
                Innovations in Information Systems Modeling: Methods       Software/Systems
                and Best Practices                                         Design
                Innovative Knowledge Management: Concepts for              Knowledge
                Organizational Creativity and Collaborative Design         Management
                Institutional Transformation through Best Practices in
1-60566-358-1   Virtual Campus Development: Advancing E-Learning           IT Education
                Integrating Advanced Computer-Aided Design,
1-59904-714-4   Manufacturing and Numerical Control: Principles and
                Integrating E-Business Models for Government Solutions:
1-60566-240-2   Citizen-Centric Service Oriented Methodologies and
                Integrating Usability Engineering for Designing the Web
                                                                           Web Technologies
                Experience: Methodologies and Principles
                Intellectual Capitalism and ICT Law Administration:        Human Aspects of
                Developing the Knowledge Industry                          Technology
                Intelligent Information Systems and Knowledge
                Management for Energy: Applications for Decision
                Support, Usage and Environmental Protection
                Intelligent Techniques for Warehousing and Mining          Data
                Sensor Network Data                                        Mining/Databases
                Intelligent Tutoring Systems in E-Learning Environments:
                                                                           IT Education
                Design, Implementation and Evaluation
                Intensive Pattern Mining in Musicology: Toward             Data
                Computational Motivic Analysis                             Mining/Databases
                Interaction in Communication Technologies and Virtual      Human Aspects of
                Learning Environments: Human Factors                       Technology
                Knowledge Ecology in Global Business: Managing             Global Information
                Intellectual Capital                                       Technology
                Knowledge Intensive Customer Process Management:           Business Information
                People, Processes and Technology                           Systems

                              IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Knowledge Management and Organizational End-User
1-60566-350-6   Computing: Overcoming Limitations in Human-Centered
                Knowledge Management and the Semantic Web for
                Virtual Communities: Solutions for Biomedical, Educative   Web Technologies
                and Geoscience Domain Users
                Knowledge Management Strategies for Business               Knowledge
                Development                                                Management
                Large-Scale Distributed Computing and Applications:        High Performance
                Models and Trends                                          Computing
                Leadership in the Digital Enterprise: Strategies for       Business Information
                Planning and Training                                      Systems
                Literary Education and Digital Learning: Methods and
                                                                           IT Education
                Technologies for Humanities Studies
                Localization Algorithms and Strategies for Wireless
1-60566-396-4   Sensor Networks: Monitoring and Surveillance
                Techniques for Target Tracking
                Looking Toward the Future of Technology-Enhanced
                                                                           IT Education
                Education: Ubiquitous Learning and the Digital Native
                Machine Learning for Human Motion Analysis: Theory and
                Machine Learning Methods for Commonsense Reasoning
                                                                           Artificial Intelligence
                Processes: Interactive Models
                Managing IT Outsourcing Performance
                Manufacturing Intelligence for Industrial Engineering:
                Methods for System Self-Organization, Learning and         Industrial Informatics
                Mass Customization for Personalized Communication          Human Aspects of
                Environments: Integrating Human Factors                    Technology
                Meta-Heuristic and Genetic Algorithm Techniques for Software/Systems
                Search-Based Software Engineering: Advanced Methods Design
                Methodologies for Non-Functional Requirements in           Software/Systems
                Service-Oriented Architecture                              Design

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Methods and Applications for Advancing Distance
1-60566-342-5   Education Technologies: International Issues and    IT Education
                Mobile and Ubiquitous Commerce: Advanced E-Business
1-60566-366-2                                                       Electronic Commerce
                                                                    Health Information
1-60566-332-8   Mobile Health Solutions for Biomedical Applications
                Mobile Peer-to-Peer Computing for Next Generation
                Distributed Environments: Advancing Conceptual and
                Algorithmic Applications
                Mobilized Marketing and the Consumer: Technological
                                                                    Electronic Commerce
                Developments and Challenges
                Model Driven Architecture for Reverse Engineering           Software/Systems
                Technologies: Strategic Directions and System Evolution     Design
                Monitoring and Assessment in Online Collaborative
                Environments: Emergent Computational Technologies for IT Education
                E-Learning Support
                Multi-Agent Applications with Evolutionary Computation
                and Biologically Inspired Technologies: Intelligent    Artificial Intelligence
                Techniques for Ubiquity and Optimization
                Multi-Agent Systems for Healthcare Simulation and           Healthcare
                Modeling: Applications for System Improvement               Information Systems
                Multiliteracies and Technology Enhanced Education:
                                                                            IT Education
                Social Practice and the Global Classroom
                Multimedia Semiotics and Digital Design Analysis:           Multimedia
                Frameworks and Processes                                    Technology
                Multiplatform E-Learning Systems and Technologies:
                                                                            IT Education
                Mobile Devices for Ubiquitous ICT-Based Education
                Multirate Filtering for Digital Signal Processing: MATLAB   Software/Systems
                Applications                                                Design
                Multi-Sourcing Strategies for Corporate Computing and       Business Information
                Social Capital: A Global Perspective                        Systems

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Nature-Inspired Informatics for Intelligent Applications and
                Knowledge Discovery: Implications in Business, Science Cognitive Informatics
                and Engineering
                Net Centricity and Technological Interoperability in     Business Information
                Organizations: Perspectives and Strategies               Systems
                Networked Communities: Strategies for Digital
1-59904-771-3                                                            Social Computing
                New Tools for Successful Online Teaching: Social
                                                                         IT Education
                Networking for Knowledge Construction
                Novel Developments in Granular Computing: Applications High Performance
                for Advanced Human Reasoning and Soft Computation      Computing
                Nursing and Clinical Informatics: Socio-Technical
1-60566-234-8                                                            Medical Technologies
                Online Education and Adult Learning: New Frontiers for
                                                                         IT Education
                Teaching Practices
                Online Instruction Design and Educational Psychology
                                                                         IT Education
                Integration: An Authentic Model
                Online Learning Communities and Teacher Professional
                                                                         IT Education
                Development: Methods for Improved Education Delivery
                Open and Novel Issues in XML Database Applications:      Data
                Future Directions and Advanced Technologies              Mining/Databases
                Open Information Management: Applications of             Knowledge
                Interconnectivity and Collaboration                      Management
                Optical Access Networks and Advanced Photonics:          Networking/Telecom
                Technologies and Deployment Strategies                   munication
                Optical Networking and Next Generation Internet
                Infrastructural Development: Principles for Advanced
                Telecommunication Systems
                Organizational and Technological Implications of
1-60566-302-6   Cognitive Machines: Designing Future Information         Cognitive Informatics
                Management Systems
                Organizational Communication and Sustainable             Mobile/Wireless
                Development: ICTs for Mobility                           Computing

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Particle Swarm Optimization and Intelligence: Advances
                                                                          Artificial Intelligence
                and Applications
                Payment System Technologies and Banking Applications:
                                                                          Electronic Commerce
                Innovations and Developments
                Personalized E-Learning Systems and Agent-Based
                Technologies: Modeling Programs for Student Ability and   IT Education
                Pervasive Comuting for Business: Trends and               Human Aspects of
                Applications                                              Technology
                Post-Mining of Association Rules: Techniques for          Data
                Effective Knowledge Extraction                            Mining/Databases
                Progressive Methods in Data Warehousing and Business Data
                Intelligence: Concepts and Competitive Analytics     Mining/Databases
                Proliferation of the Internet Economy: E-Commerce for
1-60566-412-X                                                             Electronic Commerce
                Global Adoption, Resistance and Cultural Evolution
                Psychological Interaction with Online Environments: Cyber Human Aspects of
                Behavior                                                  Technology
                Quantitative Quality of Service for Grid Computing:
                                                                          High Performance
1-60566-370-0   Applications for Heterogeneity, Large-Scale Distribution
                and Dynamic Environments
                Rare Association Rule Mining and Knowledge Discovery: Data
                Technologies for Infrequent and Critical Event Detection Mining/Databases
                                                                          Global Information
                Regional Information Technologies: Global Perspectives
                RFID for Health Information Systems and Intelligent       Health Information
                Hospitals: Concepts and Advanced Practices                Systems
                Risk Assessment and Management in Pervasive
                                                                          Human Aspects of
1-60566-220-8   Computing: Operational, Legal, Ethical, and Financial
                Scalable Fuzzy Algorithms for Data Management and         Data
                Analysis: Methods and Design                              Mining/Databases
                Second Language Distance Learning and Teaching:
                                                                          IT Education
                Theoretical Perspectives and Didactic Ergonomics

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Semantic Enterprise Application Integration for Business   Business Information
                Processes: Service-Oriented Frameworks                     Systems
1-60566-188-0   Semantic Mining Technologies for Multimedia Databases
                Service Science for Socio-Economical and Information
                                                                           Social Computing
                Systems Advancement: Holistic Methodologies
                Services and Business Computing Solutions with XML:    Software/Systems
                Applications for Quality Management and Best Processes Design
1-60566-286-0   Services Customization Using Web Technologies              Web Technologies
                Simulation and Gaming for Mathematical Education:
                                                                           IT Education
                Epistemology and Teaching Strategies
                Social and Political Implications of Data Mining:          Data
                Knowledge Management in E-Government                       Mining/Databases
                Social Capital Modeling in Virtual Communities: Bayesian
                                                                           Social Computing
                Belief Network Approaches
                Social Computing in Homeland Security: Disaster
1-60566-228-3                                                              Social Computing
                Promulgation and Response
                Social Implications of Data Mining and Information         Data
                Privacy: Interdisciplinary Frameworks and Solutions        Mining/Databases
                Social Interaction in Virtual Environments Across Life
                                                                           Human Aspects of
                Stages: Usage Patterns in Children, Adolescents, Adults
                and the Aged
                Social Interactive Television: Immersive Shared            Multimedia
                Experiences and Perspectives                               Technology
                Social Web Evolution: Integrating Semantic Applications
1-60566-272-0                                                              Web Technologies
                and Web 2.0 Technologies
                Socioeconomic and Legal Implications of Electronic
1-60566-204-6                                                              IT Security/Ethics
                Software Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools,     Software/Systems
                and Applications                                           Design
                Solutions and Innovations in Web-Based Technologies for
1-60566-238-0   Augmented Learning: Improved Platforms, Tools and          IT Education
                Space-Based Technologies and Commercialized
                                                                           Electronic Commerce
                Development: Economic Implications and Benefits

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Standardization and Digital Enclosure: The Privatization of
                                                                            Global Information
1-60566-334-4   Standards, Knowledge, and Policy in the Age of Global
                Information Technology
                Statistical Techniques for Network Security: Modern
1-59904-708-X                                                               IT Security/Ethics
                Statistically-Based Intrusion Detection and Protection
                Strategic Information Technology and Portfolio             Business Information
                Management                                                 Systems

                Strategic Intellectual Capital Management in Multinational Business Information
                Organizations: Sustainability and Successful Implications Systems
                Strategic Pervasive Computing Applications: Emerging       Human Aspects of
                Trends                                                     Technology
                Strategies for Knowledge Management Success:               Knowledge
                Exploring Organizational Efficacy                          Management
                Sustainable Economic Development and the Influence of
                                                                           Global Information
                Information Technologies: Dynamics of Knowledge
                Society Transformation
                Systems Analysis and Design for Advanced Modeling          Software/Systems
                Methods: Best Practices                                    Design
                Systems Thinking and E-Participation: ICT in the           Electronic
                Governance of Society                                      Government
                Taxonomy of Online Collaboration: Theory and
                                                                           IT Education
                Applications in E-Learning
                Techniques and Applications for Advanced Information
1-60566-210-0   Privacy and Security: Emerging Organizational, Ethical     IT Security/Ethics
                and Human Issues
                Technoethics and the Evolving Knowledge Society:
                Ethical Issues in Technological Design, Research,          IT Security/Ethics
                Development, and Innovation
                Technologies for Electrical Power Conversion, Efficiency
                                                                           Industrial Informatics
                and Distribution: Methods and Processes
                Technologies for Migration and Population Analysis:        Human Aspects of
                Spatial Interaction Data Applications                      Technology
                Technology for Early Childhood Education and
                Socialization: Developmental Applications and              IT Education

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Technology-Assisted Problem Solving for Engineering
                                                                           IT Education
                Education: Interactive Multimedia Applications
                Technology-Supported Environments for Personalized
                                                                           IT Education
                Learning: Methods and Case Studies
                Temporal Structures in Individual Time Management:         Human Aspects of
                Practices to Enhance Calendar Tool Design                  Technology
                Text Mining Techniques for Healthcare Provider Quality     Healthcare
                Determination: Methods for Rank Comparisons                Information Systems

                The Role of Knowledge Management in Redesigning            Knowledge
                Innovative Organizations: Concepts and Methodologies       Management
                Threats of Cyber Warfare on Global E/M-Commerce:
                                                                           IT Security/Ethics
                Strategies for Successful Information Security
                Tourism Informatics: Visual Travel Recommender             Human Aspects of
                Systems, Social Communities and User Interface Design      Technology
                Usability and User-Centered Design in Software             Software/Systems
                Development: Case Studies and Real Life Applications       Design
                Using Activity Domain Theory for the Coordination of       Business Information
                Complex Projects                                           Systems
                Utilizing Adult Learning Principles for Technology Training:
                                                                             IT Education
                Methods and Solutions
                Utilizing Information Technology Systems Across
                Disciplines: Advancements in the Application of Computer
                Utilizing Open Source Tools for Online Teaching and
1-60566-376-X                                                                IT Education
                Learning: Applying Linux Technologies
                Virtual Communities of Practice and Social Interactive
1-60566-340-9                                                                Social Computing
                Technologies: Lifecycle and Workflow Analysis
                Virtual Team Leadership and Collaborative Engineering
1-60566-110-4                                                                Social Computing
                Advancements: Contemporary Issues and Implications
                Virtual Teams and Collaborative Environments:
                                                                             Social Computing
                Knowledge-Driven Creativity
                Visual Speech Recognition: Lip Segmentation and
1-60566-186-4                                                                Bioinformatics

                               IGI 2009 Front List Collection
                Web 2.0-Based E-Learning: Applying Social Informatics
1-60566-294-1                                                              IT Education
                for Tertiary Teaching
                Web Ontologies and Online Learning: Theories and
1-60566-164-3                                                              IT Education
                Web Services Security Development and Architecture:
                                                                           IT Security/Ethics
                Theoretical and Practical Issues
                Web-Based Learning Solutions for Communities of
                Practice: Developing Virtual Environments for Social and   IT Education
                Pedagogical Advancement
                Web-Based Supply Chain Management and Digital Signal
                                                                           Business Information
                Processing: Methods for Effective Information
                Administration and Transmission

                              IGI 2009 Front List Collection

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