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									              Healing Touch International
              Healing Touch Certificate Program Curriculum

Level 1 (I) Description                       Level 1 (I) Objectives                            Level 1 (I) Course Content
Level 1 begins with 18 continuing education   The participant will:                             Energy system concepts related to health.
contact hours of instruction, allowing        1. Describe the human energy system               Basics of the energy system - energy field and
persons with varying backgrounds to enter,    relationship to physical, emotional, mental and   energy centers.
acknowledge their previous learning and to    spiritual health.                                 Location and function of the charkas.
further develop concepts and skills in        2. Discuss energy principles basic to Healing     Assessment of the energy field and energy
energy-based therapy. A strong commitment     Touch.                                            centers.
to personal growth is required.               3. Assess the energy field and energy centers.    Meditation for centering and maintaining
                                              4. Identify a basic Healing Touch sequence.       energetic flow.
                                              5. Demonstrate specific intervention techniques   Principles and practice of Healing Touch.
                                              used in Healing Touch.                            Selected intervention techniques: Basic
                                              6. Discuss applications of Healing Touch in       Healing Touch Sequence, Magnetic Passes,
                                              personal and professional practice.               Magnetic Clearing, Chakra Connection (1 on
                                              7. Discuss expected ethical conduct and           1, 2 on 1, self), Headache Techniques
                                              standards of practice within Healing Touch.       (tension, migraine, sinus), Ultra Sound, Laser,
                                                                                                Chakra Spread, Scudder (Optional), Mind
                                                                                                Clearing (Optional).
                                                                                                Principles of self-healing.
                                                                                                Personal development as a healer.
                                                                                                Legal and professional aspects of touch

Level 2 (IIA) Description                     Level 2 (IIA) Objectives                          Level 2 (IIA) Course Content
Level 2 is for students who have completed    The participant will:                             Review techniques from HT Level 1 (I)
Level 1 and wish to increase breadth and      1. Share the experience of practicing Level 1     Sharing experiences of practicing Level 1 (I)
depth in the study of Healing Touch. (17.5    (I) techniques.                                   techniques.
continuing education contact hours.) The      2. Develop interviewing and additional            Discuss applying techniques in clinical settings.
second level of study in Healing Touch        assessment skills.                                Assessment process: interviewing skills,
includes an intake interview, back            3. Demonstrate a one-hour healing sequence        recording observations, documentation.
techniques and a one-hour healing             for specific client problems.                     Healing techniques: One-hour Healing
sequence. Emphasis in the experiential        4. Document clinical work.                        Sequence, Spiral Meditation, Mind Clearing,
learning is on developing healing sequences   5. Practice back and neck techniques.             Wound Closing, Pain Ridge, Pain Drain, Sealing
for specific client needs.                    6. Describe specific techniques in addressing     Leaks, Back Techniques.
                                              client health challenges.

Level 3 (IIB) Description                         Level 3 (IIB) Objectives                             Level 3 (IIB) Content
Level 3 is for students who desire more in-       The participant will:                                Advanced development of the healer .
depth skills in Healing Touch, and have           1. Discuss advanced development of the healer.       Need for self care in becoming a healer.
successfully completed Level 1 (I) and Level      2. Experience healing from three roles:              Healing philosophies of Barbara Brennan and
2 (IIA). This course includes: development of     practitioner, client, and observer/coach.            other healers.
Higher Sense Perception (HSP), sequencing         3. Practice hara alignment, expansion of the         Practice hara alignment meditation and sharing
of healing techniques, working with               core star.                                           experience.
guidance, self-healing and self-development.      4. Demonstrate a full healing sequence using         Full healing sequence including: chelation of the
(17.6 continuing education contact hours).        chelation, spinal cleansing, healing 5th, 6th, and   first four levels of the field, spinal cleansing,
                                                  7th levels of the subtle body.                       healing 5th, 6th, and 7th levels of the subtle
                                                  5. Practice healing techniques of Etheric            body. Techniques, Etheric Template Clearing
                                                  Template Clearing and Lymphatic Drain.               and Lymphatic Drain.
                                                                                                       Roles of practitioner, client, observer/coach
                                                                                                       Advanced healing of the human energy system.
                                                                                                       Development of Higher Sense Perception.
                                                                                                       Connecting with guidance.
Levels 4 (IIIA) & 5 (IIIB) Overview
Levels 4 & 5 are for students who have successfully completed Levels 1 (I), 2 (IIA), 3 (IIB) and desire to become a Healing Touch Practitioner. These
two courses provide the student an opportunity to learn how to develop and conduct a practice in Healing Touch. Each course provides continuing
education contact hours of instruction / participation (Level 4 - 25.3 & Level 5 - 24 for a total of 29.3). They are designed to provide guidance for the
student in the development of practice and skill through the mentor / apprenticeship approach. Students will participate in community projects and
work activities. Each section is offered in a retreat setting to allow for greater focus on the intense learning and practice that occurs.

Level 4 (IIIA) Description                        Level 4 (IIIA) Objectives                            Level 4 (IIIA) Content
This course prepares the student to become        The participant will:                                Developing a professional healing practice.
a Healing Touch Practitioner and establish a      1. Describe the development of a Healing Touch       Sequencing of five private client sessions,
practice setting. Practice concerns are           Practitioner.                                        intake, three treatment sessions with mutual
explored including establishing a private         2. Demonstrate a 5-step sequence to include          goals, evaluation and discharge planning with
practice, incorporating Healing Touch into a      intake, three healing sessions and discharge         full documentation.
current practice setting either working alone     planning.                                            Learning the case study process.
or with others. The following topics are          3. Identify issues related to development of a       Defining a Scope of Practice.
addressed: business concepts,                     Healing Touch practice.                              Healer practice guidelines.
client/practitioner relationships, networking     4. Discuss the case study process based on the       Selecting a mentor.
with other practitioners, identifying energy      sequence demonstrated during the workshop.           Forming a mentorship contract with goals.
patterns in clients and scope of practice.        5. Discuss the principles of                         Role of mentorship/apprenticeship.
Professional development as a healer is           apprenticeship/mentorship and professional           Journaling as a tool for self-enhancement.
explored including addressing professional        practice.                                            Developing a reading program.
ethics, standards of practice and role as a       6. Discuss the purpose of a professional profile     Full Body Connection.
healer.                                           notebook.                                            Etheric Vitality Meditation.
                                                                                                       Initiation of a practicum (Documentation of 100
                                                                                                       client sessions).

Level 5 (IIIB) Description                      Level 5 (IIIB) Objectives                          Level 5 (IIIB) Course Content
Level 5 focuses on the completion of            The participant will:                              Issues forum including establishing a HT
projects begun in Healing Touch Level 4         1. Describe the professional development of a      practice and financial concerns.
(IIIA). The following will be addressed: the    healing practice.                                  Development as a healer.
mentorship experience, community and            2. Present a professional profile notebook and     Healing Touch case study presentation.
networking activities, establishment of         resume.                                            Professional profile notebook presentation.
practice, development of expertise in a         3. Discuss practice issues in your role as a       Documentation of 100 client sessions.
Healing Touch practice, self development as     Healing Touch practitioner.                        Documentation of 10 healing sessions received
a healer.                                       4. Present a comprehensive Healing Touch case      from other complementary healing
                                                study for peer review and critique.                practitioners.
                                                5. Present documentation of client sessions.       Report of apprenticeship/mentorship process.
                                                6. Review the apprenticeship/mentorship            Presentation of resume.
                                                process.                                           Discussion of required reading.
                                                7. Report receiving other healing modalities       Community & networking activities and study
                                                through 10 documented experiences from other       groups.
                                                practitioners.                                     Group healing exchanges.
                                                8. Discuss Healing Touch research and              Healing Touch research.
                                                implications for practice.                         Standards of Practice.
                                                9. Describe Certification as a Healing Touch       Code of Ethics.
                                                Practitioner.                                      Process and procedures in Certification as a
                                                                                                   Healing Touch Practitioner.

Revised & Approved, October 2002
Healing Touch International, Inc.

Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner
Healing Touch International administers certification through a separate review by the Certification Board of Reviewers using standardized criteria.
Certification acknowledges learning experiences and demonstration of competence as a Healing Touch Practitioner. The Certification Board does not
license the practice of an individual nor assumes any legal responsibility for her/his practice.


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