ITS PRACTITIONERS                                 HEALING TOUCH ACTIVITIES                          HEALING TOUCH

Healing Touch influences the human body’s         The Healing Touch group meets regularly for
energy system, affecting one’s health and         their own practice and education.
healing process. It complements conventional
health care and restores harmony and balance      Healing Touch sessions are offered to members
to help the individual self-heal. Healing Touch   of the congregation on the second Thursday
is a process of being open to God’s intention     evening of each month, and after church on the
for us to achieve wholeness and health as indi-   first and third Sundays of each month.
viduals and as a community. Healing Touch is
not a substitute for medical care.                Fees are not charged for Healing Touch, as it
                                                  is part of the pastoral care ministry of Knox
Healing Touch practitioners are members of the    United Church. If you wish to support this min-
congregation who have completed at least one      istry, donations are accepted.
course in the Healing Pathways program. This
program, from Naramata Centre, is designed to     Please address questions to our ministers or
train and mentor people who wish to develop       any members of the Healing Touch team.
                                                                                                    A Healing Pathways
the gift and skill of healing hands within the                                                      Program at the
Christian tradition. Healing practitioners are
                                                                                                    Knox United Church
not diagnosticians.

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                                                             506 Fourth Street SW
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                                                                                                          WHAT WILL I FEEL?
OUR MISSION                                         HOW DOES IT WORK?                                     WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?

T   he Healing Touch ministry of Knox United
    Church provides ongoing training, support
and healing opportunities for all members of
                                                    For your comfort and the comfort of the prac-
                                                    titioners, you will lie on a massage table, with
                                                    your head and knees gently resting on pillows.
                                                                                                          People have reported some of the
                                                                                                          following responses:

the congregation.                                   You will remain fully clothed, and may have a          •   tingling in some areas of the body
                                                    blanket over you if you wish.                          •   temperature change
The Healing Touch ministry is grounded in the                                                              •   seeing colours or images
teaching of Jesus and is a part of our Christian    We centre ourselves with prayer to invite God’s        •   hearing music
faith. It enables us to minister to each other in   presence into our minds and bodies, and to             •   remembering a forgotten experience
practical and respectul ways, to enhance our        allow God’s healing energy to flow through the          •   relaxation
experience of community.                            practitioners and the client. The practitioners        •   letting go
                                                    will state their intention to be open channels         •   peace
We believe that healing is a process guided by      of God’s healing power. You will be invited to         •   swirling energy
God to restore balance and wholeness of body,       state your intention to be open to receive that        •   feeling loved
mind and spirit, not only within the individual     healing power.                                         •   little awareness or energy
but also within relationships, community and
creation (Healing Pathway).                         You will be asked for permission from the prac-       You may reflect upon you experiences. The
                                                    titioners to touch your body. Healing Touch can       decision to share is always yours.
Healing Touch is founded on the belief that all     be given without touching. The comfort level
people are able to facilitate healing through       you express will set the direction for the process.
compassionate intent. Healing Touch sessions                                                                                     ❁ ❁ ❁
are conducted with respect for the physical,        The practitioners will ask if there are any spe-
emotional and spiritual selves of the individu-     cific areas to which you wish healing energy to
als involved.                                       be directed. Then you can relax and enjoy what        In order to take charge of your healing
                                                    is being offered.                                     process, you could:

                                                    The process includes a prayer for God’s protec-        •   be in a peaceful state prior to treatment
                                                    tion, guidance and ongoing healing to take place.      •   pray, meditate, sit and relax while waiting
                                                                                                           •   be present with what is happening
                                                                                                           •   try to clear your mind of other thoughts
                                                                                                           •   be open to whatever healing comes to you

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