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Employee Handbook for Drug and Alcohol Use at work

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									                           Drug & Alcohol Policies
                              As adopted by:

                                Herein after called: Company

Employee Medical Examinations
To help ensure that employees are able to perform their duties safely, periodic or
random medical examinations and/or drug tests may be required.

After an offer has been made to an applicant entering a designated job category, a
medical examination and/or random drug testing may be performed at COMPANY
expense by a health professional of COMPANY choice. The offer of employment and
assignment to duties is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the exam.

Current employees may be required to take medical examinations and/or drug testing to
determine fitness for duty. Such examinations will be scheduled at reasonable times and
intervals and performed at COMPANY expense.

Information on an employee's medical condition or history will be kept separate from
other employee information and maintained confidentially. Access to this information will
be limited to those who have a legitimate need to know.


Employment Termination

Termination of employment is an inevitable part of personnel activity within any
organization, and many of the reasons for termination are routine. Below are examples
of some of the most common circumstances under which employment is terminated:

   * Resignation - voluntary employment termination initiated by an employee.
   * Discharge - involuntary employment termination initiated by the organization.
   * Layoff - involuntary employment termination initiated by the organization for
nondisciplinary reasons.
   * Drug Testing - Refusal to take or testing positive for any illegal substance
   *Alcohol - Use of any alcohol during office or work hours
   *Violent or improper behavior in the workplace
   *Felony convictions of violent or prurient nature.

COMPANY may opt to bypass any progressive discipline during the course of
employment and terminate with discussion at-will, so long as no State or Federal laws
are violated.

Post-offer medical examinations may be required for those positions in which there is a
bona fide job-related physical requirement. They are given to all persons entering those
positions only after conditional job offers to help ensure they are able to perform their
duties safely. Medical records will be kept separate and confidential. Post accident drug
testing will be performed, refusal to take tests will be an automatic voluntary quit.


Drug and Alcohol Use
It is COMPANY desire to provide a drug-free, healthful, and safe workplace. To promote
this goal, employees are required to report to work in appropriate mental and physical
condition to perform their jobs in a satisfactory manner.

While on COMPANY premises and while conducting business-related activities off
COMPANY premises, no employee may use, possess, distribute, sell, or be under the
influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. The legal use of prescribed drugs is permitted on
the job only if it does not impair an employee's ability to perform the essential functions
of the job effectively and in a safe manner that does not endanger other individuals in
the workplace.

Any use of alcohol or a controlled or illegal drug at the work place will result in an
immediate termination of employment.

All work related accidents have a mandatory drug test requirement. Failure to take drug
testing is viewed as a voluntary quit.

Violations of this policy may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate
termination of employment, and/or required participation in a substance abuse
rehabilitation or treatment program. Such violations may also have legal consequences.

To inform employees about important provisions of this policy, COMPANY has
established a drug-free awareness program. The program provides information on the
dangers and effects of substance abuse in the workplace, resources available to
employees, and consequences for violations of this policy.

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