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					4a. Personal details
Title(s), initial(s), first name, surname: dr. Frans R.E. Blom
Male/female: M
Date and place of birth: 10-04-1968
Birth country of parents: NL

4b. Master's (‘doctoraal’)
University/College of Higher Education: Leiden University
- sept. 1992 (Classics)
- sept. 1993 (Dutch Language and Literature)
Main subject:
- Justus Lipsius’ correspondence (Classics, Neolatin)
- Constantijn Huygens’ autobiography (Dutch Lang. and Lit)

4c. Doctorate
University/College of Higher Education: Leiden University
Date:19-02-2003 CUM LAUDE
Supervisor: Prof. dr. C.L. Heesakkers, dr. A.J.E. Harmsen
Title of thesis: Constantijn Huygens Mijn leven verteld aan mijn kinderen. Ingeleid,
bezorgd, vertaald en van commentaar voorzien door Frans R.E. Blom. 2 dln. Amsterdam:
Bert Bakker, 2003. (Nederlandse Klassieken).

4d. Use of extension clause yes/no
(See Notes. If ‘yes’, give reasons and calculation)

4e. Current employment
- Type of contract:

Current position              Fixed term      Permanent
Post Doc
Assistant professor (UD)                      X
Associate professor (UHD)
Full professor (HGL)
Other, please specify:

4f. Work experience since completing your PhD
2005 – now UD1, Univ. of Amsterdam, dept. Nederlandse taal en cultuur, lsg HNL.
            1,0 fte, tenured
2003 - 2005 UD, Univ. of Amsterdam, New Generation Offensive Project
            1,0 fte fixed term
1998 - 2003 UD, Univ. Leiden, Dept. Nederlandkunde/Dutch Studies
            0,5 fte, tenured
1997 - 2000 UD, Univ. Leiden, Dept. Nederlands, sectie Oudere letterkunde
            1,0 fte, fixed term
1993-1997   AIO Univ. Leiden
            1,0 fte, fixed term

Supervisor current PhD research projects:
1. Inge Broekman (Univ. of Amsterdam) Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687) als
kunstkenner, -criticus en mecenas. Promotor: prof. dr. E.J. Sluijter en prof. dr. J.
Koppenol. Co-Promotor: dr. F.R.E.Blom
2. Judith Brouwer (RUG) Een ongehoorde ramp. Het jaar 1672 in persoonlijke brieven,
thans bewaard in het Prize Papers archief in the National Archives te Londen. Promotor:
prof. Dr. B.A.M. Ramakers en prof dr. J.W. Koopmans. External supervisor: dr. Frans R.E.
3. Lise Gosseye (Gent/Leuven): 'Binnewaerts sien': Constantijn Huygens' Ooghen-troost
(1647) en de bijzondere visualiteit van de poëtische ervaring. Promotor prof dr. Jürgen
Pieters (Gent) en prof. Dr. Marc van Vaeck (Leuven). External supervisor dr. Frans R.E.
Blom, Lia van Gemert (UvA), Ton van Strien (VU)
4. Christophe van der Vorst (Gent/Leuven): digital edition of Constantijn Huygens’
Ooghentroost. Promotor prof dr. Jürgen Pieters (Gent) en prof. Dr. Marc van Vaeck
(Leuven). External supervisor dr. Frans R.E. Blom

Supervisor Ma-Thesis projects
Approximately 12 students per academic year

Supervising Scholarly Text Editorial Boards
2008-2010    Johan Antonides van der Goes Ystroom. In coop. with prof. dr. Jan
Bloemendal. Dig. Ed. Huygens Instituut
2008-2010    Chris J. van Geel Correspondentie. 2 dln. (Amsterdam: Van Oorschot,
2004-2008    H.N. Werkman Correspondentie 1940-1945. 2 dln. (Amsterdam: Sun,
2006-2008    J.M.A Biesheuvel Verzameld werk. 3 dln. (Amsterdam: Van Oorschot,
2006-now     Editorial Board for the Digital Library of Dutch Literature (DBNL)- section
             Golden Age
2006-now     Project group ‘Web based collaboratory for Early Modern Correspondences’
             with Huygens Institute The Hague and Descartes Institute Utrecht

University Boards
2004-2006     Univ. of Amsterdam. Ba-program improvements board, Faculty of Arts.
2005-now      Univ. of Amsterdam, Course program evaluation board, Dept. Dutch Lang.
              and Literature
2005-now      Univ. of Amsterdam, Foreign Exchange program supervisor, Dept. Dutch
              Lang. and Literature

4g. Man-years of research
7,2 years: 4 y (1,0 PhD) + 1,8 y ( = 0,3 x 6, over 1998-2003) + 1,4 y ( = 0,2 x 7, over

4h. Brief summary of research over the last five years
   1. Literary and socio-historical study of Dutch and Neolatin Literature. In Blom
       2003A the applicant focused on strategies of self presentations in function of
       social advancement, in his commentary on the Latin autobiography of Constantijn
       Huygens. Ever since, he elaborates on the social pragmatics of literary
       productions (see Blom 2007-2010 and the co-organized international conference
       Return to Sender, with volume forth coming in 2010).
   2. Dutch Golden Age textual and visual representation of the overseas world adapted
       to social circumstances of the audience involved: international papers (Albany,
       Florence and New York, invited speaker for HenryHudson400 at Columbia
       University) and articles on New Netherland (see Blom 2007, 2009 and forth
       coming Blom 2010).
   3. Early Modern Scholarly Correspondences, primarily Constantijn Huygens and
       Caspar Barlaeus. Development of the Digital Collaboratory of Early Modern
       Scholarly Correspondences (with Huygens Institute in The Hague and Descartes
       Institute Utrecht) in the NWO-funded program Circulation of knowledge and
       learned practices in the 17th-century Dutch Republic. A web-based Humanities
       collaboratory on correspondences (Investeringen GW project nr. INVMG-07-06).
   4. Strategic Fashioning of Textual and Visual Images in Early Modern Travel
      Documents, with articles on the Grand Tour (Blom 2003) and the early modern
      Dutch scholarly and tourist representations of antiquities on the Aegean Island of
      Lesbos (Blom 2008 and 2010).
   5. Lower Middle Class Literacy and Epistolary Culture in Dutch 17th century. Social
      and rhetorical analysis of Dutch letters intercepted during the English (scholarly
      visit to British National Archive in Kew, cooperation with Sailing Letters Project at
      Koninklijke Bibliotheek Den Haag and with article on the Hoorn rebellion in 1672,
      Blom 2008, and also external supervision of the RUG PhD research project Een
      ongehoorde Ramp (executed by my former graduate student Judith Brouwer)
   6. Publication in scholarly edition (Blom 2008) and exhibitions (Joods Historisch
      Museum and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam) of the 1940-1945 art and
      correspondence of the Dutch painter and printer H.N. Werkman

4i. International activities
    1. Member of the IANLS, International Association for Neolatin Studies. Papers at
        triennial conferences. Avila (Spain) and Bonn (Germany) and Uppsala (Sweden)
    2. Member of the Anglo-American STS, Society for Textual Scholarship, paper at
        biennial conference. New York
    3. Member of the NNP, New Netherland Project. Paper at conference. Albany (NY)
    4. Member of the AANS, American Association of Netherlandic Studies. Paper at
        conference. Albany (NY) and aug. 2010 Los Angeles
    5. Columbia University (april 2009) Invited speaker for Henry Hudson 400; and
        invited organiser Workshop PhD-students Dutch Golden Age literature (2010)
    6. Member of Internationale Vereniging voor de Neerlandisitiek. Paper at conference.
    7. Member of SAVN, Suid Afrikaanse Verening vir Neerlandistiek. Paper at
        conference. Pretoria
    8. Host Researcher in the British National Archives for Prize Papers Research.
        London, Kew
    9. Winterschool 2007-2008 (dec. 2007) EUI, European University Institute, Florence.
        Invited speaker
    10. Organization and speaker in the International Conference Constantijn Huygens as
        a Man of Letters (Amsterdam/Gent; nov. 2008)
    11. Member of the international Amsterdam-Berlin research-Ma ‘Comparatieve
    12. In cooperation with dr Inez Hollander (USA Berkeley) development of Dutch for
        Reading Knowledge (Grant Ned. Taalunie)

4j. Other academic activities
2005-now     Editorial board of Interdisciplinary Journal for Golden Age Studies De
             Zeventiende Eeuw. Cultuur in de Nederlanden in interdisciplinair
2003-now     Member of Interdisciplinary Golden Age Research Group Centrum voor de
             Studie van de Gouden Eeuw, Univ. of Amsterdam
2003-now     Member of Golden Age Research Society De Zeventiende Eeuw
2003-now     Huizinga Research Institute PhD courses
2003-now     OIKOS Research school member
2006         Organization Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer Academy
2002         Organization international Summercourse for scholars in Dutch Studies

4k. Scholarships, grants and prizes
2009 Grant KNAW, in cooperation with Centre for the Study of the Dutch Golden Age (part
of the Amsterdam Institute for Culture and History): Student tracks ‘Cultuurproductie in
2008 Grant Nederlandse Taalunie, in cooperation with UC Berkeley: new learning method
Dutch for Reading Knowledge

Grant NWO-middelgroot 2007, in cooperation with Huygens Institute and University of
Utrecht: Circulation of knowledge and learned practices in the 17th-century Dutch Republic.
A web-based Humanities collaboratory on correspondences (Investeringen GW project nr.

2004 Mijn leven verteld aan mijn kinderen Littéraire Witte Prijs 2004
2004 Mijn leven verteld aan mijn kinderen onderscheiden als Key Publication door UvA
     Instituut voor Cultuur en Geschiedenis
2004 Mijn leven verteld aan mijn kinderen genomineerd voor Praemium Erasmium