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					    E-Waste and YOU!!!                                                      Why YOU Matter!!!
                                                                            With simple decisions come solutions! You can:
                                                                            - Try upgrading your computer instead of buying a new one.
                                                                            - Use refillable ink cartridges.
                                                                            - Evaluate the company manufacturer of your electronics to see
                                                                            whether they offer any recycling services.
                                                                            - Donate your old, working computer to a school or charity.
                                                                            - Take your e-waste to a company specializing in electronics recy-
                                                                            cling. In Vancouver, we reccomend Genesis Recycling Ltd. There’s
                                                                            a small fee - but it’s your waste.
                                                                            - Ask your MP about a government strategy for the safe disposal
                                                                            of e-waste. Alberta has implemented a successful program, and
                                                                            BC is in the process of developing something similar.
 **Photo courtesy of Basel Action Network. Electronic waste is dumped and
 burned here, an area just outside of the Alaba market in Lagos.
                                                                            For further information:
        Check it out at the Basel Action Network Website                    Genesis Recycling Ltd: 1-800-240-0996
                                                       Hewlett Packard:
                                                                            Island Inkjet:
  What is E-Waste???                                                        Recycling Council of British Columbia:
Anything and everything electronic! It includes equipment such as
computers, mice, keyboards, printers, circuit boards, and cell phones.
These items often contain plastics, metals and other materials that
are not readily biodegradable and can be toxic.
 Why does it matter???
- E-waste is the fastest growing source of waste, with 140 000
tonnes disposed of each year. Between 1992 and 2000 Canadi-
ans alone disposed of enough PC’s to fill 1000 Olympic size
swimming pools, and only 10% were recycled.
- Landfilling e-waste is hazardous to the environment and human
health because substances such as arsenic, cadmium, lead,
                                                                            **Photo Courtesy of Basel Action Network. In Guiyu, China, a child sits on a
mercury and nickel can leach out into the ground and water.
These substances have been associated with diseases such as                 pile of non-recyclable e-waste of which was imported from around the world.

cancer and neurological disorders.                                                                UBC Waste Management
- Our local e-waste isn’t just accumulating in our landfills, but is                                      2329 West Mall
                                                                                                      Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
often shipped oversees to countries such as China, Nigeria and
Indonesia, where it threatens the health of these communities.                                           (604) 822-3827