Ample Hamper Sheet by sofiaie


									AMPLE HAMPER PRE-ARRIVAL GROCERY ORDER                                                  NAME
FAX TO: 441-297-8003 ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED                                  ARRIVAL DATE
Delivery charge $10 ($12.00 for non-Sat. delivery dates)                              WEEK #

BEER - 6 pack             QTY   DRY GOODS                     QTY   FRESH VEGETABLES           QTY   MIXERS,JUICE & SODAS         QTY   MEATS                          QTY
Amstel-light or regular         Cheerios                            Broccoli                         Rose's lime cordial                Boneless chicken breast
Budweiser-light or reg          Corn Flakes                         Carrots                          Margarita mix                      Roasting chicken
Coors light                     Honey Bunch of Oats                 Cauliflower                      Pina colada mix                    Steaks - indicate # needed
Corona                          Instant Oatmeal                     Celery                           Bloody mary mix                    Roast beef - # lbs
Elephants                       Raisin Bran                         Cucumber                         Coke - reg or diet                 Ground beef - # of lbs
Heineken                        Rice Krispies                       Green pepper                     Ginger ale - reg or diet           Hamburger patties (4 pk)
Miller lite                     Special K                           Onions                           Ginger beer - re or diet           Sausage- pkg
St. Pauli Girl                  Variety Pack                        Potatoes baking                  Pepsi - reg or diet                Bacon (1/2 lb)
St. Pauli Girl NA               Frozen waffles / pancakes           Potatoes red                     7 Up - reg or diet                 Hot dogs - pkg
WINE - 750 ml             QTY   Cookies                             Romaine lettuce                  Tonic water - 1 litre              Shrimp w/cocktail sauce
Cabernet Sauvignon              Crackers                            Tomato                           Club soda - 1 litre                Smoked salmon
Chardonnay                      Branston pickles                    Froz veg: specify                Water - 1 gal or 1.5 litre         Deli sliced ham 8 oz
Merlot                          Dill pickles                                                         Apple juice-32 oz                  Deli sliced turkey - 8 oz
Pinot Noir                      Gherkins                            FRESH FRUITS               QTY   Orange juice-32 oz                 Bologna -8 oz
Pinot Grigio                    Olives                              Apples                           Tomato juice-32 oz                 CANNED SOUPS                   QTY
White Zinfandel                 Sugar                               Bananas                          V-8 32 oz                          Chicken noodle
Other                           Flour                               Grapefruit                       Clamato-32 oz                      Cream of mushroom
LIQUOR - 750 ml           QTY   Jam - straw / rasp / grape          Grapes                           Pineapple juice 32 OZ              Lentil
Jonnie Walker Red               Marmalade                           Lemons                           Prune juice-32 oz                  Tomato
Jonnie Walker Black             Peanut butter-crunchy               Limes                            Dairy                        QTY   Vegetable
Chivas Regal                    Peanut butter-smooth                Melon                            Butter- 1 lb or 1/2 lb             Other
Dewars Scotch                   BBQ sauce                           Oranges                          Eggs (dozen)                       HOT BEVERAGES                  QTY
Black Seal Rum                  Steak sauce                         Pineapple                        Flora margarine- 1/2 lb            Earl Grey tea - 25's
Cockspur Rum                    Ketchup                             Strawberries (seasonal)          Yoghurt-specify flavours           English Breakfast tea - 25's
Bacardi White Rum               Mayonnaise                          Dried prunes                                                        Herbal tea - 20's
Barcardi Gold Rum               Mustard                             SNACKS                     QTY                                      Lipton tea - 25's
Dark & Stormy 6 pk              Salad dressing                      Bugles                           Sour cream 8 oz                    Red Rose tea - 25's
Rum Swizzle                     Pancake mix                         Cashews                          Cottage cheese 16 oz               Coffee - regular 1 lb
Beef Eater Gin                  Pancake syrup                       Cocktail peanuts                 1/2 gal whole milk                 Coffee - decaf 1 lb
Tanqueray Gin                   Rice                                Dry roasted peanuts              qt whole milk                      Coffee instant regular
Absolute Vodka                  Spaghetti or macaroni               Mixed nuts                       1/2 gal 2% milk                    Coffee instant decaf
Smirnoff Vodka                  Spaghetti sauce                     Microwave popcorn                qt 2% milk                         Hot chocolate
Canadian Club                   Anchovies                           Potato chips                     1/2 gal skim milk                  BAKERY                         QTY
Jim Beam                        Kippers                             Pretzels                         qt skim milk                       White bread
Amaretto flask                  Sardines                            Jax cheese snax                  1/2 gal soy milk                   Whole wheat bread
Kailua - flask                  Smoked mussels                      Granola bars                     1/2 gal lactaid milk               Multi-grain bread
Tia Maria - flask               Smoked oysters                      Salsa                            pint Half & Half                   Bagels - pkg 4
Harvey's Bristol Cream          Tin crab                            Tortilla chips                   Sharp cheddar 8 OZ                 English muffins -pkg 6
Grand Marnier- flask            Tin salmon                          ICE CREAM pints            QTY   X sharp cheddar 8 oz               Danish - each
Port                            Tin shrimp                          Vanilla                          Aged cheddar 8 oz                  Croissant - each
Courvoisier - flask             Tin tuna                            Strawberry                       Colby 8 oz                         Raisin scones pkg of 4
Vermouth-sweet or dry           Cooking spray                       Chocolate                        Swiss cheese 8 oz                  Cheese scones - pkg of 4
MISC                      QTY   Olive oil                           Rum Raisin                       Monterey Jack 8 oz                 Hot dog rolls pkg 8
Disposable plates               Crisco oil                          Coffee                           Monterey Jack w/jalapeno           Hamburger buns - pkg 8
Plastic cups                    FROZEN                       QTY    Other                            Kraft singles 8 oz                 Coffee roll - each
Napkins or paper towel          French fries                        Additional Items           QTY   Parmesan 2 oz shaker
Self lighting charcoal          Pizza - 12 "                                                         Philly Cream cheese 8oz

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