Avalanche Skills Training by urk12253


									Classroom sessions begin at 7:00pm – meeting place at
Thompson Rivers University or location convenient for the student
group. We also have a wrap up session at the conclusion of the
                                                                     Avalanche Skills Training
final field day.

Field days will be held at locations as convenient as possible for
student groups while balancing appropriate terrain with current
snow and weather conditions.

Full details including personal equipment list included with your
course confirmation or visit www.colwest.ca

                        Your Instuctors
     ....together over 30 years of ski guiding and work in the
                       avalanche industry......

Brad Harrison
• CAA Level 2 Professional Member
• Director - Training and Leadership, Alpine Club of Canada
• Chair – InfoEx Advisory Group

Terry Palechuk
• ACMG Ski Guide
• Instructor - Adventure Studies Program, TRU
• CAA Level 2 Professional Member

                   Booking or Questions:

Brad Harrison: 604-970-7382 ph or at colwest@shaw.ca                      Play safe this winter
Terry Palechuk: 250-573-4697 ph or at threetoski@shaw.ca
                                                                              Colwest Alpine
      For more information on these programs, visit
                    www.colwest.ca                                            www.colwest.ca
Avalanche Skills Training
AST 1 Course                                                               AST 2 Course
The Canadian Avalanche Association “Avalanche Skills Training” (AST 1)     The CAA AST 2 course is a 2 day, 2 evening course which focuses on
course is a comprehensive program consisting of 6 hours of class time      improving the participants ability to travel safely in Avalanche Terrain.
spread over 2 nights & 2 – 8 hour field days for a total of 22 hours of    The course is at an advanced level. Participants need to have
direct instruction.                                                        previously completed an AST 1 or RAC 1. The course curriculum
The course focuses on understanding, recognizing & avoiding avalanche      follows the Canadian Avalanche Centre guidelines. Course content
hazards. We focus on terrain evaluation, snow pack structure, weather,     will include snowpack evaluation, snow profile interpretation and
safe route finding & avalanche rescue techniques.                          companion rescue techniques (shoveling, probing and transceiver
                                                                           use). Emphasis will be placed on terrain evaluation; route finding and
                                                                           the resulting decision making process. Introduction and application of
Basic skiing, snow boarding or snowshoeing ability. Touring equipment or   the CAC’s Avaluator is also covered.
snow shoes required. No previous avalanche experience is required for
the AST 1 course. We will provide all the necessary snow safety
equipment, no need for you to rent.                                        $395 AST 2 Course Fee Includes

   $250 AST 1 Course Fee Includes                                              30 hrs of instruction from CAA level 2 instructors
                                                                               6:1 student - instructor ratio
                                                                               Course Manual
      22 hrs of Direct Instruction                                             Colwest Alpine Field Book
      6:1 student - instructor ratio                                           Terrain Recognition, applying the principals of the Avaluator
      All Manuals as required by the CAA - CAC including the Avulator          Small party self rescue
      Industry Recognized certificate of completion                            Industry Recognized certificate of completion
      Use of the following safety equipment (shovel, probe, transceiver)       Use of the following safety equipment (shovel, probe, transceiver)

 AST 1 or AST 2 Dates:
 Course 1	    Dec 10, 11 classroom
 	     	Dec 12, 13 field

 Course 2	    Dec 17, 18 classroom                                                  Have your own group, or looking for alternative
 	     	Dec 19, 20 field                                                             course dates? Feel free to contact us.

 Course 3 	   Feb 11, 12 classroom
 	     	Feb 13, 14 field

 Course 4 	     March 25, 26 Classroom
 	     	        March 27, 28 Field

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