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									                          MINUTES OF COLLEGE COUNCIL MEETING
                                     FEBRUARY 27, 2007
                            2:00 p.m. - - Cafeteria Conference Room

PARTICIPANTS: Dr. Tyree Wieder, President (ex officio); Ms. Carlotta Tronto, Vice President of
Academic Affairs; Dr. Shannon Stack, Academic Senate President; Mr. Tom Jacobsmeyer, Vice
President of Administrative Services; Ms. Narine Jugharian, ASU President; Mr. Art Brickman,
Non-AFT Classified; Mr. Richard Torquato, Chair, Budget Committee; Dr. Lawrence Nakamura,
Chair, Space & Work Committee; Mr. Jeffrey Kent, Chair, Technology Committee; Ms. Joanne
Waddell, AFT College Guild, Dr. Bruce Thomas, Chair, Student Services Committee; and
Chairperson, Dr. Yasmin Delahoussaye, Vice President of Student Services.

ABSENT MEMBERS: Ms. Selma Cohen, AFT Staff Guild (unrepresented)

RESOURCE MEMBERS: Dr. Lawrence Nakamura, Space and Work
                  Mr. Jeffrey Kent, Technology
                  Mr. Richard Torquato, Budget
                  Dr. Shannon Stack, IPC
                  Dr. Bruce Thomas, Student Services
                  Ms. Jeanne C. Rubin, Note-taker

OBSERVERS: Ms. Deborah Kaye, Accreditation Chair; Mr. Tom Lopez, Director of College
Facilities; Dr. Deborah diCesare, Dean of Academic Affairs; Dr. Michael Gold, Student Services
(Counseling Department).

(Please note that copies of the minutes as well as all reports/handouts submitted to the Council
are available in the Office of the President, Administration Building Room #116)

1. Call to Order/Acceptance of Minutes
  The Chair called the meeting to order at 2:03 p.m.

    A. Dr. Delahoussaye distributed the 2006-07 “Decision Making, Governance and
       Procedures Handbook” to the members.

    B. A draft of the minutes of the January 16, 2007 meeting had been previously distributed to
       the members. Pursuant to a motion by Dr. Stack, duly seconded by Ms. Waddell, the
       minutes were accepted as submitted.

2. New Business
     A. Educational Master Plan Draft
        Dr. Gold distributed four handouts to the members: (1) System Strategic Plan”, System
Office, California Community Colleges 12/6/06 (2) “Education Master Plan Committee and
Governance Structure Flow Chart 11/15/06 (3) Education Master Plan at LAVC Planning
Document Flow Chart 9/25/06 (4) Los Angeles Valley College Strategic Pal 2007-2012 Draft
11/2006. True and exact copies are attached hereto. He asked the members to note that the
items on the right side of the LAVC Planning Document Flow Chart show the relationship to the
state and district master plans. A brief question and answer session ensued with Dr. Gold and Dr.
diCesare fielding the questions posed by the members.

    B. Strategic Planning Retreat
    Dr. Gold yielded the floor to Dr. diCesare, announcing that she would discuss the concept of
a retreat encompassing strategic planning training. Dr. diCesare recalled the continuing issue of
the lack of “linkage”. She spoke generally about the significance of everyone understanding the
importance of goals and then inculcating them into what we do. She said that the most important
question is, “How do we implement and measure effectiveness?”

College Council Meeting
February 27, 2007
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    Dr. Delahoussaye asked why one of the goals is not institutional effectiveness and effectively
measuring it, to which Dr. Gold replied that she was right and that this should be one of the goals.
Ms. Waddell asked Dr. gold to clarify whether all the plans shown on the flow chart feed into the
Educational Master Plan (hereinafter “EMP”), and Dr. Gold replied that they do. He explained
that the EMP is an expanded mission statement. Ms. Tronto added that everything shown on the
flow chart feeds into educating students, so all other plans should be under the EMP. Mr. Lopez
pointed out that, without budget and an operational plan, the goals are meaningless, with which
Drs. Gold and diCesare agreed.

           Discussion, initiated by Ms. Waddell ensued regarding who is charged with over-
            seeing the strategic plan. Points raised were:
           Whether this should be College Council or IPC
           Whether there should be a faculty representative on the District’s strategic planning
           Whether there is an agreed upon definition of student success (Dr. Delahoussaye
            referred the members to the Faculty Handbook which contains such a definition.)
           Whether the college has the capacity to track students
Dr. diCesare suggested that a town hall meeting be held on April 12 sponsored by the College
Council to which all constituencies will be invited. A presentation will be given by Vice Chancellor
Todd Burnett of the State System Office. Then the annual June Retreat of the College Council
will provide the opportunity for people to take ownership of each goal and to identify the persons
who “own” each goal. It was agreed that the College Council will host the April 12 town hall
meeting and will work with Drs. Gold and diCesare on planning for the June retreat.

3. Administrative Reports
    A. President’s Report
    Dr. Wieder reported that she had just returned from a Whitsett Foundation event where the
foundation gave gifts to both CSUN and LAVC.

     B. Academic Affairs
     Ms. Tronto reported on hiring. The positions being filled are Director of Staff Development,
Supplemental Instruction Director, Writing Center Director, Sociology instructor and Music

     She then yielded the floor to Deborah Kaye, who distributed a schedule for the accreditation
site visit (a true and exact copy of which is attached hereto. Discussion ensured regarding
accreditation, including the following points:
               Mr. Lopez asked about Open Forums - - all can attend, can ask questions, and
                  may themselves be asked questions by the team
               Students are invited and encouraged to participate, and Ms. Jugharian will work
                  with the ASU Executive Council to publicize
               Dr. Delahoussaye emphasized the importance of assigning responsibility for
                  planning agenda items and giving a time-line for completion.
               Ms. Waddell said the Self Study is now a plan for the next 5 years, and
                  emphasized the importance of integrating it into the strategic plan discussed by
                  Drs. Gold and diCesare. (Ms. Tronto and Ms. Kaye pointed out that the Self
                  Study frequently references the strategic plan and that it is being included.)

   C. Administrative Services
        Mr. Jacobsmeyer reported that two additional carts have been acquired for the Sheriffs to
escort students at night. He also reported that the Safety Marshall training is being put on-line
because the classroom setting is not working for people’s schedules.

    D. Student Services

College Council Meeting
February 27, 2007
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         Dr. Delahoussaye reported that they are finishing the Title V Technology Grant
application. Aspects of this grant include:
              Allowing students to access a “what if” scenario so they can analyze transfer
                progress and options
              An “Early Alert” plan
              Increased on-line class offerings
              Training instructors in pod-casting
              Lap-top rentals for students An on-line degree program

4. Standing Committee Reports
    A. Technology
    Mr. Kent referred the members to the minutes of The February 21, 2007 Technology
Committee meeting:

       Call to Order            Chair Jeff Kent called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m.
       Approval of Minutes      The minutes of the November 15, 2006 meeting were
       Chair’s Report           Jeff advised that Librada Hernandez has been appointed to fill
                                the faculty position vacated by Brenda Ingram-Cotton’s
                                resignation. Additionally, George Gorecki is filling both the AFT
                                and non-AFT Classified positions.
                                Jeff also advised that the Accreditation Site Visit team will be
                                visiting our March meeting.
       Technology Plan          Tom Jacobsmeyer reported that he has sectioned the
       Implementation           Technology Plan outline into assignments for each group
       (Follow up)              involved in the project. These assignments will be parceled
                                out to each responsible group for that area. The assignments,
                                logging, activity and progress will be monitored on a website
                                created by LAVC IT. Dispersal of the assignments will begin
                                as soon as the website is completed. Tom anticipates
                                presenting further documentation at the next meeting.
                                Jorge Mata reported that by next week a project management
                                site will be available, initially through the LAVC intranet and
                                later through the Internet. The site will allow access by
                                interested parties to the activity and input of the LAVC
                                Technology Plan. Anyone will be able to view the progress of
                                the creation of the Plan and comment on any information
                                contained in the Plan.
       Section 508 (Follow      Mark Lampert advised the committee regarding a Web
       Up)                      Accessibility Workshop on March 5 and provided download
                                instructions for AccVerify.
                                As the webmaster was absent, deferred to the next meeting is
                                an update re progress on compliance with requirement: “Those
                                responsible for websites residing on LAVC servers must
                                submit by December 31, 2006 to the LAVC Webmaster
                                documentation of the printout results of testing their websites
                                on AccVerify.”
                                Since Kathleen Sullivan and Laurie Nalepa were absent (both
                                excused), the Section 508 policy they are working on and will
                                present was deferred to the next meeting.
       Virtual Valley (Follow   Mark Lampert provided a report on the transition to ETUDES

College Council Meeting
February 27, 2007
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       LACCD Website Task        Tino Manzano was absent so this is deferred until our next
       Force (New)               meeting.

       Smart Classrooms          This item was deferred because Kathleen Sullivan was absent
       (New)                     (excused) so this will be deferred until our next meeting.

       Public Agenda             None.
       Adjournment               2:45 p.m.

   Mr. Kent noted that there are no action items, and explained that the committee is working on
§508 follow-up as well as Technology Plan implementation. He invited Dr. Delahoussaye to
consult with the Technology Committee on on-line topics.

   B. Space & Work
   Dr. Nakamura reported that the committee had no action items to present. He said the
committee has an ad hoc group of people looking at signage/wayfinding, with a deadline of the
end of Spring Break to report back to the committee.

    C. Budget
    Mr. Torquato reported that the committee had no action items to preset. He said that their
sub-committee is working on the Operations Plan.               The sub-committee has made
recommendations to the Committee which, if adopted, will leave a “slight positive”. The plan is to
revisit the issue in May after the revise, and also when the college has a handle on separations
from service. At the point, the committee will vote on adoption of the recommendations from the

    He said there has been a revision of the meeting schedule for March, with a regular meeting
            th                                                            th
on March 13 to review budget requests, and a special meeting on March 20 .

    D. Student Services
    Dr. Thomas stated that the committee did not have any action items to represent. He
reported briefly on the committee’s goals and objectives, stating that a Student Success Liaison is
being set up, working with clubs on campus. He asked that the ASU representative on the
committee be certain to attend the next meeting to get this under way.

5. Constituent Group Reports
    A. ASU
    Ms. Jugharian reported the various matters that the ASU is working on currently:
         Collecting signatures for the book price petition
         ASU had a great Mardi Gras celebration and worked on the New Student Welcome
         March 13 is the tentative date for the International Arts Festival, with display tables
           and a concert
         The student trip to New Orleans over Spring Break to work with Habitat for Humanity
           is now only $2,000 short of its funding goal

     B. Academic Senate
     Dr. Stack reported that, due to the Academic Rank Committee Chair’s efforts, 50 people
moved to a new rank. She also stated that she will be joining Ms. Tronto next week to help with

    C. AFT

College Council Meeting
February 27, 2007
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    Ms. Waddell reported on the following activities:
         The February 12 Chapter meeting had been a joint one with the AFT Staff Guild,
          hosting a candidates forum for those endorsed by the AFT
         Encouraged everyone to attend the CERT (Community Emergency Response
          Training) Program that will be offered at LAVC. Details will be disseminated to the
          campus in the next day or two.
         The AFT is co-sponsoring a panel on “Workplace of Respect” with the Diversity
         3/21 is the kick-off for the Dolores Huerta Labor Institute, with the first effort to get
          faculty to incorporate labor issues into their curriculum for that week. Events will take
          place at East during the day and at Harbor in the evening.
         John Delloro is on board to direct this effort. Dr. Wieder expressed concern that
          there needs to be a curriculum process for this, and Dr. Nakamura said that Mr.
          Delloro said anyone with questions should contact him. He described how Mr.
          Delloro had provided helpful suggestions on how labor issues can be integrated into
          Dr. Nakamura’s microbiology curriculum.

    D. AFT Staff Guild (No Report)
    Ms. Cohen was absent.

     E. Non-AFT Classified
     Mr. Brickman stated the importance of voting in the up-coming election, and said many of his
colleagues did not know they get to vote in this election. He reported on his meeting with the V.P.
of Administrative Services, and said he now has an up-dated and complete list of his constituents.
He also reported that the new Non-AFT Classified representative on the Budget committee will be
John Beckers.      Additionally, Mr. Brickman reported that he is now a member of the
Administrative/Classified Hiring Committee.

6. Public Agenda Speakers
       There were none.

7. Adjournment
       There being no further business to come before the College Council, the meeting was
adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

Jeanne C. Rubin, Note Taker

College Council Meeting
February 27, 2007
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