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					Log onto: and the Distributor Support Arena
(DSA) as you normally would using your Distributor number and
personal password.
From the home page, select “Internet Ordering System”
You will then be directed to the Welcome Screen
From this point, select “Distributor Services” from the left
hand control panel
An expanded menu will then be displayed. From this menu
select “Register New Account”
The screen displayed will have
four text input fields.
The first field is the “New
Account No.”. Enter the
distributor number found at
the bottom of the Distributor
Agreement form or
obtainable from the Service
Centre. You may order 1
number at a time.
The second field is the “Sponsor
No.”. This is pre-populated with your
Distributor number. If required, this
can be changed by typing in another
Sponsor’s details.

The third field is “New Prospect’s
Email Address”. Enter the email
address of the new prospect.

The fourth field is “Confirm Prospects Email Address”. Re-enter the email
address of the new prospect to check accuracy.

Once all information is entered correctly, select the “Register New Account No.” button.
A message will then appear on screen informing you that “The applicant number is
successfully registered with Kleeneze”.
The prospect will then receive an email containing an Internet link
that will direct them to their online registration form.
The prospect then needs to complete the online registration form this should only take approx
10 minutes and there are 10 easy steps to complete.

The first page is the welcome. This presents the account number and email address as pre-
populated fields. The applicant needs to read the welcome instructions and then click the
“Start” button.

Step 1 is the Important and Statutory Information. It is important that the applicant reads this
section and ticks the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the screen.
Main Applicant Details. At the start of this section the applicant needs to
select if the registration is for one or two applicants. They then need to
complete the section for the applicant(s) in terms of their details, their
residence details and their other addresses.
Banking Details. The applicant has to enter all the required banking details.
Photo ID. The applicant needs to attach a digital image of themselves
clearly showing their facial features. This image needs to be a jpeg and up
to 2Mb in size. If the applicant does not have a digital image at the time the
registration can be completed but a photograph must be supplied within 28
The Credit Agreement. All new distributors are offered an initial credit
facility. The applicant must complete this section by ticking the check
box at the bottom of the page.
Review of information submitted. All the information submitted in the previous steps can be
reviewed and modified at this step.
It is important that the applicant ticks the check box at the bottom of the screen to show that
they have read and understood the terms and conditions and also ticked the box to
effectively sign the contract.
Step 7– The applicant will then be sent an email confirmation and
copy of the agreement form and credit agreement for their
They need to click on the link to complete the registration.
Business Starter Kit. The applicant needs to
select option that they require to start.

All applicants will be charged £75 and sent a
Business Starter Kit . This kit will contain the
existing 50 Main Book, 50 Health & Beauty
and 50 Specialogues.

Applicants can also choose to have the starter
kit made up to the Super 200 by selecting
“UK Super 150” for £55. The applicant will
receive 150 more main books and
Health & Beauty books for a total of £130.

Or if the applicant wants the Super 200 Plus
they need to select the “Super 150 Plus”
for £70. They will receive 150 more main
books, Health & Beauty books and
specialogues for a total of £145.

The catapuller will be an optional extra for all price bands at a special price of £10

IMPORTANT – Refunds within the first 14 days of registration will only be paid for the
£75 kit and for any further catalogues returned in their original packaging.
Payment. This must be through a credit or debit card.
Confirmation and Finish. The applicant will receive confirmation that
their application was successfully completed.
They are sent an email confirmation containing an attachment with their
account details and password for trading.

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