WBAAWADEN Face-to-Face Meeting by sofiaie


									                        WBAA/WADEN Face-to-Face Meeting
                                   May 10, 2007
                         Norlight Building, Brookfield, WI
Welcome: Don Holmen
Introductory remarks and thanks to the Exec. Comm., AT&T, Norlight, Access Wisconsin and
Renovo for service, Brewers game and social activity.

In Attendance: Craig Young, TRITON; Theresa Neuser, CESA 7 ILS; Michele Nickels,
NDEN; Sam Boynton, CESA 10; Jamie Lane, ERVING; Monica McReath, SCING; Carol
Popelka, WWLEARN; Connie Manske, CESA 11; Jamie Kampf, CESA 10; Roxann Nys, CESA
7 ILS; Gary Herlache, EMTC; Bill Moede, CESA 7 ILS; Carol Nelson, CESA 10; Paula Walser,
CESA 6; Dan Gross, SWING; Carol Mothershead, DOA; Tim Skaja, Renovo; Susan Speth, ICS;
Michele Jacques, UW-Extension; Bill Wolff, DASCOM; Dave Ewing, DASCOM; Sue Clark,
BCN/MCU; Holly Scharf, BCN/MCU; Barry Golden, DPI; Mark McCarthy, WASB; Lin
Hanson, ECB; Gordy Hanson, TEACH; Jeff Stadtmueller, Polycom. Larry Baeder, Tom Taibl,
Dan Van Abel, Chris Alberts, Russ Lundsgaard, and Rob Roy from AT&T. Mark Weller, Renee
Schultz, Tom Hellenbrand, and Chuck Everette from Access Wisconsin.

Approval of 4/19/2007 minutes
  Moved: Rox Nys. Seconded: Carol Nelson. Approved.

MCU Scheduling – Holly Scharf
2114 reservations to date. On target for 2400 for year. 9.2 reservations per day. They are
accepting fall reservations now. Thanks to Renovo, AT&T and Norlight.

DOA Update - Carol Mothershead
No news on equipment contract. Will let us know. Old contract is on month-to-month basis.
Discussion about HPLL. New proposed service. Must go through senior management.
Designed for state agencies and authorized users. Not a TEACH program.
Craig: Sending out info on different levels of HPLL (silver, gold, platinum)? Carol: Yes.
Don: Are networks approved users? Carol: Yes. Once subsidized by TEACH, you have to go
to Gordy first to see about available funding.
Sam: We need to know how to use the additional WAN bandwidth.

TEACH Update – Gordy Hanson
Sending catch-up bills now, the final stage of the conversion process. Have 42 people on 2nd tier,
paying 48% of full rate. As extra money becomes available, which is anticipated, he will take
the tier 2 people off and move them to tier 1.
Jamie: Letters about equipment ownership? Do Supts. need to respond? Gordy: No. Please
don‟t sell DL Navigators.
Jamie: Some schools applied originally for less than the 3 mgb. Do they have priority over
those requesting bandwidth over 3 mgb. Gordy: No, but will take it into consideration.
Dan G.: Are sites using their 1x3 rooms very little being pushed to utilized their rooms?
Gordy: Yes. New sites coming on board are coming in at 3 mgb.

DPI Update – Barry Golden
Wisconsin is the third state involved in the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. The program
promotes global awareness, economic understanding, civic literacy, critical thinking, problem
solving, technical literacy. April business summit requested input from businesses. Final report
coming. Looking to initiate change statewide. DPI is also involved in National Diploma
Project. E-rate update: first wave of funding being approved. Marco Polo taken over by
Verizon. Grant to upgrade program. Now called Thinkfinity. Has a lot of learning objects.

DPI‟s Library, Media and Technology Team fall regional meetings:
       September 25 - Indianhead, Rice lake
       October 2 - Paper Valley, Appleton
       October 9 - Country Springs, Waukesha
       October 10 - Kalahari, Wisconsin Dells

Treasurer – Clark Jillson (not in attendance – no report)

WADEN Website – Michelle Jacques, Susan Speth
Demo of public Courses Offered/Needed page on the web site
User Name “waden.” Password “courses.”
Directors continue to enter and edit courses using existing user names and passwords.

AT&T Reports – VanAbel, Roy, Alberts, Bader
Rob: Reminder that he‟s available to work with districts on BadgerNet issues. Summer dates
are good. He can promote room usage. Example: Latin teacher at McFarland, Four Lakes.

HPLL Discussion – Chris Alberts described various levels of services and features available.

Class of Service – COS      Virtual Private Network - VPN           Features
0 - Internet                Managed video
2 - WAN                     HPLL                                    Renovo scheduling
5 - Real-time               private VPNs (DOJ, DOC, etc.),          BadgerNet MCUs (3)

Services                          VPN                               Features
Managed Video                     Video                             Renovo scheduling
HPLL                              COS 5 - HPLL
WAN - .5mbp available with        COS 2                             Renovo + MCUs
standard TEACH package

If there are additional questions, contact Chris Alberts.

WBAA Panel
Bill Wolff, DASCOM CEO; Dave Ewing, DASCOM Sales; Chris Alberts, AT&T; Jeff
Stadtmueller, Polycom; Russ Lundsgaard, AT&T; Dan VanAbel, AT&T; Mark Weller, Access
Wisconsin; Larry Baeder, AT&T; Tim Skaja, Renovo.

Tim: Continuing to upgrade Renovo. If we have interest in this feature, Renovo may add a
„clearinghouse‟ process allowing the posting of sessions that allows others to see details and join
session or go to waiting list. Helps with the courses offered/needed process. Working on new
customized reporting.
Dave: New HD DVD/VCR will not record. Hold on to existing DVD/VCRs.
Mark: Completion of conversion is now allowing Access WI to look at expanding network.
Access has a new DL room (site #34) available if anyone needs a room in the Madison area.
Dan Gross: Will we be able to bring in HD sites from outside BadgerNet?
Jeff: Has had informal discussion with AT&T and DOA about moving forward with HD.
Larry: Need to address issue and will be discussing.
Tim: Renovo will be revised as necessary to support HD.

Election of 2007-08 WADEN Officers:

       Chair: Jamie Lane (already determined)
       Chair-Elect: Carol Nelson nominated by Roxann Nys
              Moved to elect: Roxann Nys; Second: Jamie Lane. Unanimous approval.
       Secretary: Jane Manske nominated by Theresa
              Moved to elect: Carol Popelka; Second: Connie Manske. Unanimous approval.
       Treasurer: Clark Jillson nominated by Roxann
              Moved to elect: Gary Herlache; Second: Carol Nelson. Unanimous approval.
       At Large: Carol Popelka nominated by Carol Nelson
                 Marge Jeffers nominated by Gary Herlache
                 Ballot vote for Marge Jeffers

Technology Committee Report – No report

Communication Committee Report – Carol Nelson
Invited additional network highlights for web site this summer

Discussion of part-time WADEN Director position – Don Holmen, Jamie Lane
Have about $23,000 funding available but if a position is created, it will have to be supported on
an ongoing basis. Networks would have to support the position. A tentative budget was
developed. Decision needs to be made regarding moving forward with this position.

Need a long-term commitment from DOA for scheduling support. Rox will contact Mike Mietz
for that information.

Suggestions: Develop another position description for a more clerical function.
Develop a third model that utilizes the Chair-Elect in a more active role.
Utilize Rob Roy‟s position as a DL advocate for WADEN in his regular role as AT&T Education
Look at this issue for another year while networks consider budgeting for it in 2008-09.

Discussion of 2007-08 fees
       Current fee schedule:
       $100 Networks and organization membership
       $35 Individual membership
       $200 Business membership
       Discussion: Should the fees be increased?

       Moved by Dan Gross to adjust membership fees, second by Sam:
       $25 – Individual membership
       $200 – Network or organization membership
       $300 – Business membership
       Motion passed.

2007-08 Meeting Dates
      Executive Committee Meeting in summer
      Tentative - 3rd Thursday, Aug. 16, 12:00 – 2:30 pm

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