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					                                                                                   Issue 18 – Number 1 – Fall 2006

        A   publication    for    the    members      and    friends   of    the     Pursuers   Toastmasters   Club      #6901

Growing Together                                                                                                      In this Issue:
                                                                                                               • Introducing the Pursuers
                                                                                                                    2006-2007 Executive
                                         2006 – 2007                                                           P3:
                                        Club President                                                         • From Fear to Fearless
                                            Glenn                                                              • Pursuers Shine at the
                                            Walker                                                                 Area Speech Contest
                                                                                                               • Growing Together –
                                                                                                                   Thoughts from Our
                                                                                                                   Immediate Past
                                                                                                               • Members Notable

         Greetings fellow Pursuers. Fall is here and so is a new Toastmasters year. Last spring I asked you to “Grow
Together”. The time has come for us to start to work on that charge. Summer is over, it is time to start back with a new
zeal for learning and growth. I am sure we all have things we want to accomplish this year. For me, I am thinking that I
want to tackle the new Competent Leader manual. Yes, I have my DTM (have for some 16 years now), but it is time for a
new challenge. Time to start growing. I hope that each of you will make the same commitment to grow as individuals.
Set your goals, communicate them and experience the power of “Growing Together”.
         At the same time, I hope you take the opportunity to spread the opportunity to grow to others. Jeannette is
currently working very hard to organize our efforts to increase our membership numbers. We need new members to add
energy to our club. I hope you noticed the change in the club with each new edition. I have and I look forward to seeing
the club grow and become energized by each new person that comes to our club.
         So, lets grow together as individuals, and as a group. We need to focus on ourselves, each other and the club to
ensure that we “Grow Together” as a strong and vibrant club. Pursuers is a great place grow and have fun doing it. It
takes all our efforts to ensure it stays that way.
                                                            Glenn Walker, DTM – President

        Pursuers Toastmasters Club meets every Wednesday;
            7:00 pm at the Best Western Cedar Park Inn
            51 Avenue & Calgary Trail, Edmonton, Alberta

             “Hot Pursuit” – Published Quarterly   Editor: Brooke Bennett Submissions welcome – email:
                                                                                                                     Hot Pursuit, Fall 2006 – 1
                                           Introducing the Pursuers’
                                              2006-2007 Executive
                                   What does “Growing Together” mean to me?

                                          Our them of “Growing Together” means to me that the Club will help
                             President    each individual member to grown, and in doing so, each individual
                        Glenn Walker, DTM
                                          member will help the Club to grow.

                                              Toastmasters is an organization dedicated to the individual. We come
  Vice President                              together to increase our own skills and in doing so we help others
    Education                                 improve their skills.
 Dan Hardie, DTM

                                              Our theme " Growing Together" reflects both individual and group
                          Vice President      talents and learning. With the support of Pursuers each one of us is
                           Membership         encouraged to grow and develop in our communication skills from
                          Jeannette (J.J.)    where we are today. Each individual’s growth and effort strengthens
                          Hansen, CTM         and advances the total Pursuer Club’s accomplishments. Together we
                                              can achieve the individual and group goals we set!
                                              As a Club we need a strong foundation to grow our goals and dreams.
Vice President Public                         I believe the newer members can draw on the experience and
      Relations                               knowledge of the more “seasoned” members, and that the newer
Brooke Bennett, TM                            members provide their own individual personalities to help the Club
                                              grow. In this way we all grow together!

                        Max Reilly, CTM, CL   We felt this was the year to participate on the executive again, one of
                                              us in a new role and one of us not! We feel that our growing together
                                              theme is especially apt for our family – three of us growing our skills
                                              together with a Club of like-minded people.
 Max Reilly, DTM

                                            As a Toastmaster and Sergeant at Arms growing together means "ONE
                                            for ALL and ALL for ONE"! We all need each another in a good
                          Sergeant-at-Arms  moment as well as a bad one. By helping each another we are helping
                        Jerry Razcowski, TM ourselves. As JFK said in his famous speech: Don't think what your
                                            country will do for you…think what can you do to your country!

                                              Growing together" reminds me of a forest. In a forest, all parts rely on
                                              each other for growth. Similarly in Toastmasters, the club depends on
  Immediate Past
                                              each member, and the growth of each member depends on the others
                                              around it. This means we are all responsible for the growth of
   Yves Dooper
   ATM-B, CL                                  everyone around us and need to prepare our assignments fully. It also
                                              means that every member’s achievement becomes the achievement of
                                              the whole club.

                                                                                                      Hot Pursuit, Fall 2006 – 2
From Fear to Fearless
I was inspired by my mentor, Dawn Dooper, to share this story. Also, it may help you if you have a similar occurrence.

         This past June, my operating entity at PCL Construction had our client appreciation night. We decided not to have a
program. There was better value to greet and meet as many of our 600 + guests as possible one on one.
         All of that changed when one of our guests, Councilor Terry Kavanaugh, representing the City of Edmonton,
approached me. He had a commemorative plaque to present in recognition of PCL’s 100th anniversary in business, and wanted
to be included in the program. I didn’t tell Terry that we weren’t having a program, but I told myself that we were having a
program now.
         “Fear” raised it’s ugly head for a moment while I walked over to my executive assistant, Kylene Nauman, and told her
about the plaque presentation. I told her I was going to put together an “impromptu” program for our guests. We discussed
how to have a meaningful introduction for Terry. Kylene said she’d quickly check the City of Edmonton website. Luckily,
our celebration was in our new Centennial Learning Centre just steps away from our office.
         “Fearless” set in as I thought about my Toastmaster training, and especially my fellow Pursuers, and how you would
have coached me in our laboratory of learning environment.
         I always carry 4” X 6” cards in my pocket for note taking when I’m in my business environment. My heart was
pounding as I thought how professional and easy this could be. I accepted the challenge head on. I wasn’t going to let my
guests down. I’ll do an opening, a body, and a close for the program, I thought.
         I took my card and wrote down just the key words, there was no time to compose since the show was on in mere
seconds. Just then, Kylene showed up with a paragraph about Terry Kavanaugh. Great! Then things got worse. As I was
walking up to the podium, the Honorable Gene Zwosdesky approached me to say he had a plaque to present too. I asked him
for a business card (thinking on my feet) and quickly wrote his name down on my card when I reached the podium.
         My opening consisted of welcoming everyone and stating the purpose of the evening, celebrating our 100th anniversary
and to thank them for their business over the years. I also said I wanted to shake all of their hands before they left that evening.
         The body was the introduction of Terry and Gene and they both did mini speeches commemorating PCL and PCL’s
success in the city and province. I was busy, being the master of ceremonies as well as the recipient of the plaques. There was
some humour when Gene Zwosdesky said, “Roger if you want to shake everyone’s hand, you must be thinking about running
for politics.” (Laughter and a lot of applause. It was great).
         Then I asked everyone to charge their glasses and proposed a toast: “ To our past, present, and future partnerships”. It
was a very big Toastmasters meeting, with 600 + people repeating the toast with me. It sent chills of pleasure through my
         The closing was to thank everyone, encouraged them to meet our PCLer’s and others. To enjoy the food, drink,
chocolate fountain, pianist, and reminded them to pick up their gifts when they left. (The gift was a framing hammer with a
brass PCL logo on it.)
         The crowd responded with a thunderous ovation and you can imagine how good I felt. Almost everyone I talked to
after the program congratulated me on a great program and my speaking abilities. If only they knew!
I credit my success at this event to all of you at Pursuers. You’re the best! The lessons that I learned that I want to share with
 •   Always carry a pen and paper.
 •   Stay calm and use your Toastmasters training in impromptu situations. You and others will be glad you did.

The dreaded table topics helped me make this night a huge success.
                                                                                    Roger Dootson, CTM

                                                                                                        Hot Pursuit, Fall 2006 – 3
Pursuers Shine at the Area Speech Contest
        On September 30, the Edmonton Police Service graciously made its activities room available for the Area 14
Humorous Speech and Table Topics competition. Former District A Governor and longtime Pursuers member Fern
Hardie emerged as the alternate for the District Table Topics competition by placing a strong 2nd. Newly wed Yves
Dooper shone in the Humorous Speech competition. His speech was on endorsing the value of the Toastmasters
manuals, and suggesting a specialized manual for Relationships. The quality of speeches was high, so congratulations
are due to both Fern and Yves.
        Mark your calendar for future speech contests!
                                                                          Don Hansen, CTM

                                                               Congratulations to Yves Dooper for placing First at
                                                      the District Speech Contest on October 21, 2006! He will
                                                      represent the District at the Division Contest at the Division
                                                      Fall Conference in Lethbridge on November 4, 2006. Best
                                                      of luck from the Pursuers and the District!

Growing Together – Thoughts from our Immediate Past President
         This year’s theme "Growing Together" reminds me of a forest. A forest is comprised of much more than high
and mighty trees that have been there forever (or so it often seems). These mighty trees provide shade, protection
from the wind, and shelter for animals of the forest. The forest also has plants that grow in the sub canopy, plants like
grasses, flowers, and bushes. These plants provide the animals with berries, flowers, and wonderful scents. The
forest also includes seedlings. Seedlings are new plants that will grow into larger plants – some of them will be trees,
some will be berry bushes, some will be flowers. There are also many animals that inhabit the forest. They eat the
berries, grasses and leaves, spread the seeds, disturb the soil for new seedlings to grow, and fertilize the forest floor.
All of these plants and animals together make up the forest.
         This ecological diversity is needed for the forest to exist in a state of equilibrium. Each part of the forest
relies on all the other parts, either directly of indirectly. Together they grow.
         This is why our theme reminds me of a forest, but I also think it is a great analogy for our club. Our club is
comprised of many different individuals. Many individuals are needed for the club to prosper. The growth of each
member is dependant on all of the other members of the club. Whether it is a speech idea, enthusiasm, the support
and encouragement after a poor performance, or suggestions for improvement, our growth is dependant on the others
around us. In this way, the achievements of each member are achievements of the whole club. It also means that if
others, and the forest as a whole, are dependent upon us, we each need to do our best by preparing and accepting all
assignments. That is the way we will grow together.
                                                                            Yves Dooper, ATM-B,CL

To laugh often & much: to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of
honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world
a bit better, whether by healthy child, a garden path or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed
easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-1882                                              submitted by Dawn Dooper, ATM-B, CL

                                                                                                    Hot Pursuit, Fall 2006 – 4
       Members Notable Accomplishments!
       Lynne Christenson completed her Distinguished Toastmaster designation.
       Jeannette (J.J.) Hansen was awarded the Rookie of the Year awarded to at the Club, Area, and District. Best of luck at the
       Division level in Lethbridge.
       Yves Dooper placed first at the Club, Area, and District Humourous Speech Contests. Best of luck at the Division
       Dawn Dooper won her first ever Table Topics ribbon after 4 years of being a member.
       Janet McFarland competed in a marathon on Thanksgiving in Victoria and created a new personal best crossing the finish
       line in just under 4 hours.
       Roger Dootson and Don Hansen were awarded their Competent Toastmaster designations.
       Fern Hardie placed first and second in the Table Topics Contests at the Club and Area level, respectively.
       Janet McFarland and Dawn Dooper were awarded their Advanced Toastmaster Bronze designations.

                                    Congratulations to all Pursuers and all of their hard work!

                                                                    Thanks to Jeanette Hansen and Dan Hardie for photo submissions

                                                                                                           Hot Pursuit, Fall 2006 – 5

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