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									Spring/Summer 2006

                 American Studies in Greece
   Newsletter of the Hellenic Association for American Studies

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                     2006 EAAS International Conference,
                     2007 HELAAS Graduate Student
                     Conference, Aristotle University
                     2006 HELAAS Symposium, History
                     Center, Thessaloniki
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HELAAS Board 2005-2007

     Dora Tsimpouki, University of Athens, Faculty of English
     Studies, School of Philosophy, University Campus Zografou,
     GR 157 84, Athens, Greece, e-mail: tsimpouki@enl.uoa.gr
     Smatie Yemenedzi-Malathouni, Department of American
     Literature and Culture, School of English, Aristotle University
     of Thessaloniki, University Campus, GR 541 24, Thessaloniki,
     Greece, e-mail: yemene@enl.auth.gr
     Eleftheria Arapoglou, Department of American Literature
     and Culture, School of English, Aristotle University of
     Thessaloniki, University Campus, GR 541 24 Thessaloniki,
     Greece, e-mail: elefarapoglou@yahoo.com
     Tatiani Rapatzikou, Department of American Literature and
     Culture, School of English, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
     University Campus, GR 541 24 Thessaloniki, Greece, e-mail:
     Zoe Detsi-Diamanti, Department of American Literature and
     Culture, School of English, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
     University Campus, GR 541 24 Thessaloniki, Greece, e-mail:


The HELAAS board would like to extend their wishes to all of you for
a relaxing and enjoyable summer. In the coming academic year,
we hope to work closely with you to promote the research, study
and teaching of American civilization in Greece in the areas of
humanities, social and applied sciences.

In this issue (pp. 4, 5, 6, 7) you will find information about, reports
on, and photographs from the 2006 International EAAS
Conference "Conformism, Non-Conformism, and Anti-
Conformism in the Culture of the United States" which took
place in Nicosia, Cyprus, between April 7 and 10, 2006. Several
HELAAS members organized workshops and presented individual
papers: Nephie Christodoulides, Dimitris Liokaftos, Helena
Maragou, Tatiani Rapatzikou (see panel report on pp. 5, 6), and
Anastasia Stefanidou (see individual paper report on pp. 6, 7).

Regarding our future activities, HELAAS is organizing, for the first
time in Greece, an International Graduate Student
Conference—also open to Young Scholars—on “Ex-centric
Narratives, Identity and Multivocality in Anglo-American
Cultures.” The conference will take place between March 15th and
March 18th, 2007 and will be hosted by Aristotle University of
Thessaloniki. Our goal is to give the opportunity to young
scholars, who are in the process of completing or have just
completed their graduate work, to meet their colleagues and
exchange ideas on topics of mutual interest. We do hope to attract
as many graduate students as possible to this international event,
and we have already received several promising abstracts. For
more information on the conference, the call for papers and
guidelines for submissions, please consult pages 10, 11 of this
newsletter. The organizing committee consists of: Smatie
Yemenetzi-Malathouni, Dora Tsimpouki, Zoe Detsi, Tatiani
Rapatzikou, and Eleftheria Arapoglou.

HELAAS will also be hosting a symposium in Greek on “The Future
of American Studies in Greece” («Τάζεις και Προοπηικές ηων
Αμερικανικών Σποσδών ζηην Ελλάδα») to take place on
Saturday November 25th, 2006, in the History Center (Μέγαρο
Μπίλλη) in Thessaloniki. A schedule will be posted on the HELAAS
website shortly. Please, contact the symposium organizer and
HELAAS secretary, Dr. Eleftheria Arapoglou
<elefarapoglou@yahoo.com>, with queries about the event.

As announced in the winter newsletter, HELAAS has launched an E-
forum, in the context of which members are now able to interact

and exchange views or share information (see relevant report on
pp. 15, 16). The E-forum is accessible through the HELAAS web
site and HELAAS members have already been informed about
accessibility to it. If you, nevertheless, have any questions or
queries, please consult HELAAS treasurer, Dr. Tatiani Rapatzikou
<trapatz@enl.auth.gr> , or the list-serv administrator, Paschalia
Patsala <ppatsala@enl.auth.gr>.

With my very best wishes,

                                           Professor Dora Tsimpouki

 Pictures from the 2006 EAAS Conference in Nicosia, Cyprus
             (Courtesy: Dr. Antonis Balasopoulos)

EAAS International                 Embassy reception, a highly
Conference                         emotional poetry evening with
                                   Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-
April 7-10, 2006                   Cypriot poets at the historic
Nicosia, Cyrpus                    Ledra Palace Hotel, and a very
                                   festive closing reception
Plenary Speakers:                  hosted by the University of
Professor Donald Pease             Cyprus and the Cyprus
(Dartmouth College),               Tourism Organization. Also
Professor Peter Loizos             featured was a book exhibit
(London School of Economics)       including new academic titles
Professor Sophie Body-             in American Studies by several
Gendrot (Paris IV-Sorbonne).       major presses, HELAAS and
                                   EAAS publications, and local
The European Association for       Anglophone Literature. Several
American Studies Conference,       books not sold during the
which convened at the              exhibit were donated to the
University of Cyprus from 7-10     American Studies collection of
April 2006, proved a great         the University of Cyprus.
organizational success and met
with unanimous and frequently            Antonis Balasopoulos,
enthusiastic praise from EAAS            University of Cyprus
Board officers and individual      --------------------------------
delegates. The conference was      Report on Workshop 24
organized through the              Cyberspace Revisited:
collaboration of HELAAS and        Digital Revolution vs.
members of the Department of       Transnational Digital
English at the University of       Convergence
Cyprus (Assistant Professor
Antonis Balasopoulos as head       Chairs:
of the Organizing Committee,       Dr. Tatiani Rapatzikou,
Professor Stephanos                Aristotle University of
Stephanides, Dr. Nephie            Thessaloniki, Greece;
Christodoulides, and               Professor Gilles Menegaldo,
department secretary Thekla        University of Poitiers, France.
Cosntantinou). Over the four
days of the event, the             The four papers presented in
university hosted                  this interdisciplinary workshop
approximately 300 delegates        commented on digital
and visitors. The conference       technologies from a variety of
program featured three             perspectives. In particular,
plenary lectures, seven parallel   Mokhtar Ben Barka (France)
lectures, twenty-five              talked about the way religious
workshops and five shoptalks.      collectivity, consciousness and
Among the other activities of      choice have been reformulated
the conference were a US-          and reshaped with the advent

of the WWW, which he views        limitless choices that the WWW
as a new space allowing for       offers to internet users today.
new forms of religious
participation to be performed.                Tatiani Rapatzikou,
Arthur Redding (Canada)                       Aristotle University
focused on the emergence of a
cyber economy and its             Report on Anastasia
threatening impact on the         Stefanidou’s paper entitled
ideological rights of labor       “Diasporics of Identity:
workers. He contends that the     Audre Lorde and Olga
transformation of labor into an   Broumas” presented in
immaterial and cybernetically-    Workshop 3, Session 2,
run force has now led to new      Poetickal Bombshells
forms of identity-production,
transforming labor from a         Stefanidou’s paper focused on
mere economic to a social,        the negotiation of difference in
cultural and political power.     the poetry of Audre Lorde, an
Tatiani Rapatzikou (Greece)       African-American writer, and
concentrated on the               Olga Broumas, a Greek-
examination of the conceptions    American poet. Although their
and misconceptions that have      poetics and politics were
been surrounding print and        fermented within different but
electronic literary production    not dissimilar social, cultural,
nowadays. She further             and political circumstances and
examined the extent to which      movements, Lorde and
the convergence of literature     Broumas converge in their
and technology, since the late    persistent call for an adaptable
80s, has promoted as well as      and expansive identity whose
endangered the development        resilience lies in its ability to
and dissemination of literary     embrace and nurture
texts due to the reading and      difference. Both writers
writing habits that the WWW       traverse boundaries and
has introduced and facilitated.   eradicate binaries to
Last, Claudia Schwarz             underwrite the multiplicity of
(Austria) talked about the        the locations of the self and to
constructive nature of            propose difference as
cyberspace by concentrating       fundamental to the emergence
on the role of “The End of the    and enunciation of identity.
Web” pages. Serving as            Their poetry is not merely a
hoaxes, these web pages           text to be read. More
satirize their own fakeness and   importantly, their poetry is an
inconsequentiality. Whether       act of resistance and self-
their existence denotes           preservation to be performed.
technical insufficiency or        Both the writer and the reader
neglect is open to                are asked not only to share the
consideration. They do mark,      responsibility to overcome
though, a reaction against the    social and political nightmares

but also to partake of the           country itself. It is no longer a
creation of humanhood where          question of what “America” is,
people are connected through         but of what people do with the
or because of their difference.      many available “Americas.”
Broumas and Lorde claim that         Narratives of America are used
unless we represent ourselves        and abused for specific
by constructing a space of           political, cultural, and social
belonging, a new home within         purposes, each one related in
the self, where all the multiple     some way to a piece of reality
aspects of ourselves energize        that is the U.S. but each one
each other reciprocally, we          also possessing a life and a
cannot begin to confront or          power of its own. Readings
revise discourses that seek to       (both literary and visual) have
posit difference in the exterior.    been created and claimed even
Identity must speak in its           by those who have had little or
distinct tongues and thrive on       no contact with the U.S.A.
its own diversity.                   They have differed wildly
                                     between historical periods,
          Anastasia Stefanidou,      generations, nations, and
          Aristotle University       political perspectives, and have
----------------------------------   been as much empowering
                                     (freedom, individualism) as
EAAS Related Events                  denigrating (inequality,
                                     violence) in their intent. Such
      ● EJAS Special Issue:          narratives are inseparable
      Reading / Misreading           from power relations and social
      “America”                      hierarchies, but these relations
                                     play out in different ways and
Deadline for submissions:            can be equally enabling and
October 15, 2006                     debilitating.

As part of its goal to broaden       EJAS invites articles from all
American Studies and to foster       disciplines and approaches to
a transEuropean “academic            examine the causes and
space” for discussing the            consequences of these
United States, EJAS would like       readings/interpretations of
to devote an issue to                America:
investigating the many
representations of “America,”        - How have narratives and
and how and why they are             images of the U.S.A. been
used in particular contexts.         used in Europe in support of
                                     particular (political/
Narratives and images of the         cultural/social) causes--
U.S. and what is “American”          including U.S. foreign policy
have so multiplied and become        itself?
globalized that they have
become detached from the

- How have Americans mis-         accretive issues will be closed
read their own country--and       each June and December.
                                        ● EJAS Bibliography of
- Why are certain readings of           Books on American
“America” particularly                  Studies published in
attractive in particular                Europe
European countries, and what
are the consequences?             Deadline for submissions to
                                  HELAAS secretary:
- Is it possible to “misread”     September 15th, 2006
America when its identities are
so fluid and multifaceted?        The EAAS Board and the new
                                  Editorial Committee of EJAS
- Translating America: How        recently discussed the crucial
have cultural preferences in      need to increase the visibility
Europe affected the adoption /    of European research in
translation of particular US      American Studies.
literary canons and specific      An examination of most
authors?                          bibliographies in European
                                  journals, books and articles
EJAS does not accept abstracts    seems to demonstrate that
and proposals. Only               Europeans themselves very
completed articles, in            little read and benefit from the
compliance with the               work of their European
submission guidelines             colleagues, however
posted on the EJAS website        understandable it may be that
will be considered for            most of the sources quoted
publication.                      emanate from the U.S., where
                                  the bulk of pertinent research
Read, and/or contribute to the    is naturally conducted.
European Journal of American
Studies at                        There is, however, an
http://ejas.revues.org            abundance of rich European
All necessary information         material that is hardly ever
(modalities of submission,        tapped, even by European
format, address of the editors    scholars and researchers. Part
in the respective fields of       of the problem lies with the
study, etc) can be found on       lack of visibility of many
the site, under one of the        publications by Europeans, in
rubrics in the left-hand column   spite of efforts deployed in the
of the screen.                    "reviews" section of the EAAS
                                  website and frequent mentions
The Journal will post articles    in the EAAS Newsletter.
online in the regular issue as
soon as they are accepted and     The recent creation--and
cleared for publication. The      flexibility--of EJAS has

prompted EAAS to invite all         e.g.:
European associations to            ADAGGIO, Gertrud, Columbus
provide a list of the most          Meets the Egg, Middletown:
significant books (up to 50)        University Press, 1990, 6578
published in English by their       pages. Preface by G.W. Push;
members on American                 index of names and subject
subjects over the last 25           matter, bibliography pp. 6566-
years.                              6578.
                                    [Based on a thorough
Subsequently, a special section     examination of recently
on the EJAS site will be            unearthed secret instructions
dedicated to the listing of         of the Spanish Court, the book
book-length publications in         documents Chris's eager quest
English by members of EAAS,         for an anti-bird flu vaccine in
making fairly recent research       the New World.]
in the field available to all.      If a website can be given
HELAAS invites ALL its              where the book can be
members to send to                  procured, please indicate it.
HELAAS secretary, Dr.
Eleftheria Arapoglou                Recent HELAAS Events
a bibliography of their                   ● Eastern Church
books published in the last 25            Gospel Performance in
years and dealing with                    Thessaloniki
American Studies. The
deadline for the submission of      The third celebration of Black
this information is September       History Month in Greece was
15th, 2006. No late                 commemorated this year with
submissions will be accepted        a special event. HELAAS,
as the EAAS deadline for            together with the American
inclusion of the information in     Consul, the Municipal and
EJAS is strict.                     Aristotle University authorities
                                    in Thessaloniki, undertook the
The bibliography must include       local organization of the gospel
the necessary publishing data,      event which took place on
as per the following formula:       February 22nd, 2006 at the
                                    Aristotle University Aula.
NAME, First name, Title, Place      Students, the public and
of publication: Publisher, date     members of staff had the
of publication, number of           opportunity to attend a
pages, indication of the            spectacular and unique event.
presence of a preface, an           After appearing in Athens, the
index, a bibliography.              choir and band of Eastern Star
An extremely brief description      Church from Indianapolis,
of the contents (2 or 3 lines),     U.S., also traveled to
if not clear from the title, must   Thessaloniki for one and only
be included.                        performance. The Eastern

Star Church was founded in        various fields and disciplines to
1920 and is considered            a conference which is
nowadays to be one of the         organized at the Aristotle
largest African American          University Campus.
churches in the Midwest. It       The conference, which is the
was Yvette Jarvis who met the     first of its kind to be held in
choir in 2003 and invited them    Greece, invites papers that
to our country. On the night of   address the concepts of de-
the event, the choir performed    centrism and ex-centrism
songs from its recent CD          within a globalized context
release entitled Lord I Worship   where borders between the
(2000) under the direction of     canonical and the other are
Minister of Music Sherri          being contested. Within this
Garrison.                         context, individual cultures and
For more information              individual writers and artists
concerning Black History          are now viewed as participants
Month, please visit:              in an intercultural and multiple
<www.infoplease.com/spot/         exchange of experiences and
bhm1.html>                        perspectives in their attempt
For those wishing to find out     to move beyond “boundaries.”
more about Eastern Star           With the peripheral having now
Church, please go to:             become the center of
<www.easternstarchurch.org>       contemporary culture, this
                                  conference is interested in
Calls for Papers                  examining cultural and literary
                                  diversity that have merged
   ● HELAAS Graduate              from the reciprocal traffic of
   Student International          ideas and influences between
   Conference Inaugural           cultures, politics, aesthetics
                                  and disciplines with an
   “Ex-centric Narratives,        emphasis on identity as a site
   Identity and                   of crisis and fragmentation.
   Multivocality in Anglo-        To investigate the newly
   American Cultures”             created political and socio-
                                  cultural reality as well as the
March 15-18, 2007                 literary and artistic aesthetics,
                                  prospective participants are
The Hellenic Association for      encouraged to contribute
American Studies, and the         paper proposals relating to the
Department of American            conference theme, in the fields
Literature and Culture of the     of literature, history, film,
School of English of Aristotle    language, pedagogy,
University aim to bring           psychology, music, art,
together Greek and foreign        politics, economics, and law.
graduate students (MA & PhD)      Ex-centricity, identity and
as well as young scholars at      multivocality may be examined
the start of their careers from   in relation to one of the

suggested topics below, the       E-mail to:
list not being exhaustive.        <excentric@enl.auth.gr>
                                  Or post to:
• Personal Boundaries in the      “Ex-centric Narratives”, 2007
Negotiation of Identity           HELAAS Graduate Conference,
• Locality and Belonging          School of English,
• Place and Identity              Department of American
• Contested Landscapes/           Literature and Culture,
Contested Narratives              Aristotle University of
• Local v/s transnational         Thessaloniki, Greece, 54 124
• Setting boundaries /               ● “The Self in North
Transcending Boundaries;             American Culture:
Spatial and Social Organization      Comparative
• Ethnic Groups/Minorities/          Perspectives”
• Local vs. Global: Shifting      Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, 2006
Borders and Hybrid Identities
• Doppelganger metaphor /         Dpt. of Am. Literature and
Otherness                         Culture, Bilkent University,
• Polyphony vs. Authorial         Ankara, Turkey
voices in politics/history,
philosophy, psychology,           The conference will examine
sociology, journalism/law.        selfhood today and in the past
• Gender / Racial identity        and will be interdisciplinary in
• New Novels / Old Narratives     scope, soliciting contributions
• Multileveledness /Politext /    from scholars working in the
Hypertexts                        humanities and social sciences,
• Intertextuality                 in such fields as literary,
• Peripheral/Marginal             historical, film, media, gender,
• Postcolonial Narratives         race, and ethnic studies.
• Cultural Preservations and      Presenters will focus on
Electronic Technologies           representations of the self in
• Embodiment/Disembodiment        North American culture and
• World English                   the discourses of the social
• Semantics                       sciences in both the past and
                                  present. Moreover, in line with
Selected papers will be           recent scholarship, the
published in electronic and       conference will attempt to get
hard copy format.                 beyond rigid dichotomies of
                                  the private and the public, the
Please submit a 250-300 word      personal and the political, and
abstract, for a 20 minute         will aim to explore the manner
presentation and a short bio to   in which the self is constructed
the address below. Deadline:      within various social, cultural,
October 31, 2006.                 and historical contexts.

Suggested topics and themes        The deadline for submitting
include the following: the         proposals is September 1,
gendered self; the racialized      2006.
self; the self and ethnic          Send proposals to:
identity; the self and the         Dennis Bryson, Department
politics of recognition; sexual    of American Culture and
orientation and the self; the      Literature, Faculty of
self in relation to the other;     Humanities and Letters,
intimacy, marriage, and the        Bilkent University, 06800
self; emergent pathologies of      Bilkent Ankara, TURKEY.
the self, for example, the         E-mail submissions (and
narcissistic self; the             queries with regard to the
psychological effect of racial     conference) are welcome.
discrimination; technologies of    Please send to:
the self; psychotherapy and        <dennis@bilkent.edu.tr>
the care of the self;
representation of multiple            ● Teaching “America”
personality disorder in
psychology and film; affectivity   JAST, Journal of American
and the self; the self from the    Studies of Turkey, a
perspective of cultural            semiannual interdisciplinary
psychology; psychoanalysis         journal with international
and the secrets of soul;           authorship, invites the
transitions in selfhood: from      submission of essays for
“character” to “personality”;      a special issue on “Teaching
instrumentalizing the self: the    American Culture outside the
measurement and                    United States.”
management of personality;
the self and political economy;    Possible topics include, but are
neo-liberalism and the             not limited to:
precarious self; and the self      - What should American
within the globalizing economic    Studies curricula in locations
context.                           outside the US seek to
The conference organizers          - How does one present the US
invite proposals for both          within a disciplinary paradigm
individual papers and panels.      that promotes transnational
Prospective presenters should      and subnational American
send an abstract of                studies?
approximately 400 words in         - How is the teaching of
length and a curriculum vitae.     American culture affected by
Proposals for panels should        the lack of those conceptions
include the abstracts and bios     and misconceptions that
of the individual participants     provide American students
along with a brief statement of    perspectives on the
the overall theme of the panel.    constitution/reconstitution/
                                   dissolution of "America"?

- What conceptions and               ● 31st Annual
misconceptions take their          Conference of the
place? What possibilities do       American Studies
they engender?                     Association of Turkey
- How do curricular goals
translate into the classroom:   “Comparative Americas”
what texts, contexts, events,
and concepts are most           November 8-10, 2006
important or most useful, and
for what reasons? What          For this conference proposals
pedagogies are most             are invited from within the
successful?                     many disciplines of American
                                Studies that focus on
The editors also welcome        “American” and “U.S.” Studies,
reviews of books and films      not by abandoning these
related to the topic of this    analytical frames but by
special issue.                  (dis-)placing them within a
                                comparative context.
Deadline for submission of
articles and reviews: 15        Possible panels may include:
September 2006.                 - Comparative Historiographies
                                - Multiculturalism and
All correspondence and          Multilingualism in the United
manuscripts for this special    States and Beyond
issue should be directed        - American Exceptionalism/
to the issue editor, Kevin R.   Comparative Exceptionalisms
McNamara, Ege                   - Atlantic or Pacific Crossings
University/University of        - Transnational and Trans-
Houston-Clear Lake,             locational Paradigms
<kmcnamara@houston.rr.          - The Local, the Regional, the
com>                            Global
                                - Ethnic Studies in a
Article manuscripts of 12-20    Comparative Frame
double-spaced pages and book    - Hybrid Americas vs. the
or film reviews of 500-1000     Clash of Cultures
words should be submitted as    - Caribbean Cultures
MS-Word attachments.            - Civic vs. Ethnic or Religious
All manuscripts should follow   Identities
the MLA Style. Identifying      - Hemispheric Perspectives
information should be placed    - Comparative Approaches in
on a separate title page.       the Classroom
For further information         - Comparative Gender and
regarding the special issue,    Sexuality Studies
contact the issue editor and
include "JAST" in the subject   Proposals are invited for
line.                           individual papers, but
                                proposals for panels of three to

four presenters and                    ● European Study
roundtables of three to five           Group for Nineteenth-
presenters are especially              Century American
welcome. The deadline for              Literature
submission of all proposals is
July 31, 2006. A one- to          European scholars specializing
two-page abstract that            in 19th-century American
summarizes the contents of        literature are invited to join
the panel or roundtable and its   the European Study Group for
relation to the conference, or,   Nineteenth-Century American
for individual papers,            Literature, supported by EAAS.
summarizes the paper and          The rationale behind this
suggests a panel or panels to     project is to meet annually for
which it may relate is            two days and 1) discuss a
requested. Also, a cv for all     selected lesser-known work of
prospective presenters must       19th-century literature which
be submitted. All applicants      participants will have read
will be notified of the           prior to the meeting (or a
conference contents by            theme that involves a variety
September 1, 2006.                of works); 2) discuss the
                                  current research of study
Selected papers may be            group participants; and 3)
invited for submission (to be     present and respond to
considered for publication) in    participants’ work-in-progress.
the ASAT peer-reviewed            The inaugural meeting will
journal, the Journal of           take place in Poznan, Poland,
American Studies of Turkey.       on September 9 and 10,
                                  2006, and will focus on Fanny
Please send your proposals or     Fern's bestselling novel Ruth
questions by email to             Hall (1855).
addressed to the secretary of     If you are interested in
the ASAT conference: Dr.          participating in this and/or
Trevor Hope, Ankara               future meetings, please email
University Department of          Magdalena Zapedowska,
American Culture and              School of English,
Literature. Additional            Adam Mickiewicz University,
information may be found at       al. Niepodleglosci 4,
the ASAT website,                 61-874 Poznan, Poland
www.bilkent.edu.tr/~asat.         tel. (+48 61) 829 3506
                                  fax (+48 61) 852 3103

Members’ Publications               co-edited a book entitled
                                    Metaphoricity and the Politics
● Halkias, Alexandra. The           of Mobility (Rodopi) and
Empty Cradle of Democracy:          special issues of The European
Sex, Abortion and Nationalism       Journal of English Studies
in Modern Greece. Duke              [“Intimate Transfers,” 9.3
University Press, 2004.             (2005)] and Gramma
                                    [“Wrestling Bodies,” 11
● Kalogeras, Yiorgos, Eleftheria    (2003)]. She is currently
Arapoglou, and Linda Manney,        researching the intersection of
eds. Transcultural Localisms:       whiteness and femininity in the
Responding to Ethnicity in a        work of white women writing
Globalized World. Heidelberg:       around the middle of the
Universitätsverlag Winter,          twentieth century.
2006.                               <yiannopo@enl.auth.gr>

New Members                         Other News

Virginia Dakari is a graduate             ● HELAAS List-serv
student at the Department of
American Literature and             The HELAAS List-serv consists
Culture, Aristotle University.      of an electronic mail discussion
Her research interests include      list and a related network site
feminist criticism and theory,      on the World Wide Web.
psychoanalysis, African-
American studies,                   HELAAS members can use the
contemporary theatre theory         list for the discussion of
and performance, and creative       virtually anything pertaining to
writing.                            the broad range of American
<viniadakari@yahoo.gr>              Studies.

Alexandra Halkias is an             Messages circulating in the
Assistant Professor at the          List-serv will concern news
Department of Sociology,            about: teaching and research
Panteion University, Athens,        projects, works in progress,
Greece. Her research interests      announcements about
are in the areas of feminist        conferences/jobs/grants/
theory, sociology of culture,       fellowships, Internet
media studies, nationalism,         resources, book reviews,
and sexuality.                      syllabi exchanges etc.
                                    Also, HELAAS members are
Effie Yiannopoulou is               invited to use this List-serv as
Lecturer in English and             an e-forum where they can
Cultural Theory at the School       post questions and queries, or
of English, Aristotle University,   host debates over academic
Thessaloniki, Greece. She has

issues relating to American       information. To subscribe to
Studies.                          the list, please fill out the form
                                  at the EAAS-L List information
An archive of all previously      page at
posted messages on the List-      <http://mailman.let.uu.nl/mail
serv will be maintained. All      man/listinfo/eaas-l>
messages will be sorted by
date or subject (eg. women’s      In order to contribute to the
studies, cultural studies,        discussion send messages to:
teaching of American              <eaas-l@mailman.let.uu.nl>
literature, etc).
                                  HELAAS Subscriptions
Given that the HELAAS List-
serv will be a semi-public e-     The new HELAAS board has
forum, the list's editors,        decided that, after 6 years
managers, advisory board and      during which our subscription
the association itself bear no    remained the same, the
responsibility for messages       subscription for 2006 is set
forwarded to people outside       at 20 euros per annum for
the list without the initial      members, and 15 euros per
contributor's prior consent.      annum for students and
                                  members employed part-time.
For any comments or
suggestions, please contact:      During its last meeting, the
<trapatz@enl.auth.gr> and         board has also decided to
<ppatsala@enl.auth.gr>            waive all membership fees
                                  up to the year 2004, so that
To post to this list, send an     members can easily settle their
email to:                         HELAAS subscription.
                                  Please note our new bank
General information about the     account details for the HELAAS
mailing list is at:               2006 subscription fee:
<https://lists.auth.gr/mailman    PIRAEUS BANK, Account
/listinfo/HELAAS>                 Number: 5272-026131-179
                                  BIC: PIRBGRAA
We hope you find this List-serv   IBAN: GR75 0172 2720 0052
useful and constructive.          7202 6131 179
                                  You are all kindly requested to
      ● EAAS Travel Grants        update or renew your
Information can be obtained       subscriptions at your
by visiting the EAAS              earliest convenience.
<http://www.eaas.info>            We would also like to inform
                                  you that it is possible to
      ● Join the EAAS             download the membership
Distribution List for topical     form posted on the HELAAS

web site                          mail, or snail mail) of the
<http://www.enl.auth.gr/          deposit slip. Instructions are
HELAAS/registration_form_         posted on the on-line
HELAAS.doc>                       membership form:
and e-mail it to the HELAAS       <http://www.enl.auth.gr/
secretary, Eleftheria Arapoglou   HELAAS/registration_form_
<elefarapoglou@yahoo.com>.        HELAAS.doc>

Payment can be made at the        For change of contact
Piraeus bank, account number      details or email, please get in
5272-026131-179, only             touch with the HELAAS
provided that the treasurer,      Secretary, Eleftheria Arapoglou
Tatiani Rapatzikou,               <elefarapoglou@yahoo.com>
receives a copy (by fax, e-

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