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EMS Satellite Networks


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									EMS Satellite Networks, a world leader in satellite communications, offers two-way, open
standard (DVB-RCS) internet-via-satellite terminals. EMS was first-to-market over two years ago,
and is now proud to present its newest products - the 3rd and 4th generation of terminals.

At speeds of up to 45 Mbps, your largest data, video and multimedia files will download up to 30
times faster than a T1 line, 70 times faster than ISDN and over over 130 times faster than a
telephone modem.

The DVB-RCS Satellite Interactive Terminal (SIT) is much the same as those
units used in a standard satellite TV system with the significant difference being that, unlike
television broadcasting systems, the DVB-RCS SIT is bi-directional.

For Enterprise, Professional or SOHO applications, EMS Satellite Networks offers terminal
configurations to meet your business needs:
         • Satellite Interactive Terminals (indoor unit and outdoor unit)
         • Indoor units alone
         • Technology licenses for indoor units

Our Enterprise model, known as EMS Series 2000 terminal, offers single unit 1U rack-mount
                           packaging and supports an extensive feature set with scalable
                           options of broadband applications and performance.

Our Professional/SOHO model, known as the EMS Series 3000 terminal, offers a small form
                       factor package and list of standard features making this a
                       cost-effective high performance solution.

SIT Highlights:
      • Open standard DVB-RCS compliant design
      • Up to 45Mbps Downstream/2Mbps Upstream
        and an 8Mbps Upstream option (Series 2000).
      • Frequency-independent: Available in C, Ku, Ka
      • Now in full production, installs in just a few hours!

SOHO or SME high speed internet access SITs are ideally suited for supporting groups of users in
businesses, schools, community centers, or for broadband use in home offices. SITs for ISPs
or other commercial service providers can support edge-of-the-net content distribution and
request return, optimized caching, or commercial interactive services for multiple-dwelling units,
cable head-ends, distance learning and telemedicine.
> Series 2000 Terminals
EMS Satellite Networks Enterprise Series 2000 terminals are full-featured DVB-RCS compliant
terminals. These rack-mountable units are a slim 1U form factor.
The Series 2000 offers simple connectivity to your corporate LAN and the highest data rates
attainable today. A truly corporate solution, the Series 2000 is designed to provide enterprise level
quality of service demanded of today’s connected world.
As a replacement to your existing T1 line or as a backup, the Series 2000 always-on performance
provides bandwidth when you need it. Designed to support up to 45Mbps on the forward link and
up to 2 Mbps on the return channel, EMS is also offering an 8 Mbps return channel option.
             •   Web Based Control Panel
             •   Easy-to-configure Ethernet connectivity to your LAN or Router
             •   Supports up to one hundred (100) users
             •   Complete Turnkey Solution, you are on-line in hours
             •   Fully upgradeable design
8 Mbps return channel, DHCP Server, Routing, Support for Multiple Subnets, Firewall, VPN Server
and Client, SMTP/POP Email Server, Web Caching, Hard Disk, User Management – bandwidth
monitoring and control, File and FTP Server, Serial Port for Telephone Modem connectivity, Dial-in
RAS and more!
Sample Markets:
        • Enterprise/Corporate
        • Government
        • Education
        • Multi-Dwelling/Tenant Units
        • Remote Regions
        • Cable Head end/Last Mile

Sample Applications:
Email and Web Browsing, File Transfer, Video Streaming, VPN, VoIP, Cable Head-end, Video
Conferencing, Corporate Networking, Multicasting, Broadcasting, Thin client, Video-On-Demand,
Backup, Distance Learning, Point-Of-Sale, SCADA.
> Series 3000 Terminals
EMS Satellite Networks Professional/SOHO Series 3000 terminals are DVB-RCS
compliant terminals, optimized for a low-cost professional feature set. The attractive
design and small form-factor make it ideal as a desktop high-speed solution.

The Series 3000 offers simple connectivity directly to a PC or small LAN. A truly
professional solution, it’s an out-of-the-box, ready-to-go, low cost broadband solution
for any office.

As a replacement for a Cable or DSL connection, as a backup solution or in underserved
regions, the Series 3000 performance provides bandwidth when you need it. Designed to
support up to 8 Mbps on the forward link and up to 2Mbps on the return channel the
Series 3000 terminal is ideally suited for your small business needs.

            •   Web Based Control Panel
            •   Easy-to-configure Ethernet connectivity to your PC, LAN or Router
            •   Supports up to ten users
            •   Installs in a few hours
            •   Small size, Low cost

Sample Markets:
        • Small-Medium Enterprises
        • Professionals
        • Small Office/Home Office

Sample Applications:
Email and Web Browsing, File Transfer, Video Streaming, VoIP, Video Conferencing,
Private Networking, Thin client, Video-On-Demand and Distance Learning.
                                                                                 Ref: SIT0902

EMS Satellite Networks                                      Tel.: 514-457-2150
a division of EMS Technologies                              Fax: 514-457-2724
21025 Trans Canada Highway                                info@emssatnet.com
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue (Montreal), Quebec, Canada H9X 3R2   www.emssatnet.com

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