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Cyber Crime Workshops



                                                          Who will be leading the
                                                          Mr Clinton Towers is a digital forensics specialist
                                                          and practitioner with over 6 years experience in this
                                                          field. He has a background in accounting, IT and
                                                          law enforcement, and his qualifications include a
                                                          Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Hons),
To:                                                       Bachelor of Economics and a Diploma of Policing.
CSI:SYDNEY Headqu                                         Clinton is also a qualified and experienced trainer.
Fax (02) 8117 2018
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                                                          As a Federal Agent for the Australian Federal
                                                          Police, Clinton gained 8 years of policing              Cyber Crime Workshops
Autumn Holidays                                           experience and was assigned to specialist teams
                           sday, 21 April                 dedicated to investigating; money laundering and
                                                                                                                  What role do computers have
 Monday, 20 April & Tue
Winter Holidays
                                                          other financial crimes; computer hacking and            in international crime?
                           sday, 14 July                  cybercrime offences; and electronic evidence and
  Monday, 13 July & Tue                                                                                          How do you follow a trail of
                           sday, 21 July                  digital forensics.
  Monday, 20 July & Tue
  Each 2 day worksho
                          p @ $300                        Clinton has performed forensic examination,             digital evidence?
                                               le at      analysis and testimony for an extensive range
                        tion Forms are availab
  Additional Registra
            ml                     of government agencies and has undertaken               How is electronic evidence
                                                          forensic investigations of various crimes including     used by lawyers in court?
 Participant Name:                                        computer hacking, terrorist financing, importation
 Address:                                                 of prohibited substances (drugs), manufacture           Want to be an intelligence
                                                          of commercial quantity of prohibited substances
                                                          (drugs), counter terrorism, tax evasion, corruption
                                                                                                                  officer or a digital/computer
  Parent/Guardian Name
                                                          by public officials, and murder and fraud.              crime scene investigator?
  Signature:                                              Clinton has presented at national and international     Australian high school students now
  Contact Email:                                          conferences for lawyers, investigators, IT security
                                                          and audit professionals                                 have the opportunity to experience,
  Contact Telephone:                                                                                              learn and investigate a digital and
                                                                                                                  computer crime scene and then
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        Cyber Cr
                ime                                     Workshop One                                            Is it educational?
                                                        “Being a Cyber Crime Investigator                       The CSI:SYDNEY Cyber Crime Program is designed
Who should attend?                                      and Crime Scene Officer”                                to engage and encourage students with a keen
High school students from 15 – 18 years with an                                                                 interest in computer sciences and computer
interest in computers, computer science, forensics      Scenario: A mock-up detective room and a crime          hardware and software. These workshops cater
or general CSI curiosity.                               scene set in an office.                                 to students who might not normally participate in
                                                        Exercise: Students will first be introduced to          group activities or work individually.
Do students need to attend all 2 days?                  imaging software and computer hardware and
There are two hands-on workshops held separately                                                                The workshops meet a range of educational
                                                        receive a cyber crime brief. They will then raid
over 2 days. Students need to attend both days                                                                  requirements including stimulating interest in
                                                        an office environment, serve a warrant, secure,
so they can investigate the crime scene, gather                                                                 science, promoting computer sciences as a career
                                                        preserve, record and document the crime scene
evidence and then interpret the results.                                                                        option, thinking critically, using creativity and
                                                        through photography, notes, and sketches. They
                                                                                                                imagination and working in teams.
                                                        will then search, recover and confiscate equipment
Are the workshops suitable for all                      and items as evidence for submission to crime
students?                                               laboratories.
It is suggested students of 15 years and over attend.
                                                        Duration: 1 day
Is the workshop hands-on?                               Participants: 20 (maximum)
The workshops are designed to be 75% practical          Clothing: Students are to wear casual clothing and
and 25% applied theory.                                 sport shoes.
How much are the workshops?
$300 per person for each 2 day workshop.                Workshop Two
Complimentary identification tags and report covers     “Being a Cyber Crime Expert”
are provided.
                                                        Setting: A mock-up IT forensic laboratory set in a
When and where are the workshops                        computer science laboratory.
being held?                                             Exercise: Students will perform the duties of a cyber
  Autumn Holidays                                       crime forensic expert by undertaking digital forensic
  Monday 20 April 2009 & Tuesday 21 April 2009          analysis, discovering encrypted data, finding email
                                                        accounts and investigating illegal internet activity.
  Winter Holidays
                                                        They will analyse computers and prepare forensic
  Monday 13 July 2009 & Tuesday 14 July 2009
                                                        reports for the courts.
  Monday 20 July 2009 & Tuesday 21 July 2009
                                                        Duration: 1 day
The workshops are held in locations across
the UNSW Kensington campus, Anzac Parade,               Participants: 20 (maximum)
Kensington.                                             Clothing: Students are to wear casual clothing and
                                                        sports shoes.
How do I book?
Telephone Freecall 1800 727 640
Fax the Booking Form to (02) 8117 2018
                                                            THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES

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