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22 March, 2010      1
                 Duntes Nami

22 March, 2010                 2
     DUNTES NAMI – write down the adress of your
                    new office!
 Modern Class A office building in the central
  business district of Riga:
 Address: Rīga, Duntes street 11(intersection of
  Duntes and Skanstes street)
 Developer: LLC. ”DUNTES NAMI”

    The choice of the location of this modern A class office building is
     not random:
    the district is featured by a fast development; new commercial and
     residential projects in this area are prepared or under construction
     (development of SIA “Merks” – area of Skanstes street a.o.)
    The growing interest about this district and other qualities of
     location, like close distance to the city center (7 minutes by car),
     good public transportation, intense traffic, reach from all positions
     of the city show the validity of the choice of its location.

22 March, 2010                                                               3
                       What is DUNTES NAMI?
 DUNTES NAMI is a modern 6 storey professional
  office building with office spaces and conference
 Total area: 12 425 m2
 incl. basement: 3 961,50 m2
 Useful area of the building: 10 847m2
 incl. basement: 3 020,30 m2
 Available space starting from 85 m2

22 March, 2010                                        4
DUNTES NAMI – brief technical specification
 Building management system (BMS)
 Heating and cooling system “FANCOIL” as well as central heating system;
 Free and ergonomic layout of office space both in the horizontal and the vertical plane
  according to the requirements of the client
 Armed security 24/7: external and internal video monitoring system, door controllers
  Professional maintenance 24/7
 Especially thick window glass for silence of your comfort;
 48h Diesel generator for your 100% security and independency in case of a supplier
 2mW of total power available;

22 March, 2010                                                                              5
                      DUNTES NAMI – development of premises

  The choice of premises is up to the client;
  The premises are fitted with all of the planned lead-ins of engineering
   communications; walls and floor are prepared for the end-decoration;
  The client has the possibility to choose the design material and the format of office
   spaces according to needs and standards of his/her company*;
  Premises are being prepared according to a submitted interior project which is
   executed by landlord.
     *Landlord keeps the right to refuse extraordinary installments and excessively exopensive material choice and fits the premises
      after common standards.

22 March, 2010                                                                                                                          6
           DUNTES NAMI – development of premises
            The previous mentioned proceedings :

                the owner of the building takes all costs of interior
                 refurbishment and installs all the necessary communications
                 in the premies to meet a standard office fitout.

                Layout in co-operation with our architect office AR4

22 March, 2010                                                                 7
     DUNTES NAMI– peripheral premises and accommodations

   The territory adjacent to the office building – well improved and planted.
   Maintenance – 24 hours armed security, common reception, 100%
    perimetral and internal video surveillance.
   3 modern passenger elevators, 1 panorama elevator, 1 cargo elevator,
    which means an easy access to the office premises without a waste of time.

22 March, 2010                                                                   8
           DUNTES NAMI – handy and reachable parking spaces

 22 parking places for visitors of the building are
  located in the front of the building.

 Parking for office employees:

   underground parking: 111 places 40,00 EUR/per
    month + VAT

   aboveground parking: 66 places 30,00 EUR/per
    month + VAT

 First 24 months parking FREE OF CHARGE!

22 March, 2010                                                9
                     DUNTES NAMI – rental price and other costs
       1. First year: 7 EUR/sqm
       Second year: 8 EUR/sqm
       Third year: 10 EUR/sqm
       EU CPI indexation afterwards.
       First 3 months free of charge!!!

       2. Maintenance costs: 1,5 EUR/m2
       Includes: Monitoring and servicing of all of the systems of the building, (HVAC – heating,
       ventilation, air conditioning,
       electricity/low current networks, water and sewage systems);
       Cleaning of the common use premises and the adjacent territory of the Building,
       Administration and physical guarding of the Building 24/7;
       Responsible supervisor of the building;
       Cleaning/washing of the facade;
       Monitoring and maintaining the building to the highest standards of all sanitary requirements and
       normatives;

       3. Public facilities costs
      (heating, water-supply, electricity according to meter)

       4. 21% VAT

    22 March, 2010                                                                                          10
                                         Public transportation:
      Trolleybus – no.3 (the trolleybus stop located ~ 100 m from the office building);
      Bus – no.2, no.11, no.33, no.49 (bus stop located ~ 100 m from the office building);
      Tram – no.11 (tram stop located ~ 700 m from the office building).
      Train station located ~ 700 m from the office building.
      In a close distance there are several shopping centers: Hypermarket Rimi, shopping center Sky&More, Bank High School and
       various office buildings, airport is in 30 minutes drive and central railway station is 15 minutes drive from the building.

22 March, 2010                                                                                                                       11
22 March, 2010   12
                 Let us be the key to your success!

           DUNTES NAMI - A class deserving

22 March, 2010                                        13
East Capital in brief
  Leading asset manager dedicated to
   Eastern Europe
  2.4 billion EUR in public and private equity
  160 employees
  Offices in Stockholm, Paris, Moscow,
   Hong Kong, Tallinn, Oslo and Vienna
  450,000 investors (incl. 25,000 direct clients)
  12 year track record
  Independently owned and managed

22 March, 2010                                       14
East Capital Real Estate – Baltics, Russia, Ukraine
  We are managing two funds – East Capital Baltic Property
   Fund in the Baltic and East Capital Russian Property Fund in
  We are managing two development companies with a property
   and development portfolio in Ukraine – Cantik Ltd and
   Henryland Ltd
  Total assets under management (including committed capital)
   USD 370 million
  Real Estate team of 17 professionals plus management co and
   other service providers in Ukraine and Baltic

   March 2010
22 March,2010                                                     15
East Capital Baltic Property Fund
  Launched in July 2005
  Final term 5+2 years - 2012...2014
  EUR 55.1 million in committed capital
  Total GLA of 135,500 sqm
  Total number of leases + 300
  Total assets aquisition value 155 mEUR
  16 direct property holdings all over the Baltic States
  1 divestment in March 2008

22 March, 2010                                              16
East Capital Baltic Property Fund facts
         •Tallinn                                                •Maardu
         •Nurmenuku Shopping Centre                              •Favor Industrial Facility
         •Tänassilma Logistics                                   •Narva
         •City Hotel Portus                                      •Kerese Keskus Commercial Centre
         •Tammsaare Business Park                   •ESTONIA     •Johvi
         •Saarema                                                •Jewe Centre
         •Go Spa                                                 •Johvi Furniture Centre
                                                                 •Tsentraal Centre
         •Pärnu                                        •LATVIA   •Riga
         •Papiniidu Commercial Centre
                                                                 •Duntes Nami
                                                                 •Jeruzalemes Centre
                                               •LITHUANIA        •Zemitana Centre
         •Deco Furniture and Interior Centre
         •Laracija Office Center                                 •Vilnius
                                                                 •Jin & Jan Office Centre

   March 2010
22 March,2010                                                                                       17
        Stockholm | Moscow | Paris | Tallinn | Oslo | Hong Kong | Milan | Vienna
22 March, 2010                                                                     18

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