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Title Position: Team Leader, Community Agency:          Country Health SA

Classification Code: ASO6                    Division: Port Augusta Hospital and Regional
                                             Health Service
                                             Branch: Community Health
Type of Appointment:                         Section:
     √    Ongoing                            Position Number:
     o    Temporary                          Position Created:
     o    Term until                         Position Reviewed:

                            Job & Person Specification Approval

All excluding executive level positions:

                  ______________________________               ___/___/___
                          CE or delegate


1.    Summary of the broad purpose of the position in relation to the organisation's

As a leader of a multi-disciplinary team, the Team Leader, Community Health will be
responsible for ensuring responsive primary health care services, programs, and activities at
the designated local area. These will be based on social justice and a social view of health,
and will be developed in collaboration with communities and relevant organisations within
government and other sectors.

The Team Leader, Community Health provides leadership and direction to the multi-
disciplinary team of staff within a primary health care focus.

The Team Leader, Community Health undertakes operational management of the service
including monitoring of service provision, data collection and service evaluation. The Team
Leader as a member of the Community Health Management Group will contribute to the
management of Community Services in the geographical area.

                                           -1-                                  July 2009
2.     Reporting/Working Relationships                   (to whom the person reports, staff for whom the person is responsible
       and other significant connections and working relationships within the organisation).

The Team Leader, Community Health is accountable and reports to the Director, Community
Services works under minimal direction, participates as a member of the Community Health
Management Group and attends planning and management meetings as required. All team
members of the designated team report to the Team Leader. The Team Leader will work
with other workers across the cluster and region and is accountable to the community, clients
and peers for quality assurance standards.

Supervisor reports : Director, Port Augusta Hospital and Regional Health Service
Supervisor’s Position: Director, Community Health
Subject Position:      Team Leader, Community Health

Staff Supervised:
Position                            Myall      Eucalyptus Mangrove
Admin Officer                        3.8
Snr Admin Officer                     2                              2
Coodinator                            2               3              2
Speech Pathologist                    1                              2
Occupational Therapist                1                             2.5
Physiotherapist                       1                              2
Dietitian                             1               1              1
Social Worker                         0                              3
Podiatrist                            0               1              2
Allied Health Assistant               1                             2.6
Registered Nurse                      0              1.2
Clinical Nurse                        0              7.1             1
CDU Coordinator                      0.8
EYPC Coordinator                      1
PMA                                                   3
Project Officer                                       2              1
Aboriginal Health Worker                              1
Handymay                                             0.9
Home Helpers                                          3
Home Assisst Coord                                    1
Bereavement Counsellor                               0.4
Breast Care                                                         0.5
DiFL/Drug Diversion                                                 2.6
Total                                14.6           24.6           21.6

Other positions reporting to the Supervisor:
            Team Leader, Community Health
            Team Leader, Community Health

3.     Special Conditions. (such as non-metropolitan location, travel requirements, etc)
•    Current South Australian drivers licence is essential and the incumbent must be willing to drive regularly.
•    Some out of hours work may be necessary.
•    The incumbent will be required to enter into an annual Performance Development Review for the achievement
     of service and personal outcomes.
•    The duties of this position may be adapted to changing organisational requirements as determined by ongoing
     service wide planning processes.
•    Applicants will be required to produce a satisfactory Criminal History Check prior to employment and every 3
     years thereafter from date of issue.

                                                       -2-                                                   July 2009
4.   Statement of Key Outcomes and Activities (group into major areas of responsibility/activity and list in
     descending order of importance - continue on next page)

Responsible for the development of a range of primary health care services, programs
and activities consistent with the Country Health SA Model of Care and which enhance
the health of the communities serviced by the Community Health Service of the Port
Augusta Hospital and Regional Health Service and address inequities in health status
• initiating planning and review processes, the development of local site and team plans
    with goals, priorities and implementation strategies, formulated in collaboration with staff
    and in consultation with the community and local agencies.
• ensuring that a range of opportunities and mechanisms are made available for community
    members to participate in the planning, service development and delivery, and evaluation
    of services.
• developing processes for assessment, development, implementation and evaluation of
    services, programs and activities in line with overall service goals and priorities.
• advocating and representing the needs of local communities as appropriate, including
    maintaining links and relationships with other community services.
• working in partnership with and providing advice to the Director, Community Services on
    priorities and directions from the local sites which link with CHSA planning.
• participating with the Director, Community Services in policy development and
    implementation and in strategic planning activities.
• ensuring high quality outreach services are provided to remote communities through
    collaborating with local service providers to develop services that meet unique local
• contributing to the team’s service delivery to the community by participating in primary
    health care services such as community education and health promotion.

Ensure the efficient and effective management of the team by:
• establishing appropriate team priorities and practices.
• Monitoring workloads through statistical data, performance appraisals, and liaison and
   feedback from clients and other agencies.
• monitoring an effective work environment and organisational culture consistent with
   stated values and philosophies.
• regularly reviewing the effectiveness of team operations and service outcomes.
• providing leadership and direction in cluster team meetings and planning sessions.
• consulting with members of the team to identify staff development requirements.
• conducting regular supervision and staff appraisals according to CHSA performance
   management system and local clinical support and program management systems.
• ensuring effective communication systems between team members and other
   components of the service are established which enable a two way flow of information.
• encouraging and supporting team member participation in decision making at the local
   and regional level.
• developing and reviewing annual team budget.
• ensuring that professional standards of practice are met.

Promote cooperation, teamwork and involvement by:
• demonstrating respect, courtesy and care by valuing all members of the team for their
   unique potential and skills;
• being aware of own communication style and behaviours and modifying these to achieve
   positive outcomes and relationships;
• providing honest and sensitive feedback, whilst being receptive to and encouraging
   constructive critical feedback.
• participating in staff communication forums.
• Utilise mechanisms which support positive working relationships, collaboration and
   partnership within and across teams.

                                                    -3-                                      July 2009
Ensure the efficient and effective management of human, financial and physical
resources of the team through:
• recruitment of appropriate staff mix and orientation of new staff.
• collection and reporting of activity data.
• participation in the resolution of industrial issues.
• support and training for local community members.
• implementation of appropriate administrative systems at the local site.
• generation and management of incomes through grant applications.
• ensuring the purchasing/ maintenance of equipment, capital assets and accommodation
    allocated to the community health by working within CHSA policies and procedures.
• Facilitate organisation of the Team and/or Site’s stock of materials and equipment to
   enable the provision of a comprehensive and efficient service.
• In consultation with the Director, negotiating contracts with service providers and agencies
   that receive our services.
• Ensuring that all client, administrative and program records are maintained and kept in
   accordance with Port Augusta Hospital & Regional Health Services Inc. and/or
   Department of Human Services policy.

Contribute to continuing staff development and education by:
• Participating in continuing education and staff development programs.
• Sharing of information with the designated Team.
• Ensuring that the skills and knowledge of all staff are maintained and updated to meet
   personal, profession and service delivery needs.

Contribute to the development of Country Health SA objectives by:
• participating as a member of the Community Health Managers Group
• contributing to the development of Port Augusta Hospital and Regional Health Services
   and cluster planning activities
• contributing towards Community Services budget planning and reviewing expenditure
• implementing local procedures which reflect and complement regional standards and
   policies as well as relevant legislation and Acts.
• participating in the formulation of service aims and objectives and evaluation at the local
• Attending regional and state meetings as required to professionally represent the Service.

Contribute to an effective continuous quality improvement cycle through:
• Assisting in the development and monitoring of quality improvement plans, activities and
• Assisting in the development of and recording of Key Performance Indicators for
   Community Services Department functions and highlight drift.
• Participation in the accreditation process.
• Assisting in implementing and evaluating policies and procedures for Community Services
• Participating in a staff appraisal program.
• Ensuring the promotion of site and team work by regular publication.
• Advancing own professional development through ongoing education, literature review,
  conferences and meetings.

Responsible and accountable to the Director for providing employees under their
supervision and control with a safe and healthy working environment free from
discrimination by:
  implementing the Port Augusta Hospital & Regional Health Services Occupational Health
  Safety and Welfare policies.
  actively promoting and participating in Occupational Health Safety and Welfare programs.

                                         -4-                                     July 2009
  ensuring health and safety issues are discussed at departmental meeting to enable
  consulting with employees and their representatives on any issues that affect health safety
  and welfare.
  providing Health and Safety Representatives with adequate resources to enable them to
  effectively perform the tasks associated with their role, including the provision of adequate
  facilities and sufficient time.
  implementing appropriate procedures for the safe procurement, management and
  maintenance of plant and substances used in the workplace.
  identifying hazards, performing risk assessments and implementing control measures to
  ensure the risk of injury is reduced or eliminated.
  developing, implementing and reviewing safe work practices and procedures for all
  hazardous tasks.
  providing personal protective equipment, instruction in its use, maintenance and limitations.

  ensuring departmental induction and orientation of new employees, and by providing
  information on hazards and risks in the workplace, job instruction, training and supervision
  as is necessary to ensure safe work for employees.
  ensuring regular contact of injured workers and participating in the effective rehabilitation
  of injured employees whose health has been affected by work activities.
  evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of all Occupational Health Safety and
  Welfare activities in the department as per the organisation’s Corporate Plan and
  OHS/Injury Management Plan.
  ensuring all staff are aware of fire, evacuation and disaster procedures and ensuring
  attendance of staff at annual fire and emergency procedures and manual handling training.

  appraising Occupational Health Safety and Welfare performance.
  participation in training programs to maintain knowledge and awareness of Occupational
  Health Safety and Welfare requirements and issues.
  Having a good knowledge and understanding of Infection Control policies and procedures
  and ensure compliance by all staff.
  Promoting and implementing policies and procedures in relation to Equal Opportunity and
  the prevention of Sexual Harassment.
  Regularly monitoring the performance of staff and ensure participation in Performance
  Development Reviews.
  Actively participating and undertaking Quality Management programs and activities.
  ensure Cultural sensitivity is maintained by attending and contributing to their learning in a
  diversity of Cultural awareness and cross cultural training, with a frequency determined as
  appropriate by the organisation.
  It is every employee’s responsibility to ensure that no official record created or received (in
  any format) is destroyed without authorisation from State Records. It is the responsibility of
  all employees’s to adhere to the Policy, Procedures & practices of this organisation in
  regards to records management.

Contribute to the achievement of outcomes, as identified in the Port Augusta Hospital
& Regional Health Services Inc.’s strategic plan by:
  Contributing to the development and implementation of departmental strategic directions
  and plans.

This Position Description will be reviewed regularly, at least every 12 months, and when
necessary during the course of the 12 months, by the Supervisor together with the incumbent.
This regular review will ensure the Position Description is up to date and accurately reflects
the duties carried out by the incumbent.

I have read the above fully and agree to all terms and conditions of employment nominated
within the job description.
                                          -5-                                       July 2009
Acknowledged by Occupant:   _________________________   ___/___/___

                                 -6-                          July 2009

ESSENTIAL MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (Those characteristics considered absolutely

Educational/Vocational Qualifications

Personal Abilities/Aptitudes/Skills: (related to the job description and expressed in a way which
allows objective assessment):

•   Effective leadership skills including highly developed skills in communication, both written
    and verbal, conflict resolution and negotiation.
•   Understand and work within primary health care principles.
•   Analyse problems, implement effective strategies and evaluate outcomes.
•   Ability to manage own time effectively and efficiently.
•   Work without direct supervision and make decisions accordingly.
•   Demonstrate commitment to address conflict and bullying/harassment within the work
    setting to protect the well being of self and others.
•   Demonstrated ability to work with people with a range of diverse value systems, cultural
    differences and special needs.


Demonstrated experience in:
• Service planning, priority and objective setting and policy development.
• Working within a community setting and with community members.
• Leading and managing a multi-disciplinary team, including management of budgets,
  assets and human resources.
• Managing organisational change.
• Generating individual and team achievement.


•   Evaluation principles and practice.
•   National and state health policy directions and reform agendas.
•   The consequences of compound disadvantage and social health status.
•   Understanding of the principles outlined in the Cultural Respect Framework for Aboriginal
    and Torres Strait Islander Health.
•   Understanding of the issues affecting Aboriginal people and the impact on health

                                          -7-                                       July 2009
DESIRABLE CHARACTERISTICS (To distinguish between applicants who have met all essential

Educational/Vocational Qualifications

Personal Abilities/Aptitudes/Skills: (related to the job description and expressed in a way which
allows objective assessment):



•   Knowledge of Country Health SA key directions.
•   An understanding of the particular needs of the population.

                                          -8-                                       July 2009


STREAM:                     Administration

CAREER GROUP:               Community Health Services


POSITION TITLE:             Team Leader Domiciliary Care – Service Management


The position is classified at the ASO6 by virtue of the requirement to:
• Have a significant level of discipline knowledge and competence gained through
   experience, training or education.
• Review operations to determine their effectiveness
• Develop, implement, and evaluate significant work programs
• Control and coordinate programs within an organisation in accordance with its corporate
• Undertake duties of a more sensitive, innovative, novel, complex, and/or critical nature
   under limited direction


As a leader of a multi-disciplinary team, the Team Leader, Domiciliary Care – Service
Management will be responsible for ensuring responsive primary health care services,
programs, and activities at the designated local area. These will be based on social justice
and a social view of health, and will be developed in collaboration with communities and
relevant organisations within government and other sectors.

The Team Leader, Domiciliary Care – Service Management provides leadership and direction
to the multi-disciplinary team of staff within a primary health care focus.

The Team Leader, Domiciliary Care – Service Management undertakes operational
management of the service including monitoring of service provision, data collection and
service evaluation. The Team Leader as a member of the Community Services Leadership
team will contribute to the management of Community Services.

The Domiciliary Care Team forms part of the Community Services of Country Health SA;
Barossa Gawler Eudunda Kapunda cluster. The team provides both a local area and cluster-
wide services, covering a large geographical area, with a population of approximately 75,000.
There are significant community groups in the cluster including our Aboriginal community,
who require particular strategies to ensure equitable access to health information and

The Team Leader Domiciliary Care – Service Management will be required to work across the

                                        -9-                                     July 2009
the cluster, but will have a base at the Gawler site initially. The role will provide leadership and
support for community based and other health service staff in implementing Primary Health
Care principles in service provision. Country Health SA BGEK cluster is committed to early
intervention, health promotion, education and illness prevention. Community development and
inter-agency liaison are other important aspects. Team members participate in education,
service planning and delivery for the broader community. The position requires a broad range
of knowledge and skills including teamwork, planning and evaluation skills, communication
and liaison and community development skills. The ability to communicate effectively across a
wide range of people and professionals is essential. The position is required to provide a high
standard of services to adequately address the particular needs of the BGEK communities.


Supervisor reports to:        Director, Barossa, Gawler Eudunda Kapunda Health Services

Supervisor’s position:        Director, Community Services

Subject Position:             Team Leader Domiciliary Care – Service Management

Staff Supervised:             Case Managers PO2/RN2 x 4.5fte
                              Case Managers PO1 x 1.5fte
                              Equipment Officers x 2fte
                              ACAT Assessors PO2/RN2 x 2.5fte

                                           - 10 -                                     July 2009

           The Health SA values have an influence on the people we employ

Every organisation has values that govern the way people are treated and the way
decisions are made. The Department’s Strategic Plan identifies the values that guide
our behaviours. These behaviours apply to all employees and govern the way people in
the organisation are treated, the way decisions are made and how we provide our

These values are used in day to day communication and interaction between all employees
and are linked to the whole of government Code of Conduct, Performance Development, Job
and Person Specifications and Department of Health Employment Conditions.

                            Health SA Organisational Values are:

   We show honesty by speaking truthfully, within the boundaries of confidentiality. This is
   shown in our dealings within the Department and with our consumers and partners by:
   saying what we mean and meaning what we say, keeping our promises, telling the truth
   tactfully, providing honest feedback and answers and admitting to mistakes.

   We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy. We treat others with dignity and use
   culturally appropriate ways of communicating. This is shown in our dealings within the
   Department and with our consumers and partners by: treating everyone fairly,
   communicating so people can understand, listening to others, and seeking and providing

   We show integrity by honouring our values and the rules of our department, government and
   nation. This is shown in our dealings within the department and with our consumers and
   partners by: doing the right thing, abiding by the values, standing up for what we believe in,
   and taking responsibility for our mistakes.


   I ___________________________________ have the ability and commitment to
   behave consistently with the stated values of the Department of Health.

   __________________________________                      /     /

    Please complete and return attached to your application to the nominated person

                    “The right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time”

                                               - 11 -                                               July 2009
                   ADVICE TO JOB APPLICANTS

Your Application should:

Applicants are not required to address the Person Specification but are asked to demonstrate
their formal interest in no more than three pages, outlining past and present experience whilst
indicating their individual skills and abilities relevant to this position and enclose copy of
resume. Applicants should include the name and contact number of three
current professional referees.


       Should be those who can provide recent information regarding your relevant
       work/other experience including your current line manager.
       If possible provide your referees with a copy of the Job & Person Specification.
       Be aware that the panel is free to obtain work reports from a non-nominated
       referee if appropriate.

Attach your CV or Resume, which should include:

       Name & address - secondary & tertiary education / qualifications – training
       Work history - committee membership/s - outside interests – general referees.
       Relevant experience/qualifications/studies.
       Referees (address & telephone numbers).

Before submitting your application:

       Check the contents of your application. - Is it accurate and complete? - Are all aspects
       Forward your original application, to the Officer designated in the advertisement.
       Forward your application to ensure it reaches the designated Officer before 5pm on
       the advertised close date. (This is your sole responsibility-late applications are not
       accepted, due to the disadvantage to others.)
       Selection Panels are not responsible for following up or further considering
       applications which do not completely or adequately address the essential criteria.
       Selection Panels are not responsible to accept or for follow up applications which are
       late, incorrectly addressed, or those which arrive at an incorrect destination.

                                         - 12 -                                  July 2009

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