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									                                                  ACADEMIC PROGRAM APPROVAL


This form is a routing document for the approval of new and revised academic programs. Page 2 will serve as an attachment to the
Faculty Senate agenda. Proposing department should complete form, attach as a cover page and forward to the college dean.
Documentation should include copy of curriculum as it is to appear in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog. Proposals must
arrive to the Undergraduate/Graduate Committee by November in order to reach the Faculty Senate by March 1. Proposals received
after this date cannot be implemented the following year nor included in the catalog for that year.

1.   Proposed change leads to the degree of

            ( ) Bachelor of Arts                     ( ) Master of Arts                ( ) Doctor of Philosophy

            ( ) Bachelor of Science         ( ) Master of Science          ( ) Other ______________________________________

2. ( ) New major/curriculum
Title to be entered in record of students who select this program

     ( ) New minor
            Title to be entered in record of students who select this program

     ( ) Change from provisional to permanent status.

3. ( ) Revision of existing:          ( ) major                ( ) minor                        ( ) concentration

            Present title

            Records System Program Code

            ( ) Add/delete required courses/credit hours

            ( ) Add concentration
            ( ) Delete concentration

4. ( X ) Deletion of existing/disestablish:           ( x ) major          ( ) minor            ( ) Other ______________________

            Title      Bioresources Engineering Technology                                      Code ___________BET__________

ROUTING AND APPROVALS: (Please do not remove supporting documentation.)

Department Chairperson          Kennneth M. Lomax                                               Date      10/31/01

Dean of College                 Robin W. Morgan                                                 Date      10/31/01

Chairperson, Senate Com. On UG or GR Studies                                                    Date

Chairperson, Senate Coordinating Com.                                                           Date

Secretary, Faculty Senate                                                                       Date

Date of Senate Resolution                                                                       Date to be Effective

Registrar                                            Program Code                               Date

Vice Provost for Academic Programs & Planning                                                   Date

Provost                                                                                         Date

Board of Trustee Notification                                                                   Date
a. Rationale for creation, revision, or deletion:

A recent review by the Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (TAC-
ABET) suggested that one academic program would be better than two similar programs.

The Bioresources Engineering Technology major (BET) has not had enough students. Several courses that are unique to BET would
not be viable in terms of enrollment.

A separate submission is being developed to propose changes to the Engineering Technology major (ETM) which will be

b. Summary of program:


Bioresources Engineering Technology is the application of engineering techniques to energy, soil,
and water conservation; waste management; food processing and storage; building construction;
and equipment design.

Bioresources Engineering Technology (BET) attracts students who like science, math and
computers, and who enjoy practical, hands-on work. The curriculum is designed to meet the
requirements of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, and allows you to focus
your major in one of several areas. If the environment is your thing, you may choose to center your
BET studies around water resources or soil conservation. Students who are mechanically inclined
can focus their studies on design of machinery and processing equipment. Still others choose
technical management or construction planning. Regardless of your area of specialization, the
major will strengthen your individual skills by including courses in computer programming, land
surveying, computer-aided drafting, and report preparation.
Please check the appropriate degree:

(X)      Bachelor of Applied Science
( )      Bachelor of Arts
( )      Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies
( )      Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
( )      Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
( )      Bachelor of Civil Engineering
( )      Bachelor of Computer Engineering
( )      Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
( )      Bachelor of Environmental Engineering
( )      Bachelor of Fine Arts
( )      Bachelor of Liberal Studies
( )      Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
( )      Bachelor of Music
( )      Bachelor of Science
( )      Bachelor of Science in Accounting
( )      Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
( )      Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
( )      Bachelor of Science in Education
( )      Bachelor of Science in Nursing
( )      Master of Applied Sciences
( )      Master of Arts
( )      Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
( )      Master of Business Administration
( )      Master of Chemical Engineering
( )      Master of Civil Engineering
( )      Master of Education
( )      Master of Electrical Engineering
( )      Master of Environmental and Energy Policy
( )      Master of Fine Arts
( )      Master of Instruction
( )      Master of Marine Policy
( )      Master of Materials Science and Engineering
( )      Master of Mechanical Engineering
( )      Master of Music
( )      Master of Physical Therapy
( )      Master of Public Administration
( )      Master of Science
( )      Master of Science in Nursing
( )      Doctor of Education
( )      Doctor of Philosophy

This document will be retained permanently in the Faculty Senate Office.

Revised 04/23/01
Delete all:
Bioresources Engineering Technology Baccalaureate Degree Requirements
      College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
      Bioresources Engineering


     UNIVERSITY REQUIREMENTS ENGL 110 Critical Reading and Writing (with
           minimum grade C-) 3
           Three credits in an approved course or courses stressing
           multicultural, ethnic, and/or gender-related content (See the list
           of approved multicultural courses.).   3

     MAJOR REQUIREMENTS Communications
           EGTE 365 Junior Seminar 1
           Six additional credits selected to provide training in oral and
           written communications 6
           A second writing course selected from the following: 3

            ENGL 301   Expository Writing

            ENGL 302   Advanced Composition

            ENGL 307   News Writing and Editing

            ENGL 312   Written Communications in Business

            ENGL 410   Technical Writing

            An oral communications course selected from the following:   3

            AGRI 212   Oral Communications in Agriculture and Natural Resources

            COMM 200   Introduction to Human Communication Systems

            COMM 255   Fundamentals of Communication

            COMM 312   Oral Communication in Business

            COMM 350   Public Speaking

            COMM 356   Small Group Communication

            Social Sciences and Humanities
            ECON 151 Introduction to Microeconomics     3
            ECON 152 Introduction to Macroeconomics     3
      Nine additional credits to be selected from a minimum of three of
      the following areas: Anthropology, Art, Art History, Black American
      Studies, Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, English, Foreign
      Language, Geography, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science,
      Psychology, Sociology, Theatre, or Women's Studies or courses
      cross-listed in these departments.   9
      Basic Sciences and Mathematics
      CHEM 103/104 General Chemistry 8
      PHYS 207/208 Fundamentals of Physics I and II 8
      MATH 241/242/243 Analytic Geometry and Calculus A, B, & C 12
      Select one of the following Biology/Life Sciences options (I, II or
Option I:
      BISC 207/208 Introductory Biology I and II

Option II:
      BISC 103/113 General Biology and Laboratory
      ENTO 201 Wildlife Conservation and Ecology

Option III:

      PLSC 101    Botany I
      ENTO 201    Wildlife Conservation and Ecology

      Technical Sciences
      EGTE 215 Introduction to Hydraulics 4
      EGTE 244 Electricity for Engineering Technology 4
      EGTE 311 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics 3
      EGTE 354 Rural/Light Industrial Buildings 4
      Three credits selected from one of the following areas: Dynamics,
      Electronics, Materials Technology, or Strength of Materials. EGTE
      courses that satisfy this requirement are:   3

      EGTE 344    Electronics and Microprocessors

      EGTE 435    Machinery Design and Development

      Technical   Skills
      EGTE 111    Computer Applications in Engineering Technology 3
      EGTE 125    Introduction to Bioresources Engineering Technology 2
      EGTE 209    Computer-Aided Drafting 3
      EGTE 223    Surveying 3
      EGTE 443    Instrumentation 3
      Technical   Specialization
      EGTE 321    Storm-Water Management 4
      EGTE 328    Waste Management Systems 3
      EGTE 421    Bioresources Management Systems 4
      EGTE 431    Mechanical Aspects of Biological and Natural Resources   4

      EGTE 451 Senior Design 3
      One of the following: 3-4

      BREG 628    Land Application of Wastes

      EGTE 331    Mechanical Power Units
            EGTE 440   Plant Layout and Materials Handling

            EGTE 444   Programmable Logic Control Systems

            EGTE 445   Food Engineering Technology

            EGTE 456   Fundamentals of HVAC

            Technical Support
            PLSC 204 Introduction to Soil Science 4
            A minimum of three credits in biology/life sciences or natural
            resources, excluding courses used to satisfy the Biology, Chemistry,
            and Physics group.   3
            A minimum of eleven credits in the Bioresources Engineering
            Department or related courses approved by the student's advisor. 11

        To graduate with a major in Bioresources Engineering Technology, the
        student must attain an average 2.0 index in all courses with a BREG or
        EGTE prefix.
      ELECTIVES After required courses are completed, sufficient credits
            must be taken to meet the minimum credits required for the degree.
            (Only four credits of activity-type Physical Education and/or four
            credits of performing Music organization credit may be counted
            toward the degree.)

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