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					                           UNESCO Workshop II
      “Openness in Cyberspace---the Challenges of Freedom of Expression”
 Internet Governance Forum, Athens, Greece 3:30-5:00 PM, 1 Nov. 2006, Room 1
                                Draft Agenda

Opening by Mrs Elizabeth Longworth, Executive Director, Office of the Director-General,

1 New Perspectives, New Challenges for an Open “Knowledge Society”?
The Internet is a global public resource, which is owned by nobody but brings benefits to
everybody. How to develop inclusive, participatory and open models in Cyberspace? Do
we need to find a policy approach that reinforces the Internet's reliability without
hindering its potential for further growth? How Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of
Human Right applies to cyberspace? Is the fragmentation of the Internet, along the
borders of nations, cultures, societies, users´ social and economic status, in place?

2. Major regulation mechanisms and challenges in cyberspace at national and
transnational level
What is the nature of the claim being made that cyberspace has to regulated and
the particular mode of regulation that is envisaged? The following crucial issues will be
- Government policies and their implications (censorship and surveillance in different
countries, societies and cultures)?
- Beyond governments: Industry (Intellectual property), Law (libel and defamation),
Technology (filtering and blocking)
- Regulatory challenges: spill-over effect and transnational collaboration

3. Privacy and personal data protection in cyberspace
New technologies are radically advancing our freedoms, but they are also enabling
unparalleled invasions of privacy. How shall we enhance freedom of expression by
promoting privacy protection? The following issues will be discussed:
- Government search and surveillance powers
- Data collection and retention, the validity of right to anonymous expression in
- Privacy intrusive technologies: the risks for safety of personal data in cyberspace

Discussion with the floor: How shall we promote and strengthen freedom of expression
and openness within cyberspace on which the ¨knowledge society¨ is based?

List of Speakers:
1) Agnès Callamard, Director of Article 19
2) Dirk Voorhoof, Professor at Ghent University, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
and the Faculty of Law.
3) Pavan Duggal, Founder President of Cyberlaw Asia