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Dear Parents and Swimmers:

The Fleetwood Area Swim Team (FAST) and coaching staff welcomes all swimmers and
their parents to our program. Whether you’re new or returning members, we’re excited to
have you as part of our organization. By selecting FAST as the training program for your
swimmer, you are providing a great opportunity for your child to excel in the sport of
swimming and to develop important life skills.

                                              Yours in swimming,

                                              FAST board and coaching staff

                                     TEAM GOALS

All team members, whether novice, elite or somewhere in between, will share the
benefits of FAST’s team goals:
 To provide safe, quality instruction, training and competition for every swimmer
    appropriate to their age and ability.
 To set individual goals that each swimmer can strive for, encouraging improvement
    and developing self-esteem.
 To teach the value of good sportsmanship and team spirit.
 To have FUN!

                                ELIGIBILITY AND FEES

The FAST registration fees are $55 for the first swimmer, $30 for the second swimmer
and $20 for the third swimmer per family. Registration fees must be paid at the time of
sign up.

In addition, the Berks County Swimming Association (BCSA) requires all swim team
members to have a season ticket to the pool. Season tickets must be purchased at the
Fleetwood Borough Hall.

New swimmers are welcomed and encouraged but must be able to swim 25 meters of
any stroke. If the coaches deem that a swimmer does not meet this requirement, they
will notify the swimmer and his or her parents during the first week of practice and a full
refund of registration fees will be given.

                                   REFUND POLICY

Any swimmer who decides on their own not to continue with swim team must notify the
coaches and an officer within the first week of practice to receive a refund of registration

                                    2008 OFFICERS

If you have a question about any aspect of the team which does not pertain specifically
to coaching, please contact one of the following board members. The board members
are elected every year during the end-of-season picnic.

President                     Michelle Roberts               610-944-7290
Vice President                Melissa Wolfe                  610-944-9286
Treasurer                     Christy Hetrick                610-944-7148
Secretary                     Jan Jack                       610-944-0765


Email – Email will be sent to parents/swimmers as necessary to communicate team
information. Parents are asked to look for and read email from FAST, especially on bad
weather days and the day of a meet.

Bulletin board – Important information will be posted on the bulletin board across from
the pool office as you enter the pool. Please take the time to look for information such as
invitational meets and meet volunteers sign up lists.


Our head coach for 2008 will be Bob Heebner Jr. Coach Heebner’s coaching experience
includes but is not limited to coaching in the BCSA for over 25 years, and he has been
head boys and girls swimming coach at Reading High School since 2001. Coach
Heebner has taken various graduate courses in coaching and athletic theory, and he is
certified in lifeguard instructor training, WSI, CPR, First Aid, and safety training for swim
coaches. Coach Heebner can be reached at 610-378-1580 or

Our assistant coach for 2008 will be Katrina Hoke. Coach Hoke has 3 years of coaching
experience, and she has been employed at Aquabilities since 2004 as an aquatic
educator. She is also certified in CPR. Coach Hoke can be reached at 610-413-4328 or

                                PARENTAL SUPPORT

As a parent you have a responsibility to provide a positive environment for your child.
This positive environment will help your child through his/her ups and downs in
swimming. Assuring that your child consistently attends practice and dual meets is a
good way of showing your swimmer that you have an interest in what he/she is doing.
Be a good role model by showing good sportsmanship toward coaches, officials,
teammates, and opponents.

Be enthusiastic and supportive. Your child is the swimmer and needs to establish his/her
own goals and work toward them. The coaches will help them do this realistically. Do not
put your own standards onto your child. Try not to compare your child’s times with

his/her teammates or swimmers on other teams. Remember, swimmers grow and
mature at different rates, and therefore they improve at different times and rates. The
most important part of your child’s swimming experience is not about winning or setting
records, but rather that he/she develops the self discipline to set goals and achieve them
to prepare to be successful later in life. We want your swimmer to have fun, develop a
positive self image and make new friends while at the same time developing a healthy

As in any youth sport the success of a team depends not only on its participants and
coaches but also on parent participation. Parents are the backbone of our team. Since
swim meets are run by parents, if we do not have their help, our team could not hold

Parents are needed to officiate, time, judge, operate the concession stand, and many
other positions. Even if your background in swimming is limited, there are plenty of
experienced parents to show you the ropes. Also many of the jobs do not require any
experience. It is our hope that when you are asked to help you will be willing to give
some of your time.

In order to run a dual swim meet, parent participation is required in the following areas:

   Meet Coordinator – This person will make sure that all the positions to run a meet,
    either home or away, are filled appropriately.
   Timer – at Fleetwood, we use stop watches. We generally need seven timers per
    meet. Each team needs to provide timers for the dual meets (dependent upon the
    number of lanes in a pool). There will be two timers per lane, one from each team. It
    is normally the duty of the two timers to calculate the average, if necessary. There
    will be a back up timer.
   Place judges – The place judges sit at the side of the pool at the finish line of each
    race, and they are responsible for noting the order of finish. They will hold up a card
    indicating which lane came in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in plain view of the timers, who then
    mark it on their time cards. Three judges are needed.
   Scorer – The scorer is responsible for recording the official times for the events,
    assigning points won and calculating the overall score as the meet progresses.
   Starter – The starter will announce to the swimmers the stroke and number of
    lengths to be swum prior to the start of each race. He/she will give the commands for
    a fair start and start each race with a whistle, horn or start gun.
   Stroke/Turn Judge – Judges should be experienced or certified. He/she will
    determine whether a race has been swum legally or not. If a swimmer has been
    disqualified (DQ’d), the judge must immediately raise his/her arm, note the lane, and
    at the end of the race inform the swimmer and the coach of the reason for the DQ.
   Announcer – The home team must provide an announcer. He/she will announce the
    event and the names of the swimmers for each team along with their lane
    assignment prior to the start of each race. The announcer will also try to combine
    events when possible.
   Concession stand – For each home meet, at least two volunteers are needed to
    organize the donation of food/drink items, and to set up and run the stand.
   Runners – The home team must provide at least one runner per meet. The runner
    collects time cards from the timers after each race and takes them to the scorer’s

   On-deck helpers – Helpers line up swimmers, especially the younger ones, in
    advance of their events and make sure the swimmers are aware of their lane
    assignments and relay order.
   Time slips – A volunteer is needed to complete time slips for each FAST swimmer
    after each event. The time slips are then filed in the Team File Box the next day after
    the meet.
   Raffle tickets – A volunteer is needed to sell 50/50 raffle tickets during our home

                                PRACTICE SESSIONS

Practice will begin on June 16th and it will continue until our last dual meet. If your child
qualifies for the County Championships or Novice Meet, they will continue to practice
until those meets are held in early August. Swimmers will attend practice as follows
unless other arrangements are made with the coach. Practice age groups are guidelines
so please speak to a coach if you have any concerns.

       Monday – Friday
       8:30 AM – 10:00 AM             13 & Over
       10:00 AM – 11:00 AM            11 & 12 / advanced 9 & 10
       11:00 AM – 12:00 Noon          8 & under / beginner 9 & 10

   Swimmers are encouraged to attend practice as much as possible to learn technique
    and build endurance.
   It is recommended that a swimmer attend at least 3 practices a week.
   All swimmers must attend practice on the day of a swim meet.
   Your coach will be taking attendance at the beginning of each practice.
   Always be on time and prepared to work hard!
   Inclement Weather: If it is raining, we will most likely have practice. If there is
    thunder and lightning, we will not have practice. Use your judgment.

                 (Parents, please review these with your swimmers.)

   No running or horseplay on deck or in the locker rooms.
   Always bring training items on deck with you for practice (goggles, cap, water bottle)
   No destroying or defacing any property belonging to FAST, Fleetwood Pool or host
   Always warm-up and stretch before all practices and meets.
   Do not sit on, lie across, or hang on the lane ropes at any time. If a cable snaps, you
    may be seriously injured. Also, it costs FAST money to replace them.
   Bring water or sports drink to each practice/meet.
   Swimmers will sit together as a team at all meets.

 A good swimming attitude.
 A gym bag for carrying your swim stuff to and from practice and to put your clothes in
  during practice. We encourage all swimmers to bring their possessions into the pool
  area during practice and not leave them in the locker room.
 At least 1 – 2 pair of goggles – already adjusted – with your name on them.
 Practice suit – with your name on the label
 Swim cap if you wear one – plus a spare in case it rips.
 At least one towel

 All items you brought
 Meet entry blanks for invitational meets
 Any information that the coach wants you to relay to your parents.
 Any information that is in your folder
 A memory of what you learned, what you worked on and how you felt at practice.
 A smile!!

Coaches reserve the right to ask any swimmer not following the rules to leave.


   Parents are welcomed and encouraged to watch any practice and all meets.
    However, please do not disturb the coaches or swimmers during this time.
   Parents are not permitted on deck during practice time. This is very important. Due to
    the nature of the practices it is imperative that coaches keep their attention focused
    on the swimmers.
   Except in the event of emergencies, parents should refrain from talking to their
    children or the coaching staff during practice. Coaches are usually available both
    before and after practice for discussions. Or you can write your question down and
    put it in the coach’s folder or send him/her an email.
   Specific appointments for discussions with coaches are also encouraged.
   Please drop off and pick up your swimmers on time (at least 10 minutes prior and no
    later than 10 minutes after practice.)
   Please check all information on the team bulletin board each time you are at the
   Please notify the Head Coach in writing one week in advance if your child is to miss
    a dual meet or extended practice time during the season.
   Encourage your children to come to practice and participate in team meets.
   Only swim team swimmers are permitted to go in the pool during practice. Siblings or
    parents who stay during practice may not enter either the regular or baby pool.
   If you’re not sure of something then ask a coach or board member.
   Look for and read email from FAST.

                                     TIME TRIALS

We will be having time trials on Friday June 20th at 9:00. This will give us an opportunity
to get the butterflies out of our stomachs and feel confident going into our first meet the
following Monday. It will give the swimmers a chance to practice things like diving off the
blocks and swimming in a lane by themselves as well as give the coaches an idea of
who should swim what events. Parents will be needed to time, and we will assist those
that are inexperienced. Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

                          TEAM SUITS AND EQUIPMENT

We encourage swimmers to wear the same style suit for the swim season. The suit
should fit snugly, but not so tight that it hurts at the shoulders nor so big that the
swimmer can “grow into it.” Suits are available for sizing purposes at Geist Sporting
Goods. Caps are available from the team.

                                   TEAM PICTURES

We will take our team picture at 4:30 PM on Monday June 23rd before our meet against
Robesonia. Packets will be handed out prior to the meet. Please have them already
filled out and checks made payable to Unger’s Studio when you come to the pool on the


The concession stand is one of our major sources of income. Each swim team family is
asked to contribute food, drink or paper products for each home meet. All money from
the concession stand goes into the Fleetwood Area Swim Team General Fund and is
used to pay coaches and various fees and to purchase team equipment and swimmer

FAST holds additional fundraisers on an as needed basis.

                                     TEAM PICNIC

In late July, FAST will have an end-of-season picnic. In the past, this has been held at
the Fleetwood Park and then moving to the pool for the late night swim. The picnic is an
opportunity to recognize and thank the swimmers, coaches, parent volunteers, etc., to
present gifts and awards and to elect new officers for the following year. We will need a
parent volunteer to coordinate this event. Your help would be greatly appreciated. More
information will be available later in the season.


FAST maintains a record of the best times for each event in all age groups. This is
located outside the pool next to the lifeguard office, and is updated each year. If a
swimmer breaks a record participating in an event other than a dual meet, an official
proof of time must be submitted to the coach for this time to be considered a record.
Parents/swimmers are responsible for notifying the coach or the person in charge of
updating the record board of the record broken. In order to break a record, the swimmer
must be representing the Fleetwood Area Swim Team.


FAST may publish the results of its dual meets (1st through 3rd place finishers) in The
Patriot. Parents and swimmers should remember that even though results may be
submitted to the newspaper for publication, it is at the newspaper’s discretion whether or
not it publishes them (time and space permitting). Every effort is made to spell names
and submit places and times accurately, but we request your understanding if mistakes
are made.

                                 DUAL SWIM MEETS

FAST is part of the Berks County Swimming Association (BCSA) league, with
competitions organized on a dual meet basis. We swim at home or away, against
another team in our division. The league is realigned from time to time to provide better
team matches in terms of size and competition, so we will not necessarily swim against
the same teams as the previous year. Normally, we have 4 or 5 meets each season,
starting in late June and ending in late July. The meets are held on a Monday evening,
starting at 6 PM, and usually last approximately 3 hours.

   Swimmers are permitted to swim in a maximum of 3 events in dual meets.
   Coaches determine the event lineups for dual meets. Swimmers must maintain a
    positive attitude towards the coach’s decision as to what events they will swim at a
    meet. Remember, swimming is a team sport.
   Swimmers wishing to compete in a different event then what they are swimming at
    the dual meets should consider participating in invitational meets where they can
    choose the events they want.
   Swimmers compete in the following age groups: 8 & under, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14,
    15 & up.
   Swimmers must swim their age as of August 1st 2008.
   The sequence of events will be: Medley relay (four swimmers – one for each stroke),
    Butterfly, Freestyle, Backstroke, Breastroke, Freestyle Relay (four swimmers – all
    swimming freestyle).
   Points are awarded as follows: 1st place individual – 5 points, 2nd place individual – 3
    points, 3rd place individual – 1 point, 1st place relay 7 points.

   If a swimmer is disqualified (DQ’d) in an event for any reason (false start, illegal
    stroke/turn, etc.) the time will not be considered valid and no points will be awarded.

 Swimmers are expected to attend all of the dual meets during the season. However,
   we understand that summer is vacation season and exceptions will occur.
 If a swimmer is unable to attend a dual meet, he or she must provide written notice to
   the Head Coach one week in advance. If the absence is due to illness, please notify
   the Coach as soon as possible. If a swimmer misses a meet without notice they
   will not be allowed to swim the next meet.

 Swimmers must make sure they are on deck and ready in advance of their events.
 Swimmers are to remain in the designated team location inside the pool area.
 Swimmers are to remember that they are young ladies and gentlemen and they
  represent our swim team.


                                   BCSA Baltic Division

Home Meets - Please arrive at 4:45 PM, so we can set up the pool before we get in for
warm-ups at 5 PM.
Away Meets – Please arrive at the away pool by 5:15 PM, so we can have a team
meeting before warm-ups at 5:30 PM.

All Meets begin at 6 PM.

Monday, June 23, 2008
Robesonia @ Fleetwood

Monday, June 30, 2008
Fleetwood @ College Manor (610-373-9750)
    Take Pricetown Road/Route 12 toward Reading
    Take the Spring Valley Road Exit
    Turn left at stop sign onto Hampden Blvd. and pass the Crab Barn
    Turn right onto Rockland Street – pool is on the right.

Monday, July 7, 2008
Ken Grill @ Fleetwood

Monday, July 14th, 2008
Fleetwood @ Crestwood (610-779-9679)
    Take 222 Bypass which will merge with 422 East. You will pass exit to 176.
      Take exit toward Mt. Penn
      Turn left at end of ramp onto E. Neversink Road.
      Turn right onto Hearthstone Court, then make right into pool parking lot road.

Monday, July 21st, 2008
East Reading @ Fleetwood

                                INVITATIONAL MEETS

Invitational meets usually serve as a fundraiser for the host team, and may be attended
individually or as a team. Invitational meets are different from league meets in that
swimmers from many different teams in the county compete for awards, such as trophies,
medals or ribbons. They are also different in that swimmers select the events they wish
to swim. A Coach will be present to oversee the swimmers. See various entry forms for

Information on various Invitational meets, sign up sheets, deadlines and entries will be
posted on the bulletin board. It is the parent’s and swimmer’s responsibility to return the
completed form on time to FAST. If you would like help on choosing your events, please
talk to your coach. There are entry fees for each event per swimmer. Entries need to be
turned in to FAST, using the entry sheet provided, by a designated date. Make check
payable to FAST. Try to include entry times if you have them, in order to facilitate
accurate seeding. Coach Heebner will be handling invitational meets.

In preparing to attend an invitational, the following information should be considered:
 Make sure you have the correct warm up and starting time. This information will also
    usually be on the Invitational information sheet.
 Pack extra towels, a warm-up suit and socks. Make sure your swimmers name is on
    everything including the suit.
 Include an activity pack – books, crayons, paper, cards, etc. Also bring a blanket or
    chairs for you and your swimmer to sit on.
 If you do not wish to spend money on food and drink, bring your own.
 Check your swimmer's bag. Does your swimmer have his/her suit, cap and goggles?
 There may be admittance and program fees for adults.
 Once you reach your destination, look for other team members to find out where they
    are sitting.
 Find the locker room and change if necessary. Many swimmers keep their clothing in
    their bag instead of a locker.
 Check in with your coach.
 Parents and swimmers go through the program and find your events. Many of the
    younger swimmers mark their hand with the event number – heat – lane.
 Once the meet is ready to start, someone will call the event to be seeded. It is the
    swimmers responsibility to get to the seeding area. If this is your swimmer’s first time
    have them team up with another swimmer.
 Relax Mom and Dad, and watch the race.
 Some pools are 25 yards in length and some are 25 metes in length. To convert a
    yard time into a meter time divide by .901. To convert a meter time into yards
    multiply by .901.


DATE: June 28 –Shillington Blue & White
    Take 222 Bypass which will merge with 422 East
       Take Lancaster Avenue exit (left exit) and turn right onto East Lancaster Avenue
       Follow East Lancaster Avenue until stop light at Rt. 724.
       Turn left on 724 (Philadelphia Avenue).
       Entrance to Shillington Memorial Park and Pool will be on the right.

DATE:   June 29 - LAUREL RUN SPLASH (610-921-3425)
       From 222 Bypass, take 61 South exit toward Tuckerton/Pottsville
       Turn right onto Reading Crest Ave.
       Go approximately 1 mile and make a left onto Alabama Ave.
       Go 2 blocks and pool will be in front of you on Willow Grove Ave.

DATE:   July 11 & 12 - COLLEGE MANOR (610-373-9750)
       Take Pricetown Road/Route 12 toward Reading
       Take the Spring Valley Road Exit
       Turn left at stop sign onto Hampden Blvd. and pass the Crab Barn
       Turn right onto Rockland Street – pool is on the right

DATE:   July 13 - ANTIETAM 10 & UNDER (610-779-4494)
       Take Pricetown Road/Route 12 towards Reading
       Turn left onto Antietam Road (across from Gianotti’s Restaurant)
       At stop sign turn left onto Blankenbiller
       At stop sign turn right onto Antietam
       At stop sign cross over to Carsonia Ave
       Turn left onto Navella
       Turn left onto Byram – pool is on the right

DATE:   July 19 - ODD AGE GROUP @ GREEN VALLEY (610-670-1463)
       From 222 Bypass, take Spring Ridge exit and merge onto Papermill Road
       Turn right onto Van Reed Road
       Turn right onto Penn Avenue/Route 422
       Turn right at light onto Green Valley Road – Green Valley Country Club is on left

DATE:   July 20 – KUTZTOWN (610-683-9767)
       Take 222 North towards Kutztown
       Take Virginville/Kutztown exit after passing Berkleigh Country Club
       Continue straight into Kutztown

       Starting at KU, travel down Main Street through 5 traffic lights
       Turn Right onto Constitution Blvd. (Turkey Hill on corner)
       Turn Left onto Normal Ave.
       Travel one block just past the bridge and turn left onto Industrial Avenue to pool

DATE:   July 23 & 24 - WILSHIRE RELAYS (610-678-9779)
       From 222 Bypass, take Spring Ridge exit and merge onto Papermill Road
       Turn right onto Van Reed Road
       Go a few blocks and the pool will be on the right

DATE: July 27 - MOHNTON MINI MEET (610-777-3149)
   Take 222 Bypass which will merge with 422 East
   Take Lancaster Avenue exit (left exit) and turn right onto East Lancaster Avenue
      for approx. 2 ½ miles
   Turn left onto Wyomissing Avenue for approx. 1 ½ miles
   Turn left onto South Church Street
   Turn right onto Main Street
   Turn left onto Reed Street
   Turn right onto Cedar Street and follow until Cedar intersects East Fairview

                     CHAMPIONSHIP MEET & NOVICE MEET

Swimmers who achieve qualifying times for the BCSA Championships are eligible to
swim at this meet during the first weekend in August. And those swimmers who did not
qualify for County Championships, or did not place in the top 12 at the County
Championships, may participate in the Novice Meet, held during the week immediately
following County Championships.

DATE:   August 2 & 3 - BCSA CHAMPIONSHIPS @ GREEN VALLEY (610-670-1463)
       From 222 Bypass, take Spring Ridge exit and merge onto Papermill Road
       Turn right onto Van Reed Road
       Turn right onto Penn Avenue/Route 422
       Turn right at light onto Green Valley Road – Green Valley Country Club is on left


If you have any questions regarding directions, please ask your coach or someone that
may have attended these pools in past years.

                                    SWIMMING TERMS

AGE GROUP – In most meets swimmers compete in the following age groups:
8 & under, 9 – 10, 11 – 12, 13 – 14, 15 & up

DISQUALIFICATION – (DQ’d) This occurs when a swimmer has committed an infraction
of a rule. For example, a one hand touch on the breast stroke. A disqualified swimmer is
not eligible to receive an award, nor can the time be used as an official time.

ENTRY FEE – Money paid by the parent or club for a swimmer to participate in an

EXHIBITION – A swimmer competes in a race but does not receive points. Times can
be used as an official time.

FALSE START – A swimmer leaves the block or moves before the starter’s signal which
usually results in a call back or occasionally a disqualification.

FLIP TURN – Somersault type turn used in the freestyle.

FREE RELAY – Four swimmers with a “free” choice of stroke, usually the freestyle.

HEAT – The grouping of swimmers in an event by time.

INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY – Commonly called “IM” a swimmer is required to swim each of
the four strokes in the following order: butterfly, back, breast and free.

MEDLEY RELAY – Four swimmers, each swims one stroke in the following order: back,
breast, fly and free.

METER POOL – A pool measured by meters; the pool is longer than a yard pool and
accordingly the times will be slower. Outdoor summer pools are usually meter pools.

QUALIFYING TIMES – Times required for participation in some championship meets.

SEEDING – To rank swimmers according to time in heats.

STARTER – Certified person who has control over the swimmer after they have been
called to the starting block. It is his/her responsibility to ensure a fair start or call a false
start if it occurs.

STROKE AND TURN JUDGE – Certified person whose responsibility it is to watch for
stroke or turn errors. These errors will result in a disqualification.

TIMER – A person who gets a swimmer’s time.


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