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There shall be a joint committee of management and non-union employee representatives, for the sharing of views
toward the better administration of certain employment-related matters at StFX.

Article I: Name of the Body

The body shall be known as StFX Employee Relations Committee (“the ERC”).

Article II: Mission Statement

The ERC is a joint management-employee committee, responsible for discussion and advice concerning the
employment of all non-union employees of StFX. This committee advises the University administration regarding
staffing issues, general concerns of employees and ways of improving employee quality of work life, etc.

The ERC is not responsible for, and has no authority for advice in relation to salary and other employment benefits,
or formal complaints of individual employees. All formal complaints will be addressed through the Conflict
Resolution process outlined in the Employee Handbook (Non-Union).

The ERC shall have the responsibility and authority only to advise University administration regarding the matters
within its jurisdiction, and the University retains all rights, powers, privileges and authority in the management of the
workplace, setting the terms and conditions of employment, and the direction of individual employees.
Article III: Membership

A. Eligibility of Membership

Any non-union permanent or term employee of StFX is eligible to serve on the ERC.
B. Members

The ERC will be composed of two representatives from Academic related positions (Library, Admissions, Academic
Department Admin Assistants, Writing Center, Continuing Education, Registrars Office.), two representatives from the
Operations group (TSG, KMC, Finance, Procurement), two representatives from the Student Services and
Advancement group (areas reporting to Dean of Students, Athletics, Health and Counseling, Alumni and
Communications) and one representative from the Coady International Institute and Extension Department group.
Ex Officio members of the ERC will include the Director of Human Resources, or his or her delegate, and another
member of the Human Resources Department appointed by the Director of Human Resources.
C. Membership, Term of Office, Vacancies

The initial ERC complement of Members will consist of appointments of the University Vice Presidents from their
respective areas (as per the membership balance above). The appointment of initial members shall be for a period
of one year.

Prior to the end of the initial year, the Members will invite written nominations from their respective groups. If there
are more nominees than positions for any given group, the ERC will elect from among the nominees put forward.

After the initial one-year complement, ERC members shall hold office for two years. Prior to the end of each two-year
term, nominations will be invited and the new complement selected in the manner provided above. A current
member is not entitled to be nominated for an additional consecutive term.

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Upon a vacancy of any employee representative position, the Chair Person will invite written nominations from the
relevant group. If there are more nominations than positions available, the ERC will elect from among the nominees
put forward. The elected member shall serve only until the end of the current ERC term.

D. Loss of Membership

If a member fails to attend two ERC meetings without prior notice, the Chair Person will contact the member to
inquire of the member's continued interest. The Chair Person shall report the results of his or her inquiry to the ERC
at its next meeting. The ERC may hear such further representations as the member, or any other person, wishes to
make, and shall thereafter determine whether the member shall be removed from the ERC.

Article IV: Executive

A. Chair Person
The position of Chair Person of the ERC will be held by the Director Human Resources or his or her delegate.
Duties of the Chair Person include, but are not limited to, presiding at meetings, calling meetings and giving
adequate notice thereof, creating ad hoc committees and appointing members thereto, and otherwise facilitating and
directing the affairs of the ERC as directed by the ERC.

B. Secretary

The Secretary shall be elected by the ERC at the first meeting of a new term, and shall hold office until the end of that
term. Duties of the Secretary include, but are not limited to recording and distributing the minutes of the ERC. The
Secretary shall assist in coordinating events throughout the term of office. The Secretary shall maintain a membership
roster for the ERC and ERC Committees, keep a record of ERC events, and supply needed information to any event

Article V: Committees

The ERC may create such standing committees as it deems necessary for purposes of fulfilling its mandate, and
appoint persons to serve on such committees from time to time. The Chair Person or the ERC may create such ad
hoc committees as the Chair Person or the ERC deem necessary from time to time, and appoint persons to serve on
such committees from time to time.

Members of ad hoc Committees need not be ERC members.

ERC Committees shall have authority only to recommend action to the ERC, and shall have no independent authority
or jurisdiction.

Upon invitation from the chair person of an employment-related University committee (e.g., Pension Committee, Job
Evaluation Committee, Wellness Committee) the ERC shall appoint one or more non-union employees to such
University committee, pursuant to the terms of the chair person’s request.
Article VI: Meetings

A. Regular Meetings shall be held at least 3 times a year, during the fall, winter and spring terms.
B. Special meetings may be called by the Chair Person as needed.

C. Quorum at a Regular or Special meeting shall be half of the current members of the ERC.

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