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                                     Cliches, Quotations,Words of Wisdom,& Old Chestnuts                         ",_.

                          By Dr. Allen Waldman

                          All of the abovehavethe samegenesis, man's attemptto provide wisdomandinsight into
                          the humanexperience.It seems me that the intelligentsiain cahootswith the powersto
                          be, have systematically maligned, devalued, and denigrated all of the historical
                          CQW&O's that provide stability and depth to society. I believe this a calculated
                          subversionto replacethe "Tried and true" with new CQW&O's that they concoctand
                          copyrightfor personalgain.

                          They insinuatethat werenot as clever asthey are because useothers' wordsto expres
                          ourselves. I ask you what could be more astutethat "Buy Low, Sell High" or more
                          obviousthat "It takestwo to tango".

                          Now I'll be the first to admit thesephrasesare not always accurateor infallible. The
                          meaningsmay not always be clear and of course,there is always "Two sidesto every

                         Yogi said, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." Confusing--okay, but
                         meaningful-Yes. Had I takenhis advice,who knows,"I could havebeena contender".

                         Marie Antoinetteutteredthe phrase"Let them eat cake",when shewas informedthat the
                         people of France were starving because there was no bread. Those words made her
                         soundlike an old shrew,but maybe,"There is moreto this story thanmeetsthe eye."

                         Is it possiblethat the bakers,"In the heat of the moment", usedall the flower to make
                         goodiesinsteadof bread? You know how thoseFrtnch are-and Marie Antoinettewas
                         really a survivalist whose words were misunderstood. I know that I have personally
                         lookedto SaraLee for sustenance   whenall elsehasfailed.

                         One of my favorite sayingsis "Youth is wastedon the young". As I have gottenolder,
                         I've cometo the realizationthat I'd gladly swap this old wise body for a young dumb
                         one, "In a heartbeat" or "A New York minute."

                         Anyway, I'm going to continue to use CQW&O's to expressmyself. I will--on
                         occasion-"Give credit wherecredit is due", but moreoften thannot I will claim them as
                         my own. Remember,  "God helpsthosewho help themselves."


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