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					                               DANIEL SHAW
                  520 East Fifth Street - 4B, New York, NY 10009 - (917) 670-6080

Long Form Editor

NBC “The American Dream with Jim Cramer” Lead Editor, April 2008 - July 2008 (Air date:
Sunday, July 13th, 2008)

CNBC “Fast Money: MBA Challenge” Edited four episodes of CNBC’s first game show. July-August

Travel Channel HD (City Lights Media) “25 Mind Blowing Escapes.” September - December 2007

BET “Road To Platinum: Bow Wow and Omarion - Face-off” December 2007

Court TV (Broadway Video/ MarkMark Productions), “Parco, P.I.” Edited the pilot and two seasons
of this reality/docu-drama series. Mark Effman & Mark Farrell Executive Producers. Oct. 2004 -
Oct. 2006.

Court TV (Reddog Productions), “The Investigators: The Wrong Man”
Edited two episodes of this one hour documentary style series on Oct. 2005 - Feb. 2006

Discovery Channel (Reddog Productions), “Family Anatomy”
Edited two pilot episodes of this half hour reality style series. March - July 2006

The Style Network (Broadway Video Entertainment), “The Katie Brown Show,” organized and
edited segments for 16 episodes of this Martha Stewart like show for the Style Network. New
York, NY. Ron Yassen, Producer. December 2001 – July 2002

Short Form Editor

CNBC “Mad Money” Edited all teases, cut promos and segments for this daily entertaining news
show about stocks staring Jim Cramer. Jan. 2008 - January 30th, 2009

ESPN International -“The US Open 2007” Cut match tease packages on site. August - September

Broadway Video, Edited both long form and short form television, with a strong emphasis on
promos, on Avid Media Composers and Symphony for clients including NBC, CBS Sports, ABC,
MTV, VH1, Spike TV, The Food Network, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and PBS.

On-line Editor / Color Correct Artist

Symphony Color Artist, “Being Bobby Brown” the reality tv on Bravo. November, 2005

Symphony Color Artist, Granada Productions c/o MTV for “Room Raiders” Avid Symphony Color
Corrected and Finished six episodes from this popular reality based show, in addition to editing
an episode. Caren Yagar. August 2003 – March 2004
Symphony color corrected and finished multiple programs for broadcast including “True Spin” for
VH1, “The Lisa & Dweezil” show for Food Network, and Nina Davenport “Parallel Lines” for PBS.
Richard Plofker, Avid Director, July 2002 - 2006

Short Films

“Dream Date” 2009 Cannes 2009 Short Film Corner
“Dirty Mind” 2006 RipFest Film selection
“The Saint of Avenue B,” 2004, Dir. Rene’ Alberta, Official Selection of the 2006 Hamptons Film
“The Tribe” Episodes 1 and 2; Two five minute comedy short selected for Channel 102 Internet
“above & beneath” 2002, Dir. Rene’ Alberta, Official Selection of the 2003 Sundance Film Festival,
and the 2004 Toronto Film festival, which was purchased by IFC for broadcast on IFC’s Short Film
Series and the PBS short film series "Reel New York".

Post-Production / Production

Picture This Television, New York, NY
Helped to cut a one-hour prime time special titled “Spectacular Pools” for the Home Garden
Network, cut segments for pastry chef Jacques Torres’ Food Network cooking show, and worked
on an Intimate Portrait about Jenny Garth for Lifetime Television.
Marcia Mulé, Producer. November 2000 – December 2001

Additional Editor, BBC / Canalot Studio Production's "Louis Throues' Weird Weekends New York,
Myron Kirstein, Editor. June, 2000

Additional Editor, Killer Films / InDigEnt productions’, “Chelsea Walls” New York, NY
Served as the main assistant editor for this feature film directed by actor Ethan Hawke, shot on
DV, and transferred to 35mm film for theatrical presentation. Adriana Pacheco, Editor. December
1999 - May 2000

Burly Bear, Inc. “Shuffle: South By South West” New York, NY
Edited bumpers, sound, mixed, and color corrected for online. Alan Oxman, Editor. March 20 -
April 15, 2000

Avid Teachers Assistant, The Edit Center. New York, NY
Organized Avid rooms and practice scenes from both feature and documentary films. Helped
editing students use the Avid as part of the editing school created and run by feature film editor
Alan Oxman. August - December 1999

Isis Films, Inc., New York, NY
Handled all of the Avid sound editing and on-line Avid mix for three spoof commercials for
Saturday Night Live on NBC.
John Lazarus, Editor. December, 1999

From 1996 - 1999 worked in the trenches of studio and independent feature film production as a
Location Manager, Location Assistant, and Location Scout, and Production Assistant on feature
films and music videos.

Bates College, Lewiston, ME.
B.A. in Political Science May, 1996.

University College London, London, England.
JSA Affiliate Student, Second Semester, 1995.

New York University, New York, NY
Summer Intensive Course: Beginning Film Production
July and August 1995

                             References and reel available upon request.

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