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					        Why a
Healing Touch Ministry                        Healing Touch can…

 Jesus modeled a healing ministry and
 instructed his disciples to teach and        Promote relaxation

                                                                                Healing Touch Ministry
                                              Help to manage stress
 The Mission of a Healing Touch               Encourage healing
 Ministry is twofold:

     •   To renew the Church’s role in        Reduce pain

                                                                                                         St. Andrew’s – Wesley United Church
                                              Assist in managing depression
     •   To reach out to those in need
         of healing in body, mind and
         or spirit
                                              Strengthen the immune system
 A Healing Touch Ministry within the          Increase a sense of well being
 Christian community is an expression
 of love and compassion for those
 who are in need of healing of any

 Christian healing is described as a
 gift freely given to all, rather than as
 a special gift of only a few.

 Anyone can act as a healing
 presence, if that is their intention.

                                            St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church
                                                 Ste 100 - 1022 Nelson Street
                                                       Vancouver, BC
                                     Healing Touch at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church
The Healing Touch Ministry
                                           What is Healing Touch?                What happens when you receive
                                                                                        Healing Touch?
The Healing Touch Ministry is part
of the Stewardship Ministry.         Healing touch is a form of the ancient      You meet with two practitioners who
                                     art of hands-on healing described in        listen to your health concerns and
                                     both the Old and New Testaments.            answer any questions you may have.
Persons in the Ministry have                                                     The practitioners then work with the
completed one or more courses in     Healing Touch is an energy based            energy around your body by moving
Healing Touch from a qualified       approach to healing. By working with        their hands in gentle motions. A light
                                     these energy fields that surround each      touch may be used, depending on your
                                     of us, change can take place. These         comfort level.
                                     changes can be physical, mental,
A Certified Healing Touch            emotional or spiritual. Healing touch       Healing Touch is provided while you are
Practitioner acts as a mentor        complements traditional approaches to       fully clothed and either sitting on a chair
                                     health and healing.                         or lying on a padded table. During the
                                                                                 session you may simply relax, or you
The volunteer practitioners meet     The goal of Healing Touch is to restore     might want to ask questions or share
regularly for practice. They offer   wholeness through harmony and               any feelings you are experiencing. You
Healing Touch to members of the      balance, enabling the person to self-       are always “in charge” of the session
                                     heal.                                       and if at any time you feel
Congregation and the Community.
                                                                                 uncomfortable, you can ask to end the
                                     Healing Touch does not cure a               session.
For more information about The       particular condition, problem or illness.
Healing Touch Ministry please call   It is not a substitute for medical care.    A session usually lasts from 30 to 45
                                                                                 minutes. Afterwards, you might want to
                                     A person can be healed without being        ask more questions or to reflect on the
                                     cured.                                      experience.

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