Bold Eagle Presented the Norwest Memorial Trophy for Top Shot One by akgame


									                    Bold Eagle Presented the Norwest Memorial Trophy for Top Shot

  One of the awards presented at the Bold Eagle graduation ceremony is the Top Shot. This award
  is presented to the recruit from each platoon who attains the best result using their C7 Service
  Rifle on their personal weapons test during the firing range exercise. To help recognize this
  achievement by the respective Bold Eagle recruits, the Wainwright Ricochet Club donated a Top
  Shot trophy to the Land Force Western Area Training Centre for the Bold Eagle program on
  August 11, 2009.

  “I noticed at last year’s graduation that there were trophies for all the other award recipients
  except the Top Shot” explained Archie Beare, Lieutenant Colonel retired, and member of the
  Ricochet Club. “So we thought it would be a good idea to create a trophy for this award in
  honour of Henry Louis Norwest, a distinguished Métis sniper from the First World War”.

  The Henry Louis Norwest Memorial Trophy will be presented to the Top Shot from both the
  Prince and Greyeyes Platoons during the graduation ceremony on August 20, 2009.

Henry Louis Norwest Memorial Trophy presented to LFWA TC for   LCol Morrison, CO LFWA TC, and CWO Chase, RSM, receive the Top Shot
the Bold Eagle Top Shot recipients.                            trophy from Archie Beare and the Wainwright Ricochet Club.

  Sharpshooter: Henry Louis Norwest
  One of the most famous Canadian snipers in the First World War was a
  Métis marksman who went by the name of Henry Louis Norwest.
  Norwest was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, of French-Cree
  ancestry. In his nearly three years of service with the 50th Canadian
  Infantry Battalion, the lance-corporal achieved a sniping record of 115
  fatal shots. The former ranch-hand and rodeo performer also merited the
  Military Medal and bar; making him one of roughly 830 members of the
  CEF to be awarded this double honour.

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