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Invitations by xiangpeng


2 009 C hi na ( C hong qi ng) C osme t ic Indust rial Exposit ion & 3 r d Be a ut if ul
Cho ngq i ng F ashi on and C ul t ure F e st ival

Chongqing, a youngest provincial municipality, an important central city, a historical and cultural
city, an economic center of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, an important modern
manufacturing base, a comprehensive transportation hub in the southwestern China, a super large
city of potential consumption with 30 million people, is the hinterland to develop the beauty

Chongqing, a metropolis of fashions, has held ten successful cosmetic expositions which served
good platforms for the cosmetics, hairdressing products, techology exchanges, communications of
Chongqing, China and the world. To follow the state policies Opinions on Promotion of Balanced
Urban and Rural Reform and Development of Chongqing, China National Cosmetic Association,
Chongqing government and business councils will cooperate to launch this exposition.

China (Chongqing) Cosmetic Industrial Exposition has unique advantages as Chongqing has
comprehensive water, land and air transportation with serves the hinderland of Beauty Industry.
Chongqing with 30 million people, is the largest commercial city in the West China of great
potential consumption. Chongqing has over 10,000 beauty organizations with over 100,000
workers and 5 billion turnover. It has become an important part of the social economic

The Exposition and Festival will present the cream of Chongqing’s exhibition industry and serve
as the platform for business presentation, communication and cooperation for the southwestern

2 009 C hi na ( C hong qi ng) C osme t ic Indust rial Exposit ion & 3 r d Be a ut if ul
Cho ngq i ng F ashi on and C ul t ure F e st ival

Taste Life   Fashion Life

4-8 November, 2009

Nanping International Convention and Conference Exhibition Hall


· Support Units
  Ministry of Commerce
 Chongqing People’s Government

· Sponsors
 Circulation Industry Promotion Center, Ministry of Commerce
 Chongqing Commerce Commission
 Chongqing Industrial and Commercial Federation
 China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Chongqing Sub-Council
 Yuzhong District People’s Government, Chongqing
 Nan’an District People’s Government, Chongqing

· Supporters
  Chongqing Public Security Bureau
 Chongqing Human Resources and Social Welfare Protection Bureau
 Chongqing Transportation Commission
 Chongqing Public Health Bureau
 Chongqing Civil Affairs Management Commission
 Chongqing Statistics Bureau
 Chongqing Industrial and Commercial Administration
 Chongqing Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau
 Chongqing Women’s Federation
 Chongqing Township Enterprise Bureau
 Information Office of Chongqing People’s Government
 Reception Office of Chongqing People’s Government
 Chongqing Consumer Rights Protection Commission

· Executive Organizers
  Beauty and Hairdressing Council, Chongqing Industrial and Commercial Federation
 Chongqing Liangjiang Exhibition Co., Ltd.

· Industrial Supporters
 Chamber of Beauty Culture & Cosmetics of All-China Federation of Industry &
 China National Cosmetics Association
 Commercial Department of Royal Thai Consulate-General in Chengdu
 The Korea-China Cultural Association
 Beijing Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Shanghai Mei Bo Hui
 Tianjin Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Hong Kong Beauty Association
 Macau Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Taiwan Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Liaoning Cosmetics Council

 Heilongjiang Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Jilin Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Baotou Beauty and Hairdressing Association, Inner Mongolia
 Xinjiang Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Qinghai Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Gansu Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Gansu Cosmetics Council
 Ningxia Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Ningxia Cosmetics Council
 Shanxi Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Hebei Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Henan Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Shandong Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Jiangsu Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Zhejiang Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Jiangsu Cosmetics Council
 Jiangxi Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Hubei Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Shanxi Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Anhui Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Guangdong Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Guangxi Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Yunnan Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Guizhou Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Sichuan Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Fujian Cosmetics Association
 Hainan Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Tibetan Cosmetics Association
 Shenzhen Cosmetics Council
 Wenzhou Beauty and Hairdressing Council
 Hangzhou Beauty and Hairdressing Association
 Yantai Beauty and Hairdressing Association

· Media Supporters

 Media Publicity
 Chongqing TV Station
 Chongqing Morning News
 Chongqing Evening News
 Chongqing Commercial News
 Chongqing Times
 New Woman
 China Beauty Fashion News
 China Comsetics

        Cosmetic Information
        Hong Kong Beauty
        Beauty Vogue
        Guangdong Fashion Cosmetics
        World Beauty
        Medical Beauty
        New idea·Dressing
        Heal and Beauty
        Beauty Salon

        Cooperate Websites

      · Exhibition of Facial and Hair Dressing, and Cosmetics

        1. Cosmetics: skincare, facial dressing, color dressing, perfume, hairdressing (shampoo,
           hair dying, hair waving, ointment, etc.)
        2. Body Shaping and Health Care: health care product, health care underwear, shaping
           equipment, computer fitting, shaping product, shaping underwear, Chinese medical
           health care, nail product, color painting, etc.
        3. Daily Washing: chemical washing, chain store and franchising.
        4. Equipment and Meter: Beauty saloon equipment and meter (water spa product and tool,
           equipment, color painting and tattoo), hairdressing shop tool and equipment, gym
        5. Packing material and manufacturing equipment, raw material, private brand and OEM,
           component, equipment, manufacturing equipment.
        6. Facial and Hair Dressing Organization: Training school, saloon, barbershop, dressing
           design shop and multi-media education organization.

        7. Cosmetics Research Organization’s new technology presentation and business
       8. Baby product and pregnant product
       9. Relevant media, website, book and audio product
      10. New product and famous brand area

        Domestic and foreign beauty and hairdressing, cosmetics producers, dealers, distributors,
        importers, exporters and relevant organizations

        Booth Specifications and Fee
        1. Standard Booth (3m×3m): T area 600USD/each/period, other area
           550USD/each/period, booth including 3 boards of 2.5 meters, 1 arch board, 1 desk, 2
           chairs, 220V (below 500W) plug, 2 spotlights
        2. Bare land: 60USD/m²

        Sponsor and Advertising
        · Sponsorship: Title Sponsorship
        · Nominator: 1000000 RMB
        · Supporter: 100000 RMB
        · Opening Ceremony: 50000 RMB
        · Ad:
        1. Exposition Professional Ticket: 30000 tickets/18000 RMB
           Exposition Ordinary Ticket: 60000 tickets/25000 RMB
        2. Back Ad of Exhibitor, Journalist and Guest Certificate
           10000 certificates/ 20000 RMB
        3. Handbag Each group (2000) / 20000 RMB
        4. Journal Ad
           The Organization Committee will print 10000 journals for exhibitors. Ad fees are as
             Ad            Spec (mm)                      Price(RMB)
             Back cover          210×285                  20000
             2nd cover     210×285                        15000
             Head page     210×285                        18000
             3rd cover          210×285                   15000
            Back page           210×285               18000
            Color full page     210×285               6500
       5. Please ask the Organizing Committee for detailed location, size and pricing of Beauty
          Expo on-site advertising (truss inkjet, LED screens, pillar arch, etc.).

1. Opening Ceremony
    Time: 10:00-10:30, November 4, 2009
    Location: Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center

2.   Welcome Reception and Art Show
     Time: 6:30-10:00, November 4, 2009
     Location: River Romance Hotel, Chongqing

3.   Beauty Exposition
     i) New Products Release
         Time: 10:45-17:00, November 4, 2009
           Venue: Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Centre
           Agenda: New Products Release
                   New Equipment Release
                    New Hair and Facil Dressing Fashion Release

     ii)   Industrial Summit Forum
           Time: 10:00-17:00, November 5, 2009
           Venue: Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center
           Agenda: China Cosmetics Innovation Forum
                    China Top Cosmetics Saloon

     iii) Western Beauty, Haird and Facial Dressing, Nail Art Contest
           Time: Nov. 4, 2009
           Venue: Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center
           Agenda: The contest is also the qualification of Asian Beauty, Haird and Facial Dressing,
           Nail Art Skill contest and aims to present Chongqing talents.

           · Hairdressing: Adult Group
              Women Haircut
              Men Haircut
              Women Banquet Hairstyle

           · Hairdressing: Youth Group
             Women Haircut
              Men Haircut
              Women Banquet Hairstyle
              Remarks: Adult group are for age 21 or above and person models are provided. Youth
              group are for age 16 to 23 and artificial models are provided.

           · Dressing
             Banquet Dressing
             Bride Dressing
             Image Design
             Fantasy Dressing

           · Nail Art

             Nail Hand Painting, Creative Nail Art
             Nail Scrapture

           Participants and Prizes: Beauty practitioners will apply for this contest. The top three
           will be promoted to the qualification of a higher level (Senior Technician is the top
           level). Other participants will be granted the senior professional qualification certificate
           if qualified.

4.   3 r d Be a ut y Cho ng q i ng F ashion and C ult ure F e st ival
     i) Exquisite Show
           Time: Nov.7-8, 2009
           Venue: Jiefangbei Shopping Square, Yuzhong District
           Plan: Every street will have ten famous saloons to set up booths of the same standard.

     ii)   Famous Technician and Store Presentation
           Time: Nov.7, 2009
           Venue: Central Stage, Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District
           Agenda: Stage Show

     iii) Prized Works Presentation
          Time: 9:00-12:00 Nov.8, 2009
           Venue: Central Stage, Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District
           Format: Stage Show

     iv) Excellent Enterprise Awards
         Time: 14:00-17:00, Nov.8, 2009
           Venue: Central Stage, Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District

Audience Organization
The Organization Committee will cooperate with media and relevant associations for the audience
arrangement. Text message, mail and fax will also be used based on the database of southwestern

Promotion and Advertising
1. National Industrial Media Advertising
     Media promotion will last till the opening. The related websites will be the promotion focus,
     especially we will put the keywords on the website for searching.
2.   Local Media Advertising
     The local newspaper will cover the activity from different perspectives since March 2008.
3.   Invitation Letter will be sent to beauty saloons in Southeast Asia.
4.   Famous enterprises from 34 different provinces and cities will be invited.
5.   Chongqing Commerce Commission will invite well-known cosmetology-related enterprises,
     businesses and institutions of Chongqing and all over China to the exposition.

1. The applicants need to fill in the contract and fax back the paper with effective signature and
2.   Legal Licences and Production Permits.
3.   For export cosmetics, Import and Export Permit and Qualification Permit are necessary.
4.   No fakes.
5.   Stage and lights can be allowed with the committee’s approval.
6.   Place can’t be rented to others.
7.   Promotion materials can only be circulated within the appointed areas.
8.   The volume must under 70dB.
9.   Any exceptions must be approved by the committee.

1. Daily arrangememt for Beauty Festival
     Preparation: Nov.2-3, 2009 (2 days)
     Show time: Nov.4-6, 2009
     From: 9:00-17:00
     End: 16:00, Nov.6, 2009

2.   Daily arrangememt for Cultural Festival
     Show time: 10:00-17:00, Nov.7-8, 2009 (2 days)
     End: 17:00, Nov.8, 2009

Contact Information
1. China Council for the Promotion of Internatioinal Trade, Chongqing Sub-Council
     Add: 19th Floor International Commerce Chamber Building, No.78 Yangheyicun
     Jiangbei District Chongqing, China 400020
     Tel: +86-23-67737109      67759128
     Fax: +86+23-67723420
     Postcode: 400020
     Contact: Ms.Zheng Ke     Tel: +86-23-67759128
              Mr.Yao Xin         Tel: +86-23-67737109

2.   Chongqing Beauty and Hairdressing Council
     Add: 21-7 Shengdi Building, 116 Jiangbing Road, Linjiangmen, Yuzhong Dist., Chongqing
     Postcode: 400010
     Http: //
     Tel: +86-23-63039055 63039056         63039057 63749315
     Fax: +86-23-63039057
     Contact: Ms.Cai Qin         Tel: 13983798527
              Mr.Feng Linfeng    Tel: 13696440119

3.   Chongqing Liangjiang Exhibition Co., Ltd.
     Add: 32-3 Business Mansion, Nanpingxi Road, Nan’an Dist., Chongqing
     Postcode: 400060
     Http: ∥
     Tel: +86-23-62986521   62986316
     Tax: +86-23-62801586   62986226
     Contact: Mr.Yue Jie      Tel: 13983695858
             Ms.Hu Shan        Tel: 13272812036


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