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					                                                       Hot Wax
                 The little daily for the FIS Nordic Festival 2009
                                                     Wednesday, January 14

Nordic Festival Bio                                                       Nordic Festival Overview
                                                                          Nordic Combined, January 16-17, 2009
                                                                          Cross-Country Skiing, January 16-18, 2009
                                                                          Ski Jumping, January 24-25, 2009

                                                                          Looking ahead: Tomorrow’s Events

                                                                          Cross-Country Skiing Schedule
                                                                          9:00 am – 4:00 pm Training

                                                                          Nordic Combined Schedule
                                                                          10:00 am – 12:00 pm Training
                                                                                              Ski Jumping
    Linda Jackson – Workforce Team Crew member
                                                                          1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Training
You might have had a long conversation with Linda                                             Cross-Country Skiing
Jackson and not even know it. Hers is one of the
friendly voices at the Volunteer Information Centre.
Maybe she was the person who conducted your first                         The Greening of the Festival
volunteer interview. Or perhaps you met her working
behind the scenes with a hospital society, a hospice                      Bring a thermos or refillable water bottle.
society or a community volunteer organization. Did                        Recycle as much waste as possible.
we mention that Linda Jackson volunteered more
than 900 hours in 2008?                                                   Limit the amount of paper you use.
                                                                          Join a car pool wherever possible.
“I just love to volunteer,” she says. But not just any
kind of volunteering. “Not frontline. I am very much
                                                                           Wellness Tip!
True to her word, you can find Linda Jackson at the
Festival’s Workforce team tent. She might be the
volunteer who greets you at check-in. Or it’ll be her                      Comedian Dave Thomas says his wife once
picking up garbage or setting up tables or shoveling                       accused him of treating his body as a means of
a path into the tent.                                                      moving his head from room to room. Stretching
                                                                           helps reduce the likelihood of injury. Stretching is
Her path in life was set early in adulthood during a
                                                                           especially important if your role requires long
four-year trip around the world where she learned to
become resourceful – and helpful. She loves to be                          periods of standing, sitting or repetitive motion.
busy. She giggles and rocks back in her seat. “If                          Bonus: not only will you feel smarter than Dave,
necessary I’m sure I’ll hand out a bandage or two.”                        you’ll feel great!

             Please re-use or recycle this newsletter. The information in this newsletter is accurate as of distribution time.
The Callaghan Valley

The site of the FIS Nordic Festival 2009 is the Callaghan Valley. People visit the Callaghan to bike, hike, fish, canoe
and kayak in the summer – and snowmobile, ski and snowshoe in the winter. And oh, what a winter!
Whistler Olympic Park receives an annual average snow pack of 275 centimetres. All that snow translates into
roughly 150 days of skiing each year.
The subalpine terrain lends itself to the type of technically-challenging course that designer John Aalberg had in
mind when he first saw the area. In order to traverse this terrain, a cross-country skier has to be able to master every
single technique the sport has to offer. There’s no place to hide.

Pocket Digest: Cross-Country
Ancient paintings discovered in Russia in the 1930s show a hunter in pursuit of
reindeer. The paintings, which clearly show the hunter on skis, are believed to be
six thousand years old.
By the 1700s the Norwegian army was holding cross-country ski competitions
and civilians were holding their own competitions by the mid-1800s. It’s no
surprise that the man who designed Whistler Olympic Park was born and raised
in Norway. You can read all about the man who designed the course – two-time
Olympian John Aalberg – in tomorrow’s issue of Hot Wax.
Cross-country skiing was first included in the Olympic Winter Games in
Chamonix, France, in 1924, in 18-kilometre and 50-kilometre races for men.
Ladies’ cross-country skiing made its debut at the Oslo 1952 Olympic Winter
Games. The cross-country skiing technique known as skating or free technique
became a separate Olympic competitive discipline at the Calgary 1988 Winter

Hot Eats – Meet Chef Stewart

No matter how dedicated you are, let’s face it, when it comes to food…we all manage to find the time to appreciate
the break.
Stewart Stolarski, Food and Beverage Manager, approached Hot Wax with a great idea: at the end of every day he’ll
let our little newsletter know what’s on the menu the next day. So each morning, when you pick up your menu
voucher, read this newsletter to find out what it buys you.
Now that’s cooking with gas.
                                          Or is that the wrong metaphor?

                                          At the end of the day…

                                          When you’re finished your shift, please check with your supervisor before leaving
                                          and make sure you know when you’re working next. Once your supervisor says
                                          it’s okay to go, you’re free to leave!

                Please re-use or recycle this newsletter. The information in this newsletter is accurate as of distribution time.

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